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I am forced to take tesco phone and broadband to court

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dunno how you are paying that with bt


27.99 + calls is what the deal is now

upto 20mb BB, free uk LL calls 24/7, mobiles 7ppm, line rental in that too




Ah just read your post again, no with tesco phone and broadband I had no limit to the ammount of usage on calls or broadband and made sure that was the case at time of contract due to sons xbox and that daughter and me at same time can be online. So signed up for same type of prouduct, no limits, cant cope with worry of us going over, wanted same as had no more no less.


No doubting tesco are selling a good product, but that has to be balanced against when something goes wrong, will they truly competantly sort it out without giving you a hernia or threaten to cut your alarm when I have a genuine fear of collapse because it is a reality for me day to day and out of my control. I suppose thats what stresses me when something is out of my control, certain things we manage in other ways with no big deal, but how after pleading so much for them to make sure the line doesnt get cut, it became obvious to me it was no big deal to them, but was to me added to the stress of politely insisting to numpties who should know their job that it wasnt my fault and I could prove it.


Forgive me for the numpties mention tesco, what would you suggest they be called repo men?

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spelling again
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Tesco from looking at my points card alone could see that no too long ago I was shopping with them, even down to buying a telly and clothes, mobiles for the kids, credit etc........They will have seen since this happend to me that I havnt gone near with a bargepole, not a perpusful thing, just that when son would say we need to do our shop, as I find it hard to go out and he would say, tesco, I would add I cant cope with that. Today couldnt face asda even, not laid out like tesco with all the nooks and crannies like my local store and familiar with.


So we tried sainsburys and the shop today was just over £160.00 and this included masses of clothes the kids needed as I found they did a percentage off this weekend plus a reasonable shop, also they have nectar apparantly, like the tesco points card I liked and this card can be used elsewhere.


So not to bad an experience and the lay out in a new rather massive store at least didnt feel like the warehouse appearance of asda, with the huge signs rocking too and fro as if about to drop on your head.


My nearest superstore is asda and I travel slightly further to tesco with not too far away a tesco massive superstore. I prefer tesco when doing the large shop and replacing household items, but I need to get my faith back with them as a brand.


Hopefully the head office will be reading this as they say it is getting attention and realise that in the long term from the business perspectibe of tesco brand it would be nicer for me to feel I could shop there again and also for anyone reading this to know this thread was concluded to my sattisfaction. It is up to them as I know they are reading it.


Does the tesco brand as a whole condone the behaviour of one side of them that is letting their customers down. Hey my house insurance is up for reknewal soon, I cant consider tesco at the moment can I:oops:


Lets see if they do really want to help and I will have to go now as I am ranting again, but hey I am human after all and normally when you are not asking for anything unreasonable you have a good chance of winning.


Hey tesco when I just prior to chrismas bought a meal deal the bottle of wine cap type popped off in the taxi home and exploded along with me being overcharged on would you believe it tbags due to store error apparantly. I rang you up and you offered when next in to replace the bottle of wine, fair enough, and also refund the overcharge or refund the product next time I came in and this was entered on your computer under my address apparantly. I havnt had the refund yet due to the fact I havnt been able to see myself past your doors adn even if I did I am unlikely to request the refund after such a time. But you can check up for yourself what I have posted here, it proves I am not a money grabbing so and so, if thats what some of your team think I am trying to pull.


Night night my feet and myself are exhausted after my shop at sainsburys.

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You should have put something in writing from the start,and given them 14 days to reply.

I have to say that if they HAVE been reading this thread,then I would not blame them for thinking you were more engaged in writing about it than forging a plan of action.52 posts 45 of which are your own!!

If you have all that you need by way of supporting evidence,then you should be filling that N1 form out NOW.

Have a happy and prosperous 2013 by avoiiding Payday loans. If you are sent a private message directing you for advice or support with your issues to another website,this is your choice.Before you decide,consider the users here who have already offered help and support.

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Forgive me martin if so many posts are my own, but after trying to politely get sence from them directly I hoped their managers would read my opinions rather than just pass to an incompetant billing team. I have only recently changed the title of this thread to forced to take them to court, as this was not my intention from the start, I truly believed them admitting to their failures would lead to them wanting to help me to leave them and as in their own words previously as 'new to the bunisness compared to other providers' that they would learn rather than let this happen to anyone else.


