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    • @[email protected] Hi guys, redacted post from before. They've sent LbA and could use some help. Or if you like I'll take this down. I'd send messages but keep getting "not registered" page. Thanks
    • I was convicted of going 63 in a 50 on a road where there is Temporary Prohibition of Traffic various temporary speed limits.    it says that the " Once the court receives your information it will contact you to arrange for you to make your declaration over the telephone. Please note that this may be from a withheld number". Is this the part where I ask about the deal ? 
    • Hi I'm after some help with trying to get my wedding car hire deposit returned. I'll provide a bit of a chronological background to try and keep things clear. January 2020 - Began booking church, venue and other services for our Wedding for May 2021 - 100+ guest during the day, and 200+ on the night. Jan 2020 - Attended Wedding Car (WC herein). Booked and Paid deposit for 4 motors . Corona came along and we were in and out of lockdowns. Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) brought out some guidance for Wedding Services 7 Sept 2020. In mid January, we got back in contact with WC via text, expressing our concerns over the wedding and Government imposed Public Health measures(we were currently in lockdown and no idea when things would return to normal), and that we were looking to move the wedding forward 1 year.    Feb 2020 - Emailed to cancel our Wedding date in  May 2021, after text had been sent and car guy replied asking for it to be sent via email. We asked if another date was available.    2020 - WC replied to say they could not fulfil our new date due to other commitments.    Feb 2020 - We replied that we would have to cancel our booking with WC, but would be in touch if dates changed again.    Feb 2021 - Government published Guidance (Roadmap out of Lockdown) - Stated, “Not before 17th May…Up to 30 people will be able to attend weddings…”. *Note again our wedding was for 100/200+ guests at the Stadium of Light, so not reasonable to have the same venue for 30 people.    2022 -  Called and spoke with car guy to see if they had any availability (any cars at all) for our date. He was driving and so couldn’t confirm.                         Exchanged some texts on the same day to which he replied in the evening, that they had nothing, but to keep in touch due to cancellations.    Jan 2022 - Started an email thread asking about deposits and their return. WC went straight on the defensive saying we wouldn't be getting it back and we should check the contract. We asked for a copy as we were not given a copy when we booked.    Jan 2022 - Emailed to ask for the return of our deposit. WC replied that since we cancelled within 4 months of the wedding date, they now wanted the remaining balance of several hundred quid, and we should check the contract. We asked for a copy of the contract again, and that we would seek legal advice.   WC replied with ever increasing sarcasm, saying we would receive notice demanding the remaining balance of £850 in the post. I replied that if they didn't supply a copy of the contract I would send them a SAR.    Jan 2022 - Sent a letter via Post and email, asking WC to reconsider their position. We stated we believe the contract to have terms that would be deemed unfair terms that were not clear; there is a ‘Significant imbalance’ concerned with the parties’ rights and obligations, which can be seen as disproportionate financial sanctions; their ‘Terms and Conditions’ appear to seek to remove the consumers rights, while removing their obligations, but allowing them to make an unjustified windfall gain.   We also stated that we believe the guidance and statements by the CMA, suggested that since the wedding we had planned couldn't go ahead (we'd be breaking the law with the numbers we wanted) on our planned date, and that a reasonable person wouldn't expect the wedding to go ahead when we cancelled the date, that we should receive a full refund as they were not out of pocket.   We gave WC 14 days to respond...it took them 6 hours.   Today they have sent my Mrs Letter before Action Any help much appreciated. The booking form has no Ts&Cs or costs of any kind, just addresses, personal info and the vehicles.
    • I'm looking to raise this with the Metropolitan Police.  From my understanding - They are trading under Beavers Cars Dealership, but they aren't a dealership and there is no company that is registered to them, that is legitimate. They forced me to make a Bank Transfer instead of a Credit card payment, when I asked them if I can pay via Credit Card.  They are selling vehicles that have potential flaws and not properly inspected, meaning that these vehicles before being sold can potentially be like mine non road worthy and illegally to be operated until fixed. This could cost people their lives if they continue to operate in this rogue like environment. I was unable to find any information on who runs this business, their names or anyone I would take to county court if they continue to refuse to answer me. That's all I got for now, is there anyway of obtaining who these people are, as they don't exist apart from Auto-Trader. (A complaint with auto-trader has been raised)
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Can they close my credit card?


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Dear all,


Thanks for a great website - it has been invaluable in helping me wade through this problem!


The Halifax owe me just over a grand and I've sent the LBA today. I've already moved into a parachute account although I've left my Halifax open (but with nothing in).


My probnlem is that I haev a credit card with them and if they were to close my account could they close my card as well and demand repayment?


Would be very grateful for any advice.

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That's my concern too. They must owe me a fair penny on my current account, but would be concerned about them taking action using my credit card debt as levy.

Bank and credit card reclaims - £9,806

Sainsburys CCA non-compliance with FOS;

Natwest reclaim of £340 in progress;

Egg credit card reclaim in progress



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Yep, this is also my concern.


I have a loan agreement with the same bank as my current account. I am claiming charges for the current account, but since I have had the loan I have paid on time every time.


I am worried that they will want to close this loan account too and ask for the money back. I have looked through lots of forum's but still can't find anything on this, I have read somewhere that the bank can claim that communication with the customer has broken down, if they are able to claim this then I don't see how I could stop them closing the loan account.

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I claimed charges back from my HSBC bank account, and have had no problems with them regarding the loan I have


As long as you are keeping up your loan repayments I do not see any way they would break the agreement and try to claim it all back, would look incredibly in a court if they did anything like this


The only way I see banks getting difficult with loans/mortgages etc, is if you start missing payments

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They shouldn't close your credit card as its a separate agreement!

However should you fall behind with payments or go over your limit they may close it at their discretion!



Unfortunately i'm not an expert in any given field legally and my advice and that of the Consumer Action Group and the Bank Action Group is given without prejudice and without liability so please if in any doubt whatsoever seek help from an insured qualified professional. Contents of my posts are purely my own personal opinions and not condoned or endorsed in any way, shape or form by CAG. Thank you! :p



I have been smoke-free for 4yrs

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Thank you everyone for your feedback.....much appreciated.


I sent my LBA over a week ago by recorded delivery - however my firends at the post office can't find a record of it being delivered:-x and I've heard nothing from the Halifax.


How do you think I should proceed - can I assume that they've got it and file my money claim when the 2 weeks is up?


Thanks once again for your advice.

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Hi rjol


Send the letter again registered post.It may have been lost.Remember you have to show that you have tried to communicate with the bank.Straight Moneyclaim is'nt fair i feel,especially if you want something from the bank in the future.




Please be aware of acting on advice given by PM .Anyone can make mistakes and if advice is given on the main forum people can see it to correct it ,if given privately then no one can see it to correct it. Please also be aware of giving your personal details to strangers

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They shouldn't close your credit card as its a separate agreement!

However should you fall behind with payments or go over your limit they may close it at their discretion!


NAt west cancelled mine week after mcol went in - no reason just said it was a general view of their poisition - bal was 5750 limit 6450 - total charges over 5 year period £112 - hardly a mismanged account - call centre told me it was a fair assumption that this was because of my claim.

Consumer Health Forums - where you can discuss any health or relationship matters.

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I claimed against my NatWest credit card, I still have my law college loan with them and a current account, not a word on anything being closed, maintained a very good relationship with the bank, never had a problem with the current acc r.e. missed DD's or over limit and always paid my loan repayments on time, just the one prob with the CC, grduate manager has never even mentioned the fact that i claimed against them. I would welcome some of the credit cards being cancelled as i dont use half of them, just aslong as tey dont ask me to pay back the balance on them LOL :-P

NatWest Credit Card - All charges refunded (£350.41) after first request sent :D

HSBC - 1st Approach Letter sent (£62.41) 12/09/2006. LBA sent recorded delivery 26/09/2006.

6/10/2006 - We believe that if this went to court etc we would win letter, but we are refunding you the charges made, we accept no liability - LOL I think by refundng me you accept that you are wrong!! I win :D

Capital One - 1st Approach Letter sent (£40) 20/09/2006. 29/09/2006 Full refund offered, letter dated 25/09/2006.

Barclaycard - £235 charges - Pending Action. WON!!

Halifax - Prepairing letters for £125 in charges on closed account. WON!!

Natwest Creditcard again

£12 late payment charge 13/11/2006 - LBA sent 17/11/2006. WON!!

Fight the power, you owe the banks nothing and they owe you everything!!

Now it's 3-0 to me :D

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