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    • Another consumer who thinks that by being reasonable and patient with Currys, that Currys will be reasonable with them in return. Bless. Of course I do hope that you get a resolution this way but in fact we have found over a longer time now that Currys was a dishonest and quibbling little company that takes advantage of its customers innocence to deprive them of their consumer rights. "In due course" is completely unacceptable but if you go along with that it means that you have handed the reins over to them and allow them to take control. There is no reason for this matter to take more than a week for them to sort out and so I would suggest that your best course of action send them a letter of claim giving them 14 days or you will sue them in the County Court. That gives them ample time to sort the matter out and also means that if they eventually come back to you "in due course" refusing to honour their obligations, then you don't have to wait a further 14 days. You can pretty well launch into action immediately. You said you had all your legal documents ready but I asked you if that meant that you had sent a letter of claim and you haven't replied.
    • Thank you for your reply. Yes the hob was bought Sept but not installed until early Dec, started showing faults almost immediately but because it was 'bought' over 30 days Curry's washed their hands of it. The hob cost £229.00 and I still have it here. Yesterday I sent an email to Alex Baldock CEO of Curry's and I received a reply almost immediately from his office who have passed it onto their 'Executive Resolution Team' who will investigate and respond to the matter in due course. The email sent was more or less the exact copy of the one that I posted here so we will now wait their investigation and I will let you know the outcome.
    • The shortage of semiconductors is continuing to have a major impact on industries around the world.View the full article
    • Hi CAG,   First time poster here.   I would like to start off by saying that I've read through various threads and it's quite heartwarming to see the level of attention and support you give to people dealing with often stressful and anxiety inducing circumstances. I'll certainly be making a donation as this is truly a valuable resource.   I've read several similar threads to my own situation but I thought I'd seek your advice.   I opened a letter just a few hours ago from London Collection and Compliance Centre which is dated 11th January 2022 for an amount totalling £870.68. I'll attach a copy below. I can't quite remember the date of the initial offence. For context, I boarded a bus (I believe in 2018) and unbeknownst to me, my contactless card did not register correctly on the reader. I had my headphones in with music playing and was sat for my journey and then was approached by a ticket inspector who informed me that I did not tap and therefore was unable to provide proof of a valid ticket. Despite explaining the circumstances, I was asked for my details which I provided in full. I was honest and forthcoming with the ticket inspector but I wasn't aware this would amount to a fine as I was provided with a printed pass for the remainder of my journey. I accept liability for not being able to provide proof of a valid ticket and do not wish to dispute this regardless of intent.    I'm not entirely sure why I didn't pay the fine upon receipt of TfL's initial correspondence but I'm a long time sufferer of anxiety and depression which at times is so debilitating that I'm unable to make the best decisions or carry out simple actions. Some of which would mean I wouldn't need to make this post. I struggled financially at the time of receiving this letter and further correspondence which placed I did not deal with correctly because of the mental state I was in. I struggled to cope with and stupidly I neglected my responsibility and buried my head in the sand. I made an error in judgement that I wholeheartedly regret.   As of writing (early hours of 26th January 2022), the 10 working days given in the 'Further steps notice' has elapsed (25th January 2022). I rarely receive mail and therefore I don't regularly check my mailbox. However, I decided to take a look today as I suspected I missed a Royal Mail delivery. I intend on calling the number on the letter at the earliest appropriate time in the morning and dealing with this matter. I'm desperate to right my previous wrongs as I've worked hard to deal with my anxiety by beginning therapy. However, like many others in this thread, I'm worried about the prospect of having a criminal record. I'm 26 years only and I don't have any previous convictions nor have I had any trouble with the law. I have a real love for the service TfL provides and I'm capable of listing off an endless stream of related trivia. I have no previous run ins with TfL and regularly travel on the network and pay the correct, full fare each time.    I'm worried about how this will affect my future in regards to employment and my intention of naturalising as a British citizen (I've been in the UK for 20 years now).   I'll note my primary questions below and would truly appreciate your advice.   a) If I get in contact with the number on the letter as soon as possible, will that be too late despite the close proximity to the deadline?   b) What would be the best potential approach to resolving this issue? (I'm unable to pay the amount in as a lump sum.)   c) If I were successful in arranging a payment plan/somehow paying the amount in full, how would that affect the court proceedings? Would this still result in a criminal record?   d) I've seen other threads which mention OOC settlements with TfL, would this be an option despite receipt of a 'Further steps notice' letter?   e) Should I end up in court or have the opportunity to speak to someone over the phone - will I be able to explain my circumstance and plead for leniency?   f) What other general steps would you suggest I take at this stage to mitigate the consequences?   Apologies for this post being so long, I wanted to include as much relevant detail as possible and I'm more than happy to provide any that's missing. I don't want to make excuses for myself. I completely accept I'm in the wrong for allowing things to get to this stage, despite the difficulty I had with my mental state but I want to do right by myself and deal with this. I'll post regular updates and be sure to include a conclusion once I deal with the matter regardless of the outcome.   Thank you in advance for looking at this post, I really do appreciate what you do.   IMG_2609.pdf
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any advice or help please x

