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Tesco phone and broadband warning !!!!!!!!/Resolved


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Well they say you get what you pay for. But I am sure their are some other LLU packages that give what promise. Now the phone service received recently was fine, the broadband apart from repeatedly cutting out, would start again so acceptable, but their customer services is a SHAMBLES.


When errors occur or things happen they have no ability to liase between depts meaning you are supposedly reasured and helped by customer services and then harassed and chased by billing, when following advice given by the former dept.


Brief summary, when phone slammed by sky I was still being issued bills despite having no service. They would say the bills would be adjusted by this or that ammount and then billing would ring and harass why bill not paid. You see they had no awareness of their being no service at time and later apologised each of the eight times harassed and told sorry.


When received first bill on service reinstatement they owed me a months credit because they had billed me and told me due to third pary billing they couldnt alter it till following month, this went on and on as a habit of theirs not being able to give accurate bills.


Agreed with them and me to stop direct debit till bill sorted to stop too much being taken out again. Harassing started with billing calls suggesting I had insufficient funds to cover the dd and that was the issue. They said sorry again, aarrgh isnt that nice......ggrrrrr.


Each and everytime I have not been able to see the actual bills due to it being online and on three occassions being told I will be contacted with a username and code, why not done there and then is beyond me.


Anyway today receive letter regarding last month telling me my line is to be cut and to ring them to prevent it. Ring them and asked for direct debit details they said or would not even look into the bill and as they had already started procedure to cut the line, if I didnt do it, it would not be prevented.


I insisted they look into the bill and after a long goodness sake beg, they agreed a manager would ring me back to sort it.


In the meantime due to fall detector alarm due to epilepsy linked to community warden help, I panicked again after being told my line was to be cut. I rang aol who sell it to tesco and bt and begged them to help, I was desperate and panicked at thought of going through same scenario as when sky cut it and well freeked out again, but hey thats me, you have seizures and regulary stop breathing and well you get used to it, but the thought of my alarm going off again is obviously a trigger with me and well I am not the most stable person mentally anyhow and have mental issues, but again thats not a crime is it?


So I ring bt who for a laugh I point out I left a while ago, BIG MISTAKE, I now learned due to alright a blooper with them, but it at least did not put me at risk and well if Id slept on it, I might not have left them to then try and save money as I realised looking around that I could do.


So told manager will ring me back and after the call still confused as the bills I now can see do not list any calls and the credits and debits do not follow each other as in I havnt got a clue. Rang back and also remind them I was told last month a manager would ring and it didnt happen so dont get upset this has gone on so long. Feel really peed off by condesending attitude, alright he was polite but had no understanding of the extent of how confused I was. Just wanted my bank details. hhmmm


So I ask them as have no confidence to pay the bill by dd can I pay by card so that I can look at the bills and try to understand them and be reassured the will take the correct ammount and well Ive decided to go back to bt so dont want them having my details anyway. Told no they will not accept anything other than my dd details and I remember think I am talking to a manager. I say I am thinking of leaving due to the hastle and have permision from a few weeks ago, so feel long term payments by dd are not necessary and well my bank is peed off of instating and stoppind dd to tesco. They laughed last time the bank that is, why of why couldnt tesco just take the correct ammoutn and stop me doing their work for them. Yep even my bank thought it is not unreasonable if company make billing error for them to at least only take correct ammount whey already charged me for service I didnt have previously.


Would you believe it I find out today that it wasnt a manager I was refered to but another team. They again apologise and when I say I wanted the authority of a manger to firstly reassure me my line would not go dead and that my bills could be sorted to my understanding.


Told tonight have no idea if line going dead as dont deal with that, remember they are customer services afterall and decide Ive had enought. I feel they have obviously decided I am a pain in the bot when sky took me over and have no comprehension of how its a simple right to have accurate bills, so that divs like me dont get confused.


So they have forced me to go back to bt and to be honest realise for the sake of approx 17.00 savings a month I shouldnt have left them as my service at least was okay and didnt ever get compromised. I have put myself at risk I suppose peeing about with other companies who in the words of tesco are fairly new to the telecoms industry compared to sky or bt and that has been their excuse all along in firstly not understanding how to properly deal with a slamming issue, in that as the provider they are able to force it to return to them rather than beg a company who insist nowt to do with them. Ofcom and tesco could see sky were responsible, so why keep me hanging on. An engineer later told me if they really had wanted to they could have sent an emergency engineer out sooner, but of course it costs more and their we have it money again.


So I say to anyone please be careful of tesco.

They dont ring back all the time when promise.

They say a manger will be arranged to ring you back, on one occassion tell me hes too busy and will rign later which doesnt happen and lately that the manager turns out to be another team, not a manager. Funny enough he was keen to get my details, what maybe they dont want a manager knowing how they have fluffed it up again hhmm....


I feel they should stick their bill up their preverbial a***h*** as they dont give a poop that not knowing if my line is going dead or not, is freeking me out. All I wanted was a correct bill and once confirmed happy to give payment instructions as agreed with them.


Would you give a new bank instruction to such a company, thats all they are interested in and if they put as much effort into sorting out their billing, it wouldnt happen.


Bt tell me if a person is in arears say they are given warning of their line going off till paid and they dont cut off till 28 days after. Tesco dont know what they are doing, remember it was them who messed up each bill and didnt let me have access to them untill today.


So peeps bt is taking me over on 25th and it cant come too soon. I have told tesco I will be seeking to come after them for having no alternative to go elsewhere due to not knowing if line about to go dead or not, for stress caused and any out of pocket expenses along with the difference in price between what bt charge and them. Told them that if they want me to stay and prevent me leaving they need an actual manager to call me that I was promised, told nope the same team who called me this afternoon will ring back and manager request refused.