I can prove via my bank that they have not requested the money and all I have said, and again forgive me for feeling that prior to taking a company to court you had to do all you could to remedy the situation prior to doing so. They have been reading this thread and I have already stated I am on my own with no other adults to talk to and use the thread to put things in order also due to memory issues which in turn is why I record all calls.


I have to also say I am suprised at your attituted regarding the number of my posts and am quite aware how many on them are mine, I have seen no where any rules on what I can do on my thread as long as is factual. I have stated I am waiting after hearing from the head office that my complaint is being taken seriously and they are looking into it and that was on a friday, that hopefully they will either confirm the position of tesco phone and broadband in that their situation remains unchangeable or that they do want to do something.


If the situation is unchangeable I will send them a letter before action by return and in turn file with the court after required time or go down the otello route and then court. I was hoping for advice as to wether I had to go otello or if it was best prior to court and if I did go otello that that didnt stop me going court after to claim out of pocket expenses.


Forgive the way different people deal with situations differently, some might have been more aggresive and gone straight to court, some and gullible and forgive too easy and inturn put up with too much carp which may make someone else think they would have dealt with it a different way.


When after my contact them stating it was my error, it took me some time to check with bank despite me being sure it was them, but to get the facts together and inturn I was able to recall that the issue last year was related to not only a mentioned later dd fault, but that of billing errors also. If I had gone in gun hoe to the courts prior to this I wouldnt have got my facts straight.


Of course I have requested any tips on dealing with this and appreciate advice and input, but reminding me of what I know in that my health leads me to be me and my thread is what it is, has suprised me a little from you martin. If you are not happy with my thread please feel free to email me.


I do intend to take them to court and no one has come on here and said from reading my thread that they feel I have no case. So we will see how we go. I wont update again till I have either satisfaction or that I have filed my court case once took over by bt. best wishes and thankyou.


You know I didnt choose to be ill, I also didnt choose to be put under this stress, I only chose a telecom provider who led me to believe they were up to the job, sorry. To be honest we all at times may read a thread where we form an opinion of the op its just I thought we didnt judge but offered advice. I would personally have not dreamt of commenting on an ops posts if it was due to stress or needing to think they are talking to a wider audience than their four walls, if it helped them, other than give help if I could.


I still do appreciate advice as dont understand the true powers of otello and could they even compensate out of pocket expenses or is it better to go direct to court.

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Tesco are no different to any of the other big supermarkets when it comes down to it.

We have seen instances on CAG of Asda,Morrisons,Sainsburys etc all putting profit before people.

Sorry if my words were sounding offensive,but the thought was intended to spur you on.

You probably dont know how many times in a week people threaten to take Tesco to court,I bet its a fair number but not many follow it through,and they know this.

You will find them taking more notice when a summons lands on their desks though.

It may be worth pursuing additional route as well as any monetary claim.

I am thinking of CPUT.

I am sure that they also have requirements to uphold the principles set out in the lending code,given that they are a FSP.

Have a happy and prosperous 2013 by avoiiding Payday loans. If you are sent a private message directing you for advice or support with your issues to another website,this is your choice.Before you decide,consider the users here who have already offered help and support.

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I dont know of any ground rules which require you to have dealings with regulators or third parties before you are able to file a Court action yourself.

In many cases organisations would prefer you to do this since often cases escalated to the regulators can take a year to be dealt with as we have seen with the FOS,which can even go to 2 years.

Whilst if they are facing a Court action,it puts YOU more in the driving seat,and timescales are not something they can ignore.

I can see no reason why you can not file a complaint with the regulators as well as taking your own action.

At the heart of things whichever route you choose are two considerations.


1.That you know your considered targets for resolving your complaint.


2.That you have all thats needed to support either a Claim in the Court,or to satisfy an investigation by the regulators that Tesco have failed in their duties and acted improperly.

Have a happy and prosperous 2013 by avoiiding Payday loans. If you are sent a private message directing you for advice or support with your issues to another website,this is your choice.Before you decide,consider the users here who have already offered help and support.

Advice offered by Martin3030 is not supported by any legal training or qualification.Members are advised to use the services of fully insured legal professionals when needed.



