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    • Well done on the snotty letter.  A bit different from the usual ones but a bit of innovation is welcome 😆   I tend to agree with lee19921992 that maybe mentioning planning permission is playing your cards too early, plus they know they never do PP.  How about this tweak to show you know the law but remaining suitably cryptic?     Hello again, kids   Lesson time!   Thanks for wasting your pennies and sending me a letter before claim. I understand you think I owe you something. Looking forward to playing this game. Guess who will win?   You can forget to think I have any interest to pay the imaginary sum of £100 for your poor explanation behind the ludicrous claim.   Know the legal term "de minimis"?  Thought not.  But the judge will.  Go and look it up thickos.   Ah, the thought of the vaccination roll out, then me relaxing on a beach in the Med knowing you've paid for it after an unreasonable costs order under CPR27.14(2)(g).  Bliss!   Looking forward to hearing from you no more.   Best wishes   Santa     I see the fleecers won't do anything before 10 December so there's some time yet.  See what others think tomorrow and then send the letter off on Wednesday with a free Certificate of Posting from the post office.
    • She started paying by DD but through ill health and not being able to work cancelled the DD
    • I am a Bristol/Wessex water customer and those amounts quoted look like standard annual charges for unmetered water and sewerage,     If you have been paying them the regular monthly amounts, I wonder whether the amounts paid have been credited to the correct Bristol/Wessex account.   Bristol/Wessex have fairly long customer account numbers.     How were you paying amounts to Bristol/Wessex ?
    • Hi folks,   long story and going back a few years.... Ok I’m in the process of selling my house and discovered that a charging order is on the property. This is from a old Lloyds loan sold to 1st credit which is now intrum.  The CCJ was issued back in 2015 and the charging order in 2016. Ok, now the nitty gritty stuff is that when I found out about the CCJ I was in the middle of complaining with Lloyds bank regarding the loan as I was complaining that the loan should not have being offered to me at the time on affordable issues as it was to consolidate my debts at the time and expecting our 3rd child in 4 years. however, the bank sold the debt on with the wrong address and can be proven with the address they was writing to me as the complaint letters had my correct address at the time. The bank also written to Intrum outlining the mistake they made and in giving the wrong address when selling the debt, and have letter confirmed to me this information was passed on. So intrum went ahead and got the charging order knowing the address was incorrect and that I would not get any correspondence. intrum is now demanding £10.5k from the house sale. This is a sole debt on a joint mortgage. I have told the solicitor dealing with the sale this doesn’t need to be paid, but she is saying because they wrote back to her stating the amount owed, it now has to be paid. should I try and get this set aside with the issue of the address? Has it being to long? In fairness I have only just found out about the charging order. The mix up with the address is it is my property,  how I have never lived in it and have never had my bank accounts listed to that address. I think when I ran into trouble back in 2012 I think they must have done a search and got it that way.   any advice would be great. cheers.  
    • the four bills mentioned are combined water and sewage. totally agree with you why did they let her go on for so long?   The defence I took the template from this site but amended that the POC did not have an account number nor was there any supporting paper work referring to the debt. That we have requested this information in order to prepare our defence.    
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  • 3 weeks later...

I received a letter today from halifax card services saying that the £25 charges are legal because i had signed the agreement inwhich it states this. Therefor i am not intitled to any refund. Has anyon else had a letter like this or does anyone know if what they are saying is true and i am unable to claim back late fee charges??


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It is entirely untrue and you can and should claim them. Regardless of the T&C's that you signed these charges are unlawful. Claim them all.

iGroup (GE Money) - AoS Filed late, defence late, amended defence also late despite extra time requested and granted.

Vanquis - Claim issued, no AoS or Defence received

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just the account number will do.