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hi im not sure what can be done about my husbands situation so i will tell you all i can and hope for some good advice. thanks


he has been working for this company for the last 7 years without any problems or complaints against him until. last year. a colleague was sacked and took them to a tribunal. he ask dh to be witness for him and work asked dh to be witness for them. dh said no to both and didnt want to get involved as it was his friend and work a awkward place to be he knew both side had right and wrongs in there case. his friend accepted that he didnt want to get involved but work summoned him to court. he didnt go and wrote to the judge stating about the pressure that was being put on him ( a lot at the time in work and lots of nit picking about his work) and the case was rescheduled but work settled out of court so he didnt have to go anyway. during all this he took about 6 weeks off for stress and depression and was put on anti depressants by the doc. after this was all over with he returned to work hoping that with it over things would return to normal but they didn't. the supervisor land told him they were out to get him out and he had bean told to find things to do that with but he refused and left. he told dh this after he left. then the manager went on maternity leave for 6 months and things settled down again . but after her return the trouble has all started he has had 3 warnings now for the amount of sickness he has had. when unwell he will just take a day off to try not to lose time by having a week off and needing a sick note. the last warning was about 2 days in a row where he came home early after requesting to do so and being told that was ok . to then have a letter saying he was being disciplined for leaving without authorization. he is now on his final written warning so next time they can sack him. he has had the least amount of time off sick compared to the other workers who had not had anything said against them as has received disciplinary for things that others have got away with. he is now on the sick again through the stress and the doc advised to talk to his union, but he dont have one so suggested the citizen advice but i dont know what can be done. we have 5 children and a mortgage and if they end up sacking him ( like it seems they want to do ) it will effect his chances of finding another job.

so any advice would be appreciated thanks sarah xx

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Hi Sarah


This is very tough on him and indeed you all. I am sorry you are going through this. Why was the 'colleague' sacked? This may be relevant if the colleague took the employer to court for any form of discrimination. Is your husband still on the medication for his depression. When exactly did this illness start and how long has he been ill?


Sounds as if he should be putting in a grievance but he needs to define exactly what he needs to grieve about. I must say that he has become a victim of the previous complaint and I suggest you should all brace yourselves for a rough ride as the employer seems intent in taking their pound of flesh. You have to decide to flee or fight.


Is he in a union or do you have legal expenses cover, you may need it in the near future. Look in your home contents policy or similar they are usually there.

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hi the collewague was sacked for not following procedure and runing a business from the work place. they had sold scrap metal to the rag a bone man and he had added some of his own to works so they said he ran a business in selling his own scrap with theres. but like i said they settled out of court. im not sure the reasons for that. dh doesnt have a union and is not on antidepressents now he didnt like the effect they had on him and only took them for a few weeks he felt they were making him feel worse. im for fighting but i dont know what to do and if we have a fight. they are trying there best to get rid of him. well one particular manager is. while she was away for 6 months on maternity leave ther were no complaints made aobut dh but as soon as she came back it all started again.

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I am afraid that I agree, and that even worse, I suspect that you may have an uphill battle on here when they do - and I suspect that it will be when and not if. If there is a managing sickness absence policy in place then "disciplinary action" can be taken under that policy - although they should have such a policy in place to do so. But what you are describing is typical of some employers - building up warnings instead of going to a biggy is cleverer, because it is the final issue that is the dismissal cause - and the one a tribunal will focus on. So what went before and how fair that may have been is almost unimportant, compared to what the dismissal cause is and the fact that he is already on a final warning. Raising a grievance at this stage is too late - not that that is an argument not to do it - but it will be very hard to show any concrete evidence of anything here, impossible to show that this is retribution for refusing to attend a tribunal, and can be validly challenged as "if this was happening whu not have complained at the time - or is it all an excuse to try to deflect from your own misconduct?" I am afraid that hindsight is a wonderful thing, but not a great deal of help, and possibly the worst thing he could have done was to write to the judge. He may as well have agreed to appear for his friend if he were going to do something like that. Admirable - but ultimately there is a reason why most staff see and hear nothing at all.


I am a barrister specialising in employment law, and only represent employees. My advice on employment issues is advice - not legal opinion - and is based only on the facts you provide. If you want an accurate assessment of your case and prospects, you should get legal opinion from a lawyer - not a public forum. Anything I tell you is for guidance only, and is based on my experience of the law in the context of what details you provide.


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