Alright tesco how much should I reasonable bill you for the hastle for the last three months chasing a code for my online billing and a correct bill and for doing your work for you. You put that at ten pounds, thats right ten pounds for all the haslte and hours on the phone and eight calls suggesting I am a non payer rather than doing what agreed with yourselves tesco. You only paid that out of humbridge for me insisting the ammount credited was not correct and you having no clue wether it was or not and the fact I had to insist that if my account was billed and vat charged any refund should not be found to have had vat deducted leaving me owing the vat, you couldnt comprehend that.


So their billing is sh** and they will expect you with a few of course insincere apolgies I feel to say sorry sorry we made a mistake sorry sorry they said today, but come on sorry means sorry when you stop messing up, otherwise it comes accross as incompatenece.

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I said have you any comprehension of the stress I am under knowing my line will not call for help when on my own if you threaten to cut my line, sorry she said again. I personally feel they were just frightening me perhaps and have said I have recorded the call where your own staff said they would not even look into the bill dispute till you had my direct debit reinstated. Bribary comes to mind and not fair when told I am frightened once more. Maybe I should jsut have paid all their bills and chased them in writing, but I though I was doing the right thing and that they would be competant in helping me.



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Hi Loop


When theres a communication issue, I think you need to step up your complaint. I would complain to [email protected], he's the CEO of Tesco.

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Tesco CEO duly emailed xx I was going to leave it till tommorow, but know I cant sleep now especially as alarm might go mad in the night like last time. You see when it switches off or detects line go dead it starts to scream as I put it a warning and I always forget how to shut it up especially when half asleep, then it flashes on and off till line comes back.


You know for years had a phobia about my bedroom and as a reasult slept on sofa. It was due to having a bad seizure up there and untrained carer thinking I was okay to sleep in my bed as I was for days unconscious and dehydrating due to no fluids. When the ambulance was called I was found unconscious with my bum literally lying against the radiator and burnt, yet I couldnt move. I was so frightened that that could happen again that they made sure I had a fall detector and if I want a bed detector to if I wander from bed go off if I dont return. I apparantly when recovering or midst two do some odd things though have no recall of it, from trying to cook tea in themiddle of the night and set cooker on fire, to put clothes in diswasher and plates etc in washing machine. I laugh now but well thats me.


When the alarm is off and this is for the ceo tesco uks benefit as I have invited them to the site. I dont feel safe. I when destressed tend to return to the sofa though dont plan to do it and it takes weeks and sometimes years to get back in my bed. For the last few months whilst the slamming compromised my line and again recently I have been found asleep on the sofa having a ready made comfy bed upstairs. I am not comfy on the sofa but just for some reason feel safer, I am near the alarm and despite the fall detector thats what friends say it is, the fact I can see the light okay on the alarm. Maybe a bit loopy but hey thats why I have loopinlouie as my username.


Someone not in my positon can laugh away or think me an overaught fool, thats fine by me as long as not a provider of a service whihc I rely on who has let me down. I ask the ceo if I am exagerating to ask why your managers have let me keep on my contract on the basis that I can leave at anytime if cant take it anymore. The customer services should be something I can trust in instead of fobbing me off with false resolution, or please pay the bill we know you dont owe it as in the past and more recently as dont worry we have a manager to ring you back who forgets to tell you he is not who you think.

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I realise I have stated as accurate uable all along to view bills yet refer to another bill came along in this I mean an email saying your bill is ready to view would appear and instigate me to ring for help with cusotmer services again to see it, which never happened, and I would have to rely on their interpretaion of overchage being sorted, why couldnt they have as easily as today given me the details and code to do so? They inturn fobbed me off with we will ring you with it. I also notice a lot of notes between conversations are not routinely added to system making things more drawn out for me in repeating myslef and also leaving me open to accusation from billing that a dd was refused due to insufficient funds, how would you feel? Especially when then having to again ring customer services to ask what and have to go through it all again. I have been told there have been computer problems as other excuses and agian hear sorry.


Lets not even go into how hard I had to work to relay the fault on my broadband line originally on signing up was due to a faulty router and when a new router was provided to keep me as a customer after what happened with sky, the router worked fine, confiriming the router was at fault not us as it was suggested my computer was faulty and to take it to store, whihc I did and judged fully functionting. That said the tech time is very patient and that fact makes up for the origianl hastle I had as i do have memory problems and if get stuck they have helped me before.


So its been a battle since I joined and none of it my fault.x x

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Well what a difference 24 hours makes, thank goodness. :whoo:


Got call from tesco bband and wanted to briefly here what had happened and phoned me back as promised. Result is what I suggested last month will be carried out, when my next bill comes it will be put to zero and then I know exactly where I stand, just what I wanted. I now have access to my online billing so can keep an eye on my bills so hopefully will understand them easily in the future. Apparantly the letters I was receiving were refering to the line I had prior to sky slamming it, I will be honest I still dont understand that bit, but really it doesnt really matter anyhow they have done all I requested and I can happily stay with them as they are cheaper.


Have just cancelled take over with bt and they are emailing me with confimation of that and most of all that should hopefuly calm me down as to my line obviously wont go dead.


Hey you want a laugh, I was so upset yesterday as I said I was ringing bt and aol asking for help:???: But heres the silly thing I had completely forgotton they are with cable and wireless not aol, no wonder the aol people slammed the phone down on me:roll:


They are also going to ring once a month to check alls okay and I have one person to ask for if have to ring with any problems so no going around the houses anymore.


They have said they have taken on board everything I have said and I said I hope they dont think me a pain in the **** and I confidently think they dont, in fact happy they seem to show they care.


So LL can stop freaking out xx

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