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Thanks martin for your posts and again any others welcome :) Ive cheared up finally:lol:


The spell and grammar checker on my mac went into panic mode altering all my bad spelling on my prepared letter to the big monster that is tesco letter before action a ready for when want to send. Wow all those red lines I didnt realise my typing was that bad. Thank goodness for spellchecker.xx


Oh, the head office were not interested other than to finally say investiagation would occur but as for me, well deadlock letter not received as yet but apparantly sent friday, would mean no more responses. So if I dont persue them I would have no proof that my experience would be learnt by would I? Maybe tesco do pile em high and not worry about a few broken ones it seems!!!


I take it their letter didnt have a first class stamp on it :(


Mine will deserves special delivery:-D


Five days and counting down till bt take over, oh and as for their routers when my black bt one arrives, would it be rude to suggest an orafice to stick them up?


I dont mean a mouth tesco:lol: You peed me off tesco and blamed me for your errors putting me in turn at risk, I am now very angry just incase you are watching. It seems from a business perspective you dont give a sh** if you pee of one disabled customer, I mean maybe you would have prefered for me to have collapsed when you disconected my line and pegged it, I mean from a business perspective it would have been cheaper :(


Wonder how much this will cost them to choose to let it go to court? Nice solicitor maybe, if they turn up.

Me Ive nothing to lose and only after whats Ive been diddled out of and have plenty of time. They pushed me into leaving as for distress its been mad and not going to lie stressful. When I listen to the calls I think how can they have been so bad at what they do adn then you hear them saying how new they are to the telecom business and think why dotn they put that in their adds, great price, but awful customer service as we are learning as we go along. Join us today, free stress balls as signing up gift:lol:

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Come to tesco broadband and home phone, Buy one get one free, would that be hernia and angina?




Two calls suggesting insufficent funds instead of one. or we will set up a new direct debit to overide a facticious fault it seems depending on who you are talking to, and send you two emails confirming two new dds, that neither one will be received by your bank(2 for 1), or could tesco broadband and home phone be considered the budget label brand within the telecoms industry, good value but carp:lol: Tesco when signing you up computer says yes, but when tesco fluff it up, computer says no, all your fault customer, eh thats nice of them.


Sad thing is they have a good product, but are not up to the job where it matters and thats where the laughing ends for tonight :-)as really its not funny but disgusting:-x

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Not received in post but chief exec office sent me .doc adn I have just phoned up tesco again re the errors in this letter and requested another copy to be sent.


Shortenend the letter to some extent:


Dear Mrs xxxxx


Further to our telephone conversation on 24th etc.......


As discussed £90.34 has been waived as good will.


As previoulsy advised that their have been issues re your dd, which has resulted in you going to another provider. I understand you have been told on a few occasions that we have had issues taking dd payments from customers accounts. I can assure you that that is not the case and the reason we have been unable to debit your account is due to you cancelling the direct debit instruction with the bank.


In total you have received £234.37 in credit. We have received one payment of £28.02 throughout time with tesco broadabnd.

As a result of this no compensation.


Please take this letter as deadlock.

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Right, they list only one direct debit was paid to them.


I can prove there were more, at least one of £3.34 on the 27/7



They said the reason they couldnt take the monies was that of the direct debit stopped.


To a certain extent prior to this issue, in that billing error or having no service required me to stop the direct debit till issue sorted out. They were informed each time in advance and informed as soon as reinstated out of courtesy and politeness in response to their actions.


They list a great wad of credit as if gesture of goodwill, but forget to mention the lack of service, the confusion over the origianl product sold as in telling me they could not support my alarm and the billing errors resulting in them on two occassions asking me to pay more than I owed, due to their continued error and use of third party billing as reason for not quickly resolving the issue.


They forget to add the occassions when apologised to and leaving them that I was presuaded to stay with them.


But more importantly is the present issue which led to my having to leave in that threats of disconetion due to their error with them knowing full well my situation re the alarm. As in they have said I stopped the direct debit and threfore the bank did not pay them the monies.


