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    • Hello, yesterday Barclays Bank put my account under review suddenly just i received a message about that to wait 7 days . I ve been to local branch and they didn't tell me any information saying to me to wait 14 days . The problem is I think they will take longer than they said and I can't wait so much cause I need the money for my own company and to live life daily. This situation its caused me a sever anxiety, I dont know what to do . I can prove that I m a self employed . Can somebody tell me what should I do ?  Some contact numbers or email addresses where can I text about this problem? I m new on this platform and I dont know how to manage this . Thank you
    • Hello yesterday Barclays Bank blocked my account with a substantial amount and I didnt get any reason for this issue why they put my account under review. I m a self employed and all the money blocked are very important to me to open my own company .. Can I get some information about what should I do in this case.  I ve been to the local branch but they didn't give me any information just to wait 14 days and I can t do that .
    • harveys are not the creditor, so them stating you should continue to make payments and you will not receive your payments back is immaterial.   the administrators of harveys are not your target. creation finance are.     these issues should be directed toward creation under p'haps a section 75 claim ....as they are the creditor ...they are equally responsible for the actions or inactions of either harveys or bensons.   we can appreciate you have had the usual run around, we are not indicating you have lied, merely pointing to the fact that you innocently believed what you have been told to date.   go get your moneyback and get the finance agreement cancelled.   dx 
    • you've not moved so until or unless you get a letter of claim via royal mail you ignore them.   as for anything on your credit file it should fall off after 6yrs.   dx    
    • 1st. it is not illegal for you, as the home owner, to open letters addressed to 'others' not resident at your address.   2nd because you did or did not employ the above, ultimately, this has led to a court judgement being handed down. the bailiff company have employed, quite rightly,  the methods that are legally available to them to trace the defendant.   rightly or wrongly they have traced you.   you need to write to the bailiff company concerned briefly explaining the above stating you are not the said person. you also need to write to the judgement court the same. you also need to write to the relevant rail toc    never use the phone.   dx      
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Lpa receivers taken my two btl's!!!!

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hello all


lpa receivers have marketed my btl for sale. I have had no correspondence from them what so ever. When it went in their hands i spoke to my mortgage provider (the west brom) and they told me that the reveivers will collect the rent on my behalf and that once the account was back up to date, they will look to transfer back in my control, so i left it at that, and what ever costs had been occured they will bill to the account.


i have two properties that they have taken but only one has been marketed yet.


is this not illegal?

what can i do to stop them from selling it?

can i get control back of it?


it has just come on the market at £30,000 less the market value.



please help


very distressed

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hi thank you for viewing


no the accounts are still in arrears.


the property that they have marketed might be up-to-date but unsure, it had a long term tenent in who has left since they took over.



how can i stop them selling it and get control over the properties?


the second property has not been marketed, yet.

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Afraid I dont know the answers, there are a lot of people on this site experiencing similar problems with LPA receivers, and lack of information etc.

There was talk of a group action at one stage, but I think that may have fallen by the wayside.

Im not a BTL victim personally, but have been trying to put ideas forward for those who are.

Ive been looking at unconscionable conduct as a cause of action, but a lot more research needs to be undertaken on this topic.


Hope someone else comes along soon who might be able to assist.

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after looking around, all sorces point back to lodging a n244 form under sec 91, law of property act 1925.


i have the form with me


have you any knowledge of this because although many point in this direction none really go into depth.


thank you again for looking

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diddled your right nothing there to work with,you have to use the n244 to apply for a hearing to set aside the sale and return the property to the owner,not eassy unless you can prove the whole process was unlawfully carried out,nowayman will evidence that the process was illegal.

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the reason i metioned lpa1925 was because it was mentioned on other threads but not in detail. i think it was lpa 1925 (2) that was mentioned.


but i think i will be better off going to a solicitor.


thank you for looking


if there is anyone who has been in a similar position and has had success in fighting the lpa recievers please do get in touch.

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There is CML industry guidance on BTL arrears and repossessions, maybe worthwhile you having a read of it to see if the lender has complied with the guidance. On saying that it is only guidance and not set in stone.


Search Results[PDF] Industry guidance on buy-to-let arrears and possessionsFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

Industry guidance on buy-to-let arrears and possessions. Introduction. The Council of Mortgage Lenders has issued guidance on handling arrears and ...

http://www.cml.org.uk/.../Industryguidanceonbuy-to-letarrearsandpossessions.pdf?... - Similar

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Re: LPA Recievers



If like me, you have baan affected by the appointment of LPA Receivers you might like to know that a campagin is underway to fight this injustice. It is being supported by other landlords, MP's and other organisations. It offers support and an opportunity to reverse the devastating effect this had on so many people. Let me know if you want to get involved.

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We are portfolio company and we are trying to work closely with those affected by LPA recievers. We are meeting with three MP's and a highly successful barrister this week, hopefully some leglislation will be passed to stop what is happening. If you would like to get involved then please call us on 0330 9995050 (pressing option 4). If your BTL are being taken when a tenant could cover the rent then I just dont understand? Look forward to hearing from you.

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