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there isn't- its just that a numpty high court judge ruled that taking the case to court was not "enforcement" whereas obtaining judgement was


the creditors will do it for brinkmanship or out of pure bloody mindedness


thats why such a case should be stayed from the outset

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Well I sent the harassment letter a couple of days ago because these imbeciles have tried ringing again on top of the letters. If they ignore this (which I feel they probably will) who should I report them to and is there a chance that something will be done about these idiots???

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First off, do NOT call them on the phone.


Secondly, send the dispute letter in


Thirdly, do nothing more, they cannot enforce the debt without the agreement and in it's absence they can ask you to pay, request you to pay but that doesn't mean you

have to and if the account is placed in dispute they shouldn't be asking you for any money at all.


Dispute template below, remember to edit accordingly and sign simply with a squiggle and NOT your usual signature and send recorded delivery.



Got the same letter today regarding a debt to RBS, and have a payment plan set up with RBS.


I want to call Moorcroft and tell them this,why would you advise against ringing them?


Just interested.

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Basically because every time you speak to them:

a) there's no evidence of what has been said

b) they will not let you just say what you want

c) they will try and persuade you to part with details that at the time you may think harmless, but will come back to haunt you

d) it's not worth the risk for the cost of a stamp

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Well after sending the harassment letter to Moorcroft they responded by stating that they have passed the account back to "our client". All well and good I thought.....but now I'm getting calls from RMA!!!!! Not received any letters yet but I googled their tel no. Looks like Moorcroft or RBs have passed it to them to try. Now what do I do? I've got another set ot muppets on my back when the account is in dispute. Would you now bypass them and send the CCA request direct to RBS and see what happens?

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