My bank is now kindly sending me a letter for the cost of a small five pounds, listing that the direct debit is the same one as was origianlly set up. That my bank has been willing to make payments apart from the suspended dates when direct debit suspended till reinstated as said, and that there have been since the last reinstated date of 14/12/2010 no requests for monies from tesco made to my account. Other than as listed below when they tried to take monies any how when already informed dd stopped as a last resort till issue resolved.


Tesco have said they will not compensate me due to the direct debit being cancelled and the fact this stopped payments. They have also said what told re direct debit issues was not true and that it is therefore my error which is not true.


They cant answer for the fact more than one direct debit went out.

They cant answer for the fact the direct debit can be proved as there and a waiting and that they didnt request the monies.


My bank has confirmed that during times when my direct debit was suspended that tesco tried to infact despite my informing them of the dd being stopped till error sorted, that they in fact tried to on more than one ocassion take monies. Most recently a few days ago the ammount of ninety odd quid that they wiped again they tried to take it once informed I had now no alternative but to ring my bank and stop the dd once more, it was the only way I could prove my details hadnt changed as they were emailing me and that it was the origianal direct debit, because when it was stopped they emailed me to confirm I had done so. You see if it was there as later proved, why hadnt they took the monies prior rather than blame me.


I will tell you arm from elbow as they say, no one had a clue and found it easier to make up false faults to just get you off the phone.


I argue if they can successfuly attempt to take monies when they shoudlnt and due to bad communication between customer services and billing, then why cant they take it when they should and not blame me.:mad2:


My account does look a shambles there is not a doubt, but how many have their original product apparantly misold, then told not so so please stay with us.

Then have their line slammed twice.

Then have a billing issue with a direct debit fault thrown in as a reason for not requesting their payments in relation to issued bills.


Head and brick wall come to mind.:mad2:


I rang them to request as above a proper copy of my deadlock letter as it hasnt even got here, I have relied on .doc and want proper one, but that I have pointed out the errors on the letter and would they like to look into it prior to it going further?


No as its at deadlock and the woman you are invited to ring on the letter you didnt receive has now apparantly gone on holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jaw:



YOU COULDNT MAKE IT UP IF YOU TRIED. I am very angry with myself that over the slamming issue that I didnt realise that tesco home phone and broadband were in fact loosers of the telecoms industry. In that any simple error would get out of hand and cause me great stress. Why for goodness sake when I signed up for them and found them blaming a later turned out router issue affectingmy broadband on my emergency alarm instead, for another rep to laugh at the suggestion as not related and rebut it, but said they couldnt support it and gave me the option to leave. Why when they said they then could support it, didnt the red flags rise a warning.


I will tell you why, they were very very convincing with managers speaking personally or told me they were managers in reassuring me they were sorry, new to the telecoms business and they they would sort it out personally. Like an arthur daley affect, very smooth talking and in fact just telling you what they thought you wanted to hear.


I am mad that despite them confirming I was told about this direct debit issue, that they have the face to say it was not true, especially when me finding reference on other sites refering to tesco not taking their money and cutting the line off.




Hecky thump xx

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But more so they have caused me distress and will have cost me over the next eighteen months an additonal 300.00+ and know I am disabled and on benefits and would have prefered to stay with them if they hadnt scared me away with threats of disconection not my fault.


I will need any help I can get martin xx


They have also confirmed they have their end recorded all the calls, so it wont be hard for them to listen to them and confirm the efforts I have made to repeatedly chase them up. I have each time the direct debit recently did not go out made an effort to point it out to them and had it instead thrown in my face as a banking error.


Why are they so keen to rebut what told by their own staff, is this made up and just told randomly, how come I am not the ony one saying it, if just made up wouldnt they be concerned it is on tape as a reasurance that it is not my fault but system fault regarding direct debits. For heavens sake I was getting calls suggesting my bank had bounced it due to insufficient funds when the direct debit was available, dont they give a sh*t?


Obviously not.


Well will get the letter from the bank and wait for official deadlock letter to arrive if they are capable of posting a letter that is. I also find it amazing that my letter supposedly posted friday didnt get here, when my ebay items bought the same day got here the following day, prompt hey, amazing that it turns out said lady is now on holiday.


Did she forget to post it?

Did they maybe forget to press the print button?


