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    • I did. But I have a problem with my laptop I think because it keeps using my info somewhere in the background even though I only ever use her name etc. I think it remembers me from an old case.    also, whenever I use the government gateway I get problems as it keeps using old logins from other people who I’ve helped in the past with tax returns. I’ve tried clearing cookies and  browsing history but it keeps happening. Eg I put in a gateway code and password but it shows as error because the password doesn’t match the code it’s decided to use. It’s driving me nuts. 
    • Thanks dx 100uk,   Just so I’m clear,   1. I should first send email to bailiff saying x2 previous PCNs for same street went to tribunal & I won , this one I never received any correspondence so could not defend it else I would have & will now be defending it?   2. email the council tell them similar thing , send them tribunal decision of other two?   I need to get confirmation alleged contravention fir this PCN . How should I do that in terms of getting the council to release those details to me?   thanks
    • DX,   I've just noticed something, if you look at the uploaded documents relating to the CCA #6   You see the 2nd and 3rd page are contracts the first one is a blank contract the 2nd one is a digitally signed contract for Very. I can only assume the originally creditor sent the contracts digitally to the DCA and it looks like one of them has either been printed out as a blank page or they have removed the information from 2nd contract and made it look like 2 seperate contracts?   It looks like they only have information relating to Very and not Littlewoods? surley a none signed contract with no name detailing no amount of credit is not legally binding in court?   It looks like if it gets to court they'll go for the Very account but not have a case to argue the Littlewoods one?   Shop direct own both companies so assuming regardless of one signed contract for one company name would still need a seperate contract for another? and one signed contract doesn't work for both?   If this does go to court at what point do I ask for the hearing to be done local to me?
    • For Chrissake simeon!!!   Of course you cannot find para 18(d) that I referred to in #120!!!  That is because - if you had bothered to read #120 post correctly - you would have seen that para 18(d) is in FTMDave's post #105.   One of the improvements that FTMDave had made in #105 to my earlier draft was to replace my paras 13 and 14 with a single combined para 13.  This reduced the total number of paragraphs by one.  That was a good thing to do.   YOU in #121 then reverted to my earlier draft, thus wrongly reinstating para 14 from my draft which FTMDave had removed .  This meant that the para 18(d) that I referred to in #120 had become 19(d) in your version in #121!!!    So when I referred in #120 to FTMDave's draft in #105 and to para 18(d), I was referring to para 18(d) in #105, and not to any draft that I produced days earlier or that anyone else had produced.   And then, now that the para 18(d) confusion that YOU have created is sorted out, you must surely understand my references to para 19 after para 18(d), and to adding a new paragraph 20   Do you understand now?  (You must stop reverting to ealier draft versions and stick with the latest - otherwise it becomes incredibly confusing for all of us and you won't get this counterclaim completed in time!!!)   ========================================================================   All I can really advise you to do now is to read FTMDave's suggestions in #131, and follow them!   (You might find it helpful if you read again all our posts from #120 onwards to help you understand FTMDave's advice.)   You need to sort out your attachments (or exhibits if you prefer).  You've got them in front of you - we haven't - and you understand them better than we do.  Just make sure they are numbered and ordered correctly and are cross-referenced correctly to the Particulars of counterclaim.   Add in interest as per FTMDave's instructions.   And that is it.  From here it's not rocket science, it's just common sense.  If you don't understand by now we can't help.  You just need to polish it off.    
    • Hi there. To answer your questions. The Assessment of the car I got was by the DVSA. The 3 Dangerous faults. Seatbelt webbing significantly weakened offside front. Seatbelt webbing significantly weakened nearside front. Passengers seat insecure Nearside.   The Seven Dangerous Faults. Headlamp aim obviously incorrect. Supplementary restraint system indicates a fault Drivers door hinge insecure Fuel cap sealing device missing (cap seal missing) Fuel Cap Sealing device ineffective (filler neck sealing face damaged) Battery insecure and likely to cause a short circuit Power steering malfunctioning (limited power assistance, power steering pump noisy)   2 advisories  no spare wheel fitted Tyre worn close to legal limit.   The link to Companies House https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/08471137   The MOT was obtained on the 8th of October after I had paid a deposit and two days before I took possession of the vehicle. The Garage the MOT was obtained from is in Bristol as is the dealer. I live around 130 miles from the dealer.   I have engaged with the thread as far as possible with other commitments and did not notice the set of questions I did not reply to in my first post which was responded to at 1 in the morning. Any help is gratefully received.      
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Car needs repairs after only 5 months ownership.


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I bought a car at the end of May, and although it had high mileage, I could see that it had previously only had one MOT fail for a very simple broken bulb issue.


However, since it has now become time for its MOT again, a whole range of problems have cropped up. Rear brakes need replacing, something to do with the suspension, an advisory notice for something to do with the steering column, and headlight not pointing at the right angle (didnt know this could fail the MOT!) and a couple of other things (I'll add them when I see the notice again).


As its essential that I have the car to get to work, and to take my partner to work, we've put it in to the garage to be repaired, but they say it could be several hundred pounds!

I know that the SOGA says that some things are covered for 6 months, do the things I've mentioned fall under that, and is it too late for me to do anything about now i've put it in a different garage to be fixed??


Just as a side note, we've already had a problem with the electrics, and therefore no rear lights whatsoever, which a very *cough* helpful *cough* police officer who followed us for 27 miles pointed out! This I paid £70 to be repaired, and didnt mention it to the dealership.


Any help or advice greatly appreciated!

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What is the age and mileage of the car, how many miles have you covered in it since buying it and can you be more specific with the faults as it sounds like fair wear and tear if its for eg rear brake shoes, suspension bushes and track rod ends

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The car is a 52 plate, and we have covered approx 2k miles in it since purchased. I'm quoting my partner here on the things that need doing 'Brakes both rear. Headlight, and suspension arms'

I'm quite concerned that the car seems to have some touching up done to the paintwork below the headlight thats now 'not at the right angle', this sounds like the dealership have botched it, perhaps even knowing that it wouldnt pass an MOT.

I will have exact details of what the faults are once I get the paperwork off the garage in the morning, but hope the detail I have given can help some.

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The car wasn't new, and as such any condition would be based on it's actual mileage and year. An MoT is not a guarantee, simply the minimum standard permitted. As it is 8-9 years old, you'll be on a hiding to nothing expecting the dealership to do anything. They probably offer a 3 or 6 month warranty and after that you are on your own.


The older a car gets, the greater the cost of keeping it on the road, and this is a fact of life. These costs will increase and are only checked when you decide enough is enough and swap to something else.


Painting round the headlight has nothing to do with the alignment, which coiled be anything from a wobbly mounting to a misaligned bulb. Your dealer will fix it for you, but most certainly not for free.

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