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Please help, eon problems court action wont listen !!

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Hi to all, i've been looking and looking for something that may help me on these forums, i don't know if this is in the right place or not, but at the moment i can't think straight and thought it cant hurt to give this a go. so here goes............


I rented a buisiness premises from a friend, had all these big ideas, i opened an electricity account with EON IN MY NAME then came my electricity bills WOW and they were different every month, higher and higher £250 - £900 until i complained. complaints went back and forth and to cut a long story short they eventually installed a check meter, which they say was correct, although they also send round some sort of agent who did a reading in front of me and while giving the reading they lady at eon he was on the phone to said that cant be right thats over £21.000 pounds!!!! he said there was something wrong and will report back to eon. While away i had a friend dog sitting at the premises and EON came to "read the meter" when i came back i realised they had infact changed the meter. I called eon right away (the next day) and requested the meter back for independant check, only to be told it had already been destroyed. This is just the start!


trying to cut this down as much as possible, lots of letters being fobbed off my bill at this point was about £4000, i was paying as much as i could while trying to get it sorted, they then bullied me into £780 a month payments i kept this up for 6 month but as it was more than my rent i had to give up, fold up and move on.


I presented them with all of my home details and have received regular correspondence at my home address. this correspondance includes final statements ranging from £400 - £6000, debt collectors letters demarding figures between £400 and £4000, and a letter stating that the account had been cleared, all very confusing.


Now , i do dispute that i owe EON some money, I doubt that it is £4000 but if it is then it is. I have offered a monthly payment ( single mum pt time work) £200 , which Nick Wolf laughed at stating they would not accept less than £1000 (more than i earn).


Bit of back ground before i explain what they are doing now, My ex landloard is a family friend who travels allot for his work, my mother actually is his house keeper, EON have decided that i am MARRIED to my ex landlord WHICH I AM NOT I HAVE NEVER BEEN MARRIED, and have decided that as he has property they would start to address the letters and bills to Mr and Mrs ***** at his home address. I have send my passport , bank statements etc to show this is my name and address, they have ignored this completely , and have now sent court papers in Mr and Mrs ******* (his surname not mine) , They have also sent debt collectors within the last 48 hours to the business premises i gave up in april 10 , and my landlords house , scaring the life out of my ederly mother (it was 9 pm sat evening) even though i have told them and proved i do not live there, we are not married, this is my bill, they are just ignoring me, now i have a N152 which is not in my name , its in the Mrs name they have invented that i dont know if i should fill in or not. My ex landlord (and friend) has now had to travel a 600 mile round trip , interupting his work, to try to deal with an issue that doesnt even involve him, he feels that EONS actions now boarder on criminal harrasment, and is understandably very angry, as he has never been an eon customer.


I am now at my whits end, the family friend is in the frame for MY bill, which i cannot allow to happen, they send court papers to his adress even when they have been in contact with me at mine, they have always address my letter and bills to me until now , now they come as mr and mrs something, they want me to fill in this form thats addressed to that same name which isnt mine, and i feel that basically with the email correspondance that ive had with mr wolf if i dont admit to being married to this man (who has more money than i do) they will escalate my debt, which they are doing now.


confused? yea me too!


this is now actually making me unwell, i cant think at work , i dont know what to do, i called th court office to say "should i fill in this form " basically admitting im married to this guy and im not not not !!!!!


any advice would be more than im getting from anyone else i cannot afford a solicitor so im on my own in this,


if they get thier way they want another £5500 in costs on top of my bill and want my ex landlord to loose his house maybe? i dont know, how can they do this when we are not married or live together or anything !!


sorry its so long


just a girl

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I am sure that Nottslad will be along soon and offer some advice. I would get a SAR off to them stating that you dispute the amount owed. This effectively puts a halt to all proceedings.

It would also help Nottslad and myself if you could give us some idea of the size of the business and what was consuming electric. Generally business rates are slightly cheaper than domestic rates, but thsi may have changed. Can you find and old bill and give us the first 5 numbers only. It should start with a zero and be in the format "03 801" for example. This will tell us whether it was a 2 rate meter and also whether it was a maximum demand meter.

Also did you have an opening read when you moved into the premises and a closing read when the meter was changed? After the meter was changed you should have had another opening read, not estimated, and then when leaving the premises a closing read.

At the moment EOn cannot touch you as no such person with that married name exists and it will be thrown out of court.


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When they replaced the meter they should have left a postcard sized card with the final readings for the old meter. If that card is there, can you note here the reading, date of reading AND also from your first bill the opening reading when you moved into the premises.


If you pm me and fax/email me the bills from the start and any additional readings that you have noted down, I'll take a quick scan and come back with some advice if there is anything obviously wrong.


Surfer above also has some good questions for you to answer.

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Hiya I will try to answer these as best i can, the "business" never eally got off the ground i lost more money and sense and it never made any profit, it was a total part time thing (single mum trying to do something better in life) , failed, but was running a unit with dance studio and 3 computers (not all the time, (plus kitchen area kettle etc ) no 3 phase power etc.

They made a point of telling me that business rates are more expensisve as i pointed out i could run my house for 6 months on what im paying per month with allot more electrical appliances.


last reading 42644 was on the "last bill"



They didnt leave any card when they came and my dog sitter didnt ask for one as they were " JUST READING THE METER" as they said.


I have sent the SAR , I have never denied i owe money, only the amount, i have always proved my identity and i understand that if they take this MRS someone to court she dont exsist, what im worried about also is my ex landloard who is a family friend, its not his bill, my tenancy agreement states clearly im responsable for ALL utilitys.


Many thanks for looking at this

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