Wouldnt put anything past them xx

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I am going to ask the site team to help me. There are two threads relating to tesco re me and two usernames due to me and my memory. I will see if it is possible to get them to even link the sky slammed my phone line thread to them as well, so the whole picture can be read.


This company do not know what they are doing even down to when a line is slammed by another company, that as they are your current provider that they need to reinstate it. They are happy to say nowt to do with us when you not with sky. When in fact you would have happily gone to sky and not cancelled the take over if they hadnt rung you and encouraged you to stay when apologised for their errors.


Sky were wrong for slamming once the order was cancelled due to forgetting to cancel a cease order on my line.


When nearly origianly went to bt over tesco messing up the bills last year and threatening my line once again, bt nearly made the same error, but on this occasion I was able to get tesco to tell me that they would intercept the take over and prevent it going ahead. So you see they did as they said to me try to learn as they went along re the slamming and were capable of preventing another stressfull situation. Or was that more bull and bt had in fact intercepted it their end as I was phoning them. Was it tesco bigging their service up again as originally they told me they had no control over a line being taken over, or was it in fact they knew all along they were responsible for such situations and just messed me around without care the first two times. But if they hadnt have been so incompetant all along from day one and me stupid enough to stay and trust them then none of this would have happened.


I trusted them, big mistake and well you get no thanks with this company for patience and stupidity trusting their own staff it seems. They apologise and admit error but still let the customer reep the stress of any cost incured on top as a result.


As for we have credited you account, they should be laughed at out loud, why would anyone pay for a service they did not have, why would they expect me to then be grateful for wiping a few bills due to their error. If they hadnt have made the error and it would have been gesture of goodwill I could understand me thinking thanks, but after the first error, the apologies and my reaction wanes a little.


They messed up, they should compensate, simples xx

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Rant over and finally if anyone one here thinks I have no right to gain compensation then please let me know as no one has said so. I am quite open to emails re help and now going for a cuppa and a calm down xx:lol:


They dont seem worried about this reaching the regualators adn I even said in the call you are aware I will pass this recording on and that I am telling you their are errors in the deadlock letter even, answer yes.


It costs the monies to by seen by the regulator does it not?

It costs them monies if I am found victorious in court does it not?


Why dont they care then?


Are they in fact used to people saying they will take them to court and not doing so?


Yep I think so, well have to change that then no matter how long it takes.


Imagine what it would look like if I coudl get media interest, a piccy of the alarm and whats wrong with me, along with they didnt give a shi* that their errors were being blamed on me, their staff made it up as they went along it appears at times and that they dont know half the time what they are doing. I can just see the title, tesco budget brand telecoms, like to put disabled woman at risk?


Hey I could even call sky as a possible witness as to how tesco repeatedly said it was not their responsibility to reinstate my line as an example of incompetance, I mean their messing around led me to mess sky around and cancel the order when origianlly being told they could not support my alarm then could.

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Emailed their head office that I want paper copy of letter and that they are happy for it to go to regulators and higher knowing their are errors. I dont hold hope they will care now by the way, but a court can see how hard I have tried to prove what will come down simply to this deadlock letter, my banks letter adn the recordings. They will simply show one thing being told and tescos suggestions and remedies that were not acted on, but that instead made the situation stressful to me.

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When sky slammed my line in error the second time and once again insisted it was not their fault, I found that stressful also as my panic alarm was a dead duck as they say. Eventually with persistance sky admitted fault and apologised and it was a genuine apology. They looking at it from those words of the tesco complaints manager I presume also looked at it from a business perspective, in that they had paid for my sky box and installation and due to their mistake me leaving would have left them with negative balance I presume


They could have ignored me but I also had proof they were at fault and tesco were pretty keen when it was confirmed as sky to laugh at them for making such a mistake with me once the situation was resolved not once but twice. Anyhow sky wanted to keep me as a customer and I could have just left and used their box on freeview or possibly changed my mind in the future and used them again.


Well they gave me 12 months free viewings for the same package I was planned to be on at time of going with them for telecoms too. They said to me if you enjoy the benefit of the tv for this time would that make you happy and possibly change your opinion of us? I said yes I would like the tv and yes I would consider a new contract with them for tv after the free period ended.


Now thats what I though was a sensible business perspective. Alright they have had to outlay a years viewing to say sorry and make me know they mean it, but it worked, my opinon has changed and well what would we do without judge judgy eh.


