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    • Hi Dave2019   That response to your councillor is short and direct so lets see how your councillor will act with Platform.   I think you have noticed that Platform are not telling the correct facts to news article/MP/Councillor which is absolutely typical of these Housing Association to always give there version of events to make them look as if they have done everything by the book to make them look good we haven't done anything wrong.   This is when you challenge them as you have done and throw there own Customer Community Engagement Strategy in there face and you keep doing this with what I have pointed out in post#67 (as a reference).   The more you do this the more Platform are not going to like it as it impacts their own Customer Care Policy, Complaints Policy and that specific Customer Engagement Strategy as these look more like just a paper exercise to make them look good but putting them into practice they are not just failing but are in fact Breaching those Policies.            
    • Ok! I think it's about there, I've added those final points. Thanks again for looking this over!   Px CLAIMANT
 ERUDIO STUDENT LOANS LIMITED – AND – DEFENDANT XXXX WITNESS STATEMENT OF XXXX I, xxxx of xxxx, being the Defendant in this case will state as follows;   1. The Witness – xxxx states in point 3 that:   “It is noted that the Defendant does not dispute entering into a credit agreement with the Claimant.”   This in not true. I have never entered nor admitted to entering into an agreement with the claimant.   2. The default notice mentioned in point 6 was issued on 26/04/2017 and served 4 years, 3 months and 27 days after the last written acknowledgment of the debt on 30/12/2012 by myself. Thus, the cause of action delayed by 4 years 3 months and 27 days and the Limitations period prolonged to 10 years, 11 months, 16 days. This, in effect, allows the creditor to stop time running and the creditor having effective control of when a limitation period begins or even starts to run.   3. In point 5 xxxx states I was issued with A Notice of Assignment on 22/11/2013. In point 6 he states that a Default Notice was sent to me on 04/03/2014. In point 7 he states I was sent a Termination Notice on 26/04/2017. In point 8 the legal proceedings and transference to Drydens solicitors took place without my knowledge.   I received none of these notices or assignment. It has now come to light that they were all sent to an address I had not resided at since 2001. The Student Loan Company was aware of my current address at the time that the alleged documents were sent.   I have always kept the Student Loan Company informed of my current address.   4. In point 18 the Claimant claims the Termination Notice issued on the 26/04/2017 was the cause of action, this is patently untrue - the termination notice does not determine the Statute of Limitations date.   Pursuing a debt after a 6 years is clear breach of OFT guidelines and CPUT.   5. Addressing points 21,22 and 23 - the claimant contends its unfair to allow a set aside 16 months after a default judgement, yet failed to issue a default notice within the 6 year limitation period therefore breaching the rules of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 section 87/88.   6. I the defendant, contend that the Claimant's claim so issued is a claim in contract and
is STATUTE BARRED pursuant to the provisions of section 5 of the Limitation Act 1980. 
If, which is denied, the claimant contends that the Defendant is in breach of the alleged contract, in excess of 6 years have elapsed since the date on which any cause of action for breach accrued for the benefit of the Claimant.   7. The Claimant's claim to be entitled to payment of £2489.03 or any other sum, or relief of any kind is denied. 
   8. The defendant’s costs in dealing with the claimants default judgement and their set aside application to be paid by the claimant within 28 days.   (a separate costs sheet is attached).   Statement of Truth   I believe that the facts stated in this witness statement are true. I understand that proceedings for contempt of court may be brought against anyone who makes, or causes to be made, a false statement in a document verified by a statement of truth without an honest belief in its truth.   Signed: xxxx Dated: 17/05/2022   Costs Sheet Cost of N244 application form: £255.00      
    • Hi   I hope you are keeping as well as came be expected during this. and even if you want to rant here about this If A2 are still ignoring your letters/emails then that the Housing Ombudsman is now looking into this matter and have requested your evidence so far of their failure in Customer Cara and more importantly their own Complaints Procedure by failure to acknowledge letters/emails.   As you have already spoke to the Ombudsman I would contact them again and just explain to date A2 are still completely ignoring you with your complaint and you take this as a Breach of their own Complaints Procedure.   You look after yourself and even if you just want to have a rant about this to get this out your system you know where we are.    
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Bullying, Harrasement and Data Protection Breach at Work


