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    • I usually clear my credit card balance by direct debit each month.  On 23rd December I bought some wine which I hopped would be added to my January statement for payment in February.  Unfortunately, I miss calculated and the wine was charged on my December statement for payment in January.  I made three payments in January which were not enough to pay the full amount.  I was left with a negative balance of £272.60.  I also made a purchase of one item which added £7.50 to the balance.  Since I had reinstated my direct debit payment in time for my February payment, the full balance was cleared on 18th February.  By my calculation, the £272.60 was in deficit for 57 days and the £7.50 for 30 days. I have been given the daily compound interest rate of 0.0407814%.  My calculation is the interest due on the £272.60 for 57 days is (1+0.000407814)57-1 or (2.3513%) multiplied by the debt = £6.41.  The same calculation for the £7.50 is (1+0.000407814)30 -1 or (1.2307%) multiplied by the debt = £0.09.  I have calculated the days by taking the purchase date from the repayment date of the 18th February 2022.  This totals £6.50, but my bank has calculated the interest at £15.64 in January and a further £2.46 in February.  I have asked how bank calculates interest but none of the employees at the bank know.  Apparently, its too complicated and no employees who deal with customers can provide the answer.  My question cannot be escalated to someone who can explain what is wrong with my calculation.  Apparently, the computer works it out and that is all that matters (to the bank). I did calculate the daily rate at 0.040435% on the basis that it is 15.9% annually.  I used the formula (1+0.00040435)365-1 to confirm an annual rate of 15.9%.  The same formula using bank’s calculation produces an annual rate of 16.04%.  My calculations may not be perfect but the bank interest calculation is nearly 2.8 times mine.   What is wrong with my calculation?
    • Hi Caggers,   Heart in mouth moment! Just got an email through for a teams meeting tomorrow for a hearing at the combined courts....   With regards to the thread of this post last year in April i did the mediation which didn't work out as expected and then all went quiet on the western front.   I moved house about 6 months ago and i updated all of my creditors but didn't think like an absolute imbecile to do the same for the court.    I haven't prepared a witness statement, nothing! If this email hadn't of come through i wouldn't of had a clue this hearing was even due to take place. I feel like a right numpty!   Is there anything at all i can do at this point?
    • I am guessing at a link to PPI as HMRC won't send my anything pertaining to the investigation in writing although I've asked for it. This matter is already supposed to have been investigated by HMRC so this is all post investigation and I've been told to cash both cheques on the phone today.   I recieved two tax calculations form HMRC both saying the tax repayment was from Savings Income, the amount on both these calculations is actually slightly different to the amounts on the corrosponding cheques, just a few pounds out. As you can no doubt tell I did not recieve a huge amount of savings income / or interest from my savings more like £2 as opposed to £2500!   The only thing it could be is PPI, if it isn't that then it must be an error. However HMRC have already investigated this and the outcome is that the money is mine? Why would they make another error like this after investigation? Are HMRC that incompetent? Was the call handler who was taking my call and put me on hold to look at my case just too lazy / busy to actually check? I feel like they are putting me in a bad position by not properly explaining the outcome of the investigation by sending a letter. Obviously I don't want to take or spend money I'm not entitled to but at the same time don't want to not get it if it is due to me.   @Ethel Street , I have not cashed either cheque yet so probably would have to request a replacement for the November Cheque now.
    • Re-reading your post I'm not clear whether you have cashed either of the cheques yet.   Normally HMRC cheques are only valid for 6 months from the date of issue (the date on the cheque). If you haven't paid them into your bank yet the one you got last November may already have gone out of date. If it isn't out of date yet pay it to your account quickly. If it has gone out of date you'll need to contact the taxes helpline to get a replacement cheque sent. 0300 200 3300
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