Tesco kept quoting their business perspective which after reading a computer version of the deadlock letter is so so flawed. If they cant get facts straight on such a letter or accept it is terrible to mislead a customer over an issue, then they havent much of a business model other than one of putting people off and pushing them away, which conflicts with their effors on previous occassions to insist they want to keep me as a customer.


Tesco are happy for their staff to quote apparantly ficticious faults and surely this alone when proven should have been enough for them to take serious stock over their behaviour, rather than to quote not much has been paid onto your account. As homer simpson says doh, its your own fault tesco.


I wasnt asking for 12 months free usage of tesco, any bill wiping they did was due to them not knowing how to manage the reoccuring error and yes I did suggest they wiped the bill put the account to zero and then let their systems take from the dd again as a solution, they thought this might work, at no point did they ask for an alternative payment prior to wiping the bill, this was their choice. When it didnt they tried the new direct debit route and well its all put down prior. What they should have done was wipe the bill prior to leaving me to the viscious inconsitancies of billing versus constumer services and requested the direct debit promptly in line with my bills.


It would be interesting to see the last three months dd details from their side I would imagine, you see if they cant prove they requested them via dd clearance and it was refused after december, then surely they will lose. I wouldnt have left it they hadnt threatened me with loss of line knowing what that meant to me.

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I thaught your writing style seemed familiar. You should send your parrot to poop on the MD! So you still havn't recieved a deadlock letter then? be patient and when it arrived, post a copy of it please.

If in doubt, contact a qualified insured legal professional (or my wife... she knows EVERYTHING)


Or send a cheque or postal order payable to Reclaim the Right Ltd.


923 Finchley Road London NW11 7PE



Click here if you fancy an email address that shows you mean business! (only £6 and that will really help CAG)


If you can't donate, please use the Internet Search boxes on the CAG pages - these will generate a small but regular income for the site


Please also consider using the

C.A.G. Toolbar

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Yep thats me:lol: I am pretty memorable:madgrin:


I will send billy over to them :jaw:



Will post full letter up soon.


Memory wiped my username and email with passwords from me, a nasty fit and for some reason its gone GONE, at least I am identifiable hahahaha:-D

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Someone over this last week has put me on the tesco email customer list. :|


I have just replied to ceo office with forwarded email telling them that no thanks dont intend to shop with them again so please remove me.:lol: Did think about adding the offers I found were on in sainsburys and asda but though against it. They probably wont be interested that I feel sainsburys range of clothes last longer than the drop to bits range of tesco, but if I get more emails I will forward them on with my little bit of past customer feedback. I did like tesco clothes but they went down hill in quality I found, bit like their telecoms side. hehehehe


Only trying to help:razz:


Got to laugh they have peed me off xx

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Do you agree with his figures ?

Have a happy and prosperous 2013 by avoiiding Payday loans. If you are sent a private message directing you for advice or support with your issues to another website,this is your choice.Before you decide,consider the users here who have already offered help and support.

Advice offered by Martin3030 is not supported by any legal training or qualification.Members are advised to use the services of fully insured legal professionals when needed.



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Do you agree with his figures ?


Dont know I would have to source all the bills, but they havnt took into account the lack of service due to the slamming, as in bills were raised in error or cos they couldnt alter them due to third party billing:|


Think they have just charged me the whole period wether had service or not.


Dont agree with the ammount of monies stated they received, they list only receiving one dd and I know for a fact there was more, as in the three pound odd one at least.


Going to subject access request them asap to access their comments relating to my calls, but seriously I have had continual error and hastle from them which has messed up the billing side.


Are you concerned in that it looks rosy the ammount of credit as apposed to debit. When nearly leaving them on two occassions they did allow me to continue using the service for free due to admitting fault adn then I got the calls apologising and I stayed.


Thing is its been the same dd and if they had requested their payment once the dd was reinstated there would have been no issues at all.


I dont think that excuses them forcing me to leave out of fear though hence me after them for the cost minus what I would have paid tesco if stayed.

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Main thing is they hadnt have put the fear of god in me via their billing team, I wouldnt have left, all they needed to do was liase the dd, get staff who didnt tell false excuses for it not going out and take the monies. They also could have at any time allowed me to transfer funds via my bank to their bank or the standing order I offered as an interim method till they sorted the dd.


