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Confused, advice needed re vet xx


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Right called vet to find out how to get my dog helped asap and if possible through help with the pdsa. You see kids a couple of days ago noticed a lump on the lower part of her leg, it apeared to move freely within her leg and I thought she must have caught it on something with us not noticing and it would heal, no cut and no break to skin. Thing is it has gone hard got quite large compared to what first was like and obviously needs a vet to see it.


Thinking ahead I know I will need to pay for consultation and hope its nothing sinister and needs say anitbiotics which I could cover myself, but if the ammount rose over about 150-200 the money I have put by, I will be in trouble so hope pdsa would register asap.


Read the pdsa website about registering her and rang the local vets who told me I would need to pay for initial things, fair enough and hope the pdsa would accept her. I mean if operation turns out needed and not an emergency I could hope they would help, but if something sinister obvioiusly our dog matters to us, I would need to somehow get it done by hook or crook, hoping pdsa would help.


Anyhow ring the vets and maybe wrongly but became concerned. Told me pdsa would want vaccinated and I realise her booster has lapsed so yep, I will need to pay for that, fair enough and then the confusion starts.


They tell me the pdsa would want her to be sterilised:???: So I repeat she is ten years old and past puppy bearing and to be honest is house dog with me as I dont go out alone, so uses big garden and run of house but not much chance of contact with many other dogs, so hence no worried of puