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    • In december 2019, the defendant agreed to  investigate into repair a problem with the  claimant's vehicle ford transit registration  AK58YVH The defendant discovered that the  vehicle's turbocharger had failed and had to  be replaced. The defendant replaced the  turbocharger at a cost of £742.50 for the  replacement unit and £480 labour charge.  The repair failed and an independent garage  discovered that the turbocharger had been  incorrectly fitted. The defendant declined to  rectify the problem so the claimant paid an  independent garage to refit the turbo unit  which is now working satisfactorily. The  claimant seeks reimbursement of £480 wasted  labour charge for the fitting of the turbo  unit, plus interest pursuant to section 69. 
    • When i said they declined to rectify the problem, they had me collect the mechanic in question and drive him about to hear the high pitched screaming coming from the engine, which was more than clearly apparent as it was high pitched screaming, but he told me he couldnt hear anything.   so i guess we can just skip that right       there were no costs if I'm honest. just absolute inconvenience borrowing other vehicles trying to get into work 
    • Okay, well it has the merit of being brief – and that's good. Most people want to write their life history. I suggest:   Please have a look at this. I haven't looked back at your whole story so I'm not sure if this sums it up. Please let us know if there is anything missing or anything wrong and we will amend it. Also, I can't remember if you suffered additional losses for since by having to pay me for the car to be transported or anything. So I have included that in the POC but of course it can be removed. If you did incur ancillary losses then please let us know what they were
    • That would be a defended claim as being de minimis it wouldn't stand up to scrutiny.  Only way they would geta judgment is a default, as undefended, or a back door default to old address.
    • Welcome back. I can appreciate that you've probably been extremely busy – but so are we and it's very difficult to start catching up with a thread again after it tends to have gone dormant because the originator has left it. You are dealing with an item of great value here and I think that if you want to do anything about it then you should engage with this thread more earnestly then you have been. Sorry about your work commitments and all that – but I think that you will have to prioritise a bit. I haven't gone through the thread again to try and refresh my memory – we have a huge number of other people come to us for free help who tend to be a bit more engaged. I will go back over the thread when I can in the next day or so. However, you can certainly try filing official complaints to 3rd parties – but don't hold your breath. Nothing will happen. The only thing you can do is to take direct action on your own. You have to understand that you are thoroughly on your own. There is no regulator. There is no oversight. There are no regulatory standards. There is no ombudsman subject to any kind of statutory imperative. Citizens advice all interested – well-intentioned – but that's about it. Trading standards won't take any notice – they have bigger fish to fry and none of these people anyway are interested in helping an individual get redress. You have to do on your own. There's no point in going to the press – the story isn't big enough and the press is overwhelmed with stories from everywhere. If you are prepared to settle down and take direct action then you may as well give up. And also these companies thrive on the kind of inaction or irregular interest that is taken by people who are too busy to focus and sort the issue out. I'm sorry that the seem probably quite harsh words – but that's the way it works. Please monitor the thread and I'll have a look and try to catch up. If you do write to any of these agencies and let us know. But don't hold your breath – believe me you will simply fatigue yourself and the only people to benefit will be Hermes and Amazon because they thrive on the innocence of people who think that there are organisations around to help them. There aren't
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