I mean whatever happened the issue is over the last few months, the past is just an example of how crap the customer service was on the billing and admin side. I am not interested in how many bills they wiped through their error but what they did since december. They have said they applied for the money and my bank did not pay, my bank has said they were not requested untill the one stopped this week, so no requests untill it was stopped as last resort of proving the dd was there and my details had not changed as suggested in their email. The following day they were able to liase the dd or find it and after they were informed of its cancellation I suspect someone or their silly computer systems booted back to life, liased the cancellation with my account hence the dd appeared again linked to my bills and they tried to take it once informed it was to be cancelled, or why didnt they take the money prior? Just a guess because cant see how they can have been so incompetant.


The last few months are relevant re a court but for the regualtors it will be the whole period I was with them and the lies of the dd fault I can prove were told via tape and then told didnt exist in the deadlock. doc.


They have also been told on a number of occasions I record calls, they should have considered this before their staff told porkies, well can only put dd fault down as a porkie, but a porkie non the less that let me think they were finally on the ball to sorting it. They couldnt even set up their own suggested new dd to bipass their system fault and only recently I got emails confirming they were attempting another dd, my bank received nowt and will put it in writing.


Five quid charge but well worth it, they have also noticed how many times I have called re reassurance my dd was okay and ready.


Would tesco prefer to offer customers chance to march to cheshunt with their 23.00 and plop it down on a desk, would have been quicker.

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I am sure the tesco guests are having a right laugh at this. Silly woman thinking she can take on tesco. The constant errors and harasment is not forgiven by them waiving bills some of which no service existed, what matters is now, bt are costing me more for the same service and loss of bargain has been caused.


I do hope the so called investigation includes the so called helper monitoring my account and going to regular ring me to make sure all was okay, hope he gets the sack!!!!!!! He was the same man who told me there was a dd system fault and led me to be ridiculed by the billing side who thought what the hell is she on about. This man said he at his level would monitor it as there was a problem with customer services successfully liasing with billing in his view and he wanted to make it okay. Yep great, how will he feel when quoted in court or if I can called into court as a witness? Surely tesco wouldnt mind him telling their side of the story, or is there a major system fault and they dont want it to put people off. Or why is it affecting others then on other forums, I might try to contact them if poss and see what they were told.


Sad also as he did seem genuine in wanting to help me sort it.


I mean we all didnt stop our dds around the same time of the year did we, or are they saying because of their errors and me stopping the dd when I did as a result has fluffed their billing up. Moral is dont mess up tesco and people dont stop their dds. But to be honest as the bank said its not rocket science when a dd is reactivated to request the monies, they just need to use the same reference number, I have had a thought, when my line was slammed by sky did they change the reference number and get confused? Or was it done at the time of the billing error in that their staff overode the action to credit my account without checking with a supervisor apparantly.


Or maybe their computer system is that used on little britain, computer says no. I suspect though it is more that their staff get confused tooooo easily and the slightest issue and they cant cope.


Night night tesco:x

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Been souring my previous emails for a time line and in august I was still pleading with sky to admit to having my line. It feels as if I have been fighting for an age which makes me feel I have been with tesco longer than I have actually. So there actually hasnt been many opportunities for the direct debits to go out prior to december this year due to the errors and time frames I would list for a court if they tried to argue they have aided me by crediting so much to my bills.



Such a short time and within the same time frame I have been checked out by the hospital for chest pain and now realise it is down to stress.


I need to subject access request to source exact dates of line down and reconected and the input at tesco end as to what went on and why they feel I should be grateful for them taking so so long to reinstate the line, it took weeks. I have all the emails and phone recordings and need to get it in order and link it to subject access request that they should return to prove how stressful this has been.


Would they really on the other hand argue they have provided over two hundred pounds in service to me even though I disagree with the deadlock letter and be able to justify they havent repeatedly let me down, dont think so.


They have told me they have records, good I want to see them. both that of biling, customer services and the broadband techy team as they all liased. Any free services I had due to negligence of their depts is their own look out, I am especially focused on last few months for court.


They wiped a bill re no service due to dead line as slammed on two occasions and they were insisting I was no longer their customer.


