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I & E sent CCA sent, what to do next?

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Due to reduced income can no longer afford min payments and now over limit.


Have sent I/E form and then sent a CCA request.


Thus far they have complied with CCA request, though told i will need to wait at least 30 days.


They have also sent me there lovely little A4 I/E form along with demands for bank statements and payslips.Having read various other threads, i have no intention of sending them pay slips/ bank statements.


They tell me without these original docs through will not consider a payment plan. Phone calls continue


I would welcome some advice on what i should communicate to them next. I fully intend to continue the patment i can afford from my I /E form


My aim is to get them to freeze the interest/ charges. But how do i do this if they insist on original documents.


In addition what effect does my CCA request have at this stage..Does it for example qualify it as Account In Dispute.


Thanks in anticipation

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Hi and welcome to CAG


The problem with creditors is that they don't believe us when we say we are in financial strife. While there is no lawful right to see those documents, you are unlikely to get them to freeze the interest without them-catch 22.


With the CCA, It depends what is on it as to whether it is enforceable or not. Look out for



Repayment terms

Credit limit (or a statement saying one will be set)

cancellation rights ( if you applied for the card/loan by post)


I'm assuming this is a credit card or loan!


Are there any charges you could reclaim?

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Thanks Silverfox


I dont have a problem sending my payslip or to some extent my bank statement- both bare out my I / E form.


I'm just curious as other forumites have vehemently opposed to sending bank account details... whilst i'm not overly plaesed about that . if it enables me to freeze interest etc, then i would go along with it. Dont know though if i am being a bit naive


The interest and charges are the killer particularly at about 34%. All i'm asking is Cap one to be reasonable ( cue hysterical laughter) I'm just seeking a stabilising of my account whilst i try to sort something out.


By all accounts looks like am dealing with the real financial pond life, short of being loan sharks.


Would you forward payslip and bank statement or should i refuse and tell them I/E form is a true and accuarte reflection of my income. Not sure what my rigts are.


Have sent CCA request and phone harrassement letter.. not sure now how effective CCA route will prove to be''looks like i'm a year or so too late! They have asked me for my signature so i they can deal with my request


Thanks in advance

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How are you getting on with this as I have a similar problem with Cap1 not being forthcoming about freezing interest, generally being douchebags and not willing to set up a payment plan without said documents to support my hardship.


Id be interested to hear how youre getting on...

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