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Hi I wonder if there is anyone out there that can help, my partners work during the period of bad adverse weather couldnt get into work and phoned in to let them know, his HR dept took it apon themselves to take his mobile number off his HR file which was down for emergency contact only and passed it to 4 members of staff in order to contact him for work related purposes, is this allowed. He challenged this and said that he wasnt happy with it and put in a official grievance against his boss and put it into the HR department, he didnt receive a reply until recently when he had to put in another complaint against his boss for trying to force him to do overtime at 5pm one evening when he said that he couldnt as he had commitments to get back home too, she then threatened him by saying you either lose your plans this evening or you cant go to your partners maternity appointment in the morning even though this had been approved over a week ago. He therefore then made another greivance chasing up the one that he already placed and included the new one, to get a reply saying he had to take this up with his boss but she is the one he has the greivance with, also in responce to the phone number being given out he was told it was necesssary as he had failed to phone in and speak to his boss on the day of question this is untrue as I have the bt phone bill here confirming he had phoned in and was here when he did. What can he do, I feel like he is being bullied in the work place. He is consantly made to feel that he can not take holiday as its alwasy too incovieant for the business.

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Surely the snow conditions was an emergency? Is there any other reason why the people in question should not have his mobile number? Seems reasonable to me.


Bullying and harassment is very difficult to prove and, without knowing the specifics, what you have described seem over zealous management. We see this a lot managers making a name for themselves and wanting to get on will do most things to prove their worth. However getting enough to prove that it is bullying and harasment is an uphill struggle.


It is not right that official grievances are ignored though, is this a public authority or private company? There should be policies governing this has your husband got them?


Is there some sort of power struggle going on here, eg management v union?

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Hi, I dont believe phoning him all morning was a emergency no, not when they already knew where he was he phoned 6 different numbers to let them know he was stuck and couldnt get into the office due to over a foot of snow and to pass it to other members of the office I think is disgusting and a breach of his privacy especially as they are still trying to use this number now to contact him when he is in the office just because he is busy and not at his desk, its his own personal mobile, his boss even asked for my mobile number in order to get hold of him should she need too, I think this is wrong.


He has managed to get a copy of the bully and harrasement policy, the real reason it was inconvient for work was because his boss was off on holiday in the afternoon and didnt have anyone to cover not really his fault if public transport wasnt running due to snow and the car stuck.


Yes there is big up rore at the company at the moment due to redudancies and unfair treatment with a lot of people going through acas

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I don't want to sound as if I am putting down your husband's problem because I am sure that what has happened in the workplace is aggravating to him and you. However I doubt that much can be done on the breach of privacy. You could complain to the Information Commissioner but it is a lot of work for the employer to be told to not do it again!!


Has it continued to cause problems to you? If so the simple answer is change the phone number and don't tell HR.


Is he in line for redundancy?

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Data protection act, privacy over giving out your husbands phone number. Tough one, lots of effort for little reward, as papa says, they may be told not to do it again.

Personally no one knows my mobile, if they did find out and call me on it, then i hope they won't be offended when i tell them where to go.

Bullying needs to be detailed each time the manager victimises and harrasses your husband. Overzealous managers? Perhaps after only a few things having happened but when you build up a diary of continuing little niggles then it is simply serial bullying.

Keep a diary of every incident.

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I used to suffer the same problem so i got a phone that can be set to only allow numbers that are stored in it (contacts) to ring through. If i'd pursued it through the employer/telling people don't ring me i'd be blue in the face now as it's amazing what other people class as an emergency.


It doesn't appear that he will get what he wants so be creative, learn the numbers of the other people and simply ignore them when not working. they can't complain as it's a personal phone, that way he's not taking on the employer when your in a redundancy situation and who he speaks to goes back to his choice.(just make sure he does not tell them this)

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re the opening post, the bad weather, I dont think it is particularly unreasonable to hand phone no out to someone who has called in because of the weather, perhaps they needed his advice. It happens all the time, hard to say that is bullying. If I had phoned in because of weather I would make sure my colleagues knew how to find me....if they are ringing at 3am in the morning when you are off duty it is a different matter, of course..

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