August bill was supposed to contain a credit for near a month as billed in arrears and didnt so paid it, dd went out and they told me would credit the next bill, they didnt. I argued they get the bill right and they said had no choice to pay it or line would be at risk and I insisted they sort it and the dd was agreed to be suspended till they do so on my suggestions as was told to do this over the line slamming.


They then to sort situation wiped once reconected a total of three months of bills, one of which should have contained near a months credit, due to harassing phone calls to me when messed up the bills. sep oct and nov I believe.


Then they come up with the dd fault as mentioned by another user on another forum at same time I guess nov, dec, but recordings would confirim it, but in any case they did not take dec, I called them, which ties in with the dd was available for as reactivated when bill sorted, they didnt take it in jan and I noticed it had not yet gone out in feb when called and was not sure of the dd date but had had the bill for some time and not seen it go out, but in any case had received emails about new dd and me changing details that they put down to the system. Senior rep says no manager available and I inform him due to arguing I have changed me details when not and wont accept what told over dd issue, I have no alternative but to stop the dd again as he again threatened my line, knowing this would generate an email and hoping they could see it had existed via that.


I called billing and was put through the mill and told disconecting, so panicked and asked bt for help.


Tesco reveive email and tell me I have stopped the dd which I already told them and then subsequently they still try to access my account.


DD was cancelled and tesco then try to take monies out of my account blocked by my bank at that point.


I feel this has been a stich up all along blaming me for them not having a clue.


Will get a better time line but thats if for a start.

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Here is what bank told me today.


C means suspended

R means reinstated.


9/6/2010 C

15/7/2010 R


27/7/2010 DD paid for £3.34 (need to check my statements for possible other prior dds as alittle confused when acutally joined them)


8/8/2010 C

18/8/2010 R


23/8/2010 DD paid for £28.02


13/9/2010 C

14/12/2010 R


Bank will prove no monies requested and no supposed new dd set up despite calls and later emails. I have all the emails and recorded calls. xx Bank will also confirm all along this has been the same dd and not changed details in any way which is another of their arguements confirmed by email again.


Three suspensions ending in reinstating 14/12/2010 which gave them plenty of time to request some money. Took till then to sort the bill and i was leaving to bt and going to settle after, then they apologised and well I reinstated dd straight away. Pretty much a dd was suspended in logical panic if that is poss, re how they phone me although I warned them I had no choice and had been told to do it prior, then as soon as they either sorted issue or apologised asking me to stay it was reinstated.


Why tesco did you not take it in dec, jan and me chasing in feb, because you told me their was a major system fault re dds affecting some customers, was that a particular bank tesco or type or card tesco, it fits in. If there was no fault, why not take the money, you have no proof it was me becasue it wasnt.


These dates tie in with when my line was slammed twice and when originally they messed up the bills adn I was leaving to bt, will fine tune the dates to the complaints at later time xx Remember when line slammed they said best wasy to stop incorect ammounts or for raised bills when no service was to stop the dd, due to their third party billing system. If a reinstated dd of 18/8 can lead to succesful dd on 23/8 I cant understand them saying the dd reinstated on 14/12 couldnt have done the same asap. Remember I have done all the chasing re why hasnt it gone out, they only phoned to make up scenarios of why or to ring and threaten my line.


Or maybe tesco have the same policy when things go wrong as sky did to me back a few months ago, plead ignorance and say it is not them but someone else, but in the end they have to admit error!!!!!!!! When and how they deal with it depends on how I have to claim and for what level of distress because I cant switch off now. Its like being accused of a crime you know you havnt commited, you desperately feel you have to prove yourself and due to my conditon I am over worrying about an obvious case of a provider who dont give a hoot till proved.


I never for no reason suspended a dd or did it without informing them first, they knew prior to call and were given opportunity to ring back and sort issue, the length of suspensions is an indication of their messing about and arthur daley tongue and can be proved by recordings. They also on many occasions can be heard confirming my dd details and flumoxed as to why the dd is not being requested from bank, hence the ilusive dd fault appears.


Look at the dates tesco it all fits adn I can liase the recordings together thanks to my lovely true call .


Will get the facts and my memory straight with the recordings I am sure xx

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