Jeep (The Wife & I)

Halifax joint a/c (£3800 charges + £40 interest on charges over 11 years) - paid in full 23/06/06

Halifax joint a/c new charges £1100 - LBA sent 02/08/06

Halifax 2nd a/c (£1500 charges + £150 interest on charges) - partial payment received 13/07/06 (no s69 interest) - AQ filed 07/08/06 - Court awarded 50% of s69 interest (Bank didn't turn up!)

Halifax Visa (#1) Data Protection Act sent - statements arrived - £350 so far

Halifax Visa (#2) Data Protection Act sent - refunded £170

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Follow the route: FAQs > Template Library > Parachute Account > Bank Forums > Spreadsheet

All advice given in good faith and without prejudice or liability, to be taken at your own risk!

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  • 5 weeks later...

Hi all just received an improved off from halifax for £532.00 increased for £180. I am claiming a total of £723. In their letter they improved their off to £532 and include an acceptance form but by looking at the acceptance form i have noticed a few mistakes (tho i suspect on purpose).


Fist of all they have only put £432 instead of £532 on the form i am signing and secondly the have put in the acceptance form that ' i accept the offer of £432.00 from halifax in full and final settlement of my complaint regarding bank charges made on my halifax accounts. Notice they have put accountS and not account. As i have just filled a moneyclaim against them for my credit card charges i fear that they are trying to get me to agree to this and this would also act as a settlement for my credit card charges.


Very underhanded tactics i think.


Has anyone else had this type of letter?


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Accept offer as part payment only. You cannot just turn it down.


The halifax will say no and then you continue down the track.


Keep going you will get your money.

Halifax - £2500

Legal & Trade - Webt to courtfor Breach CCA, Complained to OFT they ruled in my favour, So did court, 2k written off.

NatWest - Contactual Interest - Won:p

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  • 2 weeks later...

I filled my cliam online at the end of August. I received a letter from the court saying it has been served to halifax on the 4th. I received acknowledge from halifax on the 7th saying they intend to defend. Since then i have heard nothing, it seems that they are paying out a lot quickly to others. I dont have an account with them anymore. Is it possible that they have just forgotten about it or are they making me wait??


Any advice would be great.


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Maybe a quick call to give them a nugde wouldnt go a miss? It may just be a case of it taking longer when they have to raise a cheque instead of a direct transfer into the account.


This is one of my concerns as our account is with a dmc cos its 1800 overdrawn but we still get statements every month and it has been converted to a cash card account so i presume its still an 'open' account.


Just ring up and chase it


Clark xx:p

:p If you like the advice I give or I have helped you in any way, click the scales and let me know about it x :p



NatWest: £1148.00 (defence filed 3/10/06)


Halifax: £2600.00 Letter received 28/09/06 SETTLED IN FULL!!!:lol:


Co-op: £1140.00 Cheque received 5/10/06 SETTLED IN FULL


Barclays Bank: £510.00 (LBA time up 19/9/06) Offer received of £250.00 thanks but no thanks


Barclaycard: £840.00 Half refunded mcol being done for the other half!


Capital One: £100 Settled in full after preliminary letter


RBS: £38.00 SETTLED IN FULL 14th September 2006


STILL TO GO.......


Hubbys Halifax visa :p


Hubbys Yorkshire bank visa :)


Hubbys old Yorkshire bank (closed) account :rolleyes:

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Ok just phoned the number that was on the court papers, its halifax legal department. The lady i spoke to said that they are aware of my claim and someone was dealing with it. She also said that they would be responding to me in a few days. (sounds worrying).


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Not really,just imagine how busy these people are with thousands and thousands of claims coming in with 14 day deadlines.I'd love to be a fly on the wall.lololol.Be patient it will come.



N1 form completed 05-06-07,LBA sent 14-05-07,2nd go!Prelim sent 24/04/07


Halifax Visa 1.Paid in full

Halifax Classic.Paid in full.


LBA sent 14-05-07,GMAC prelim sent 24/04/07


Data Protection Act for halifax mortgage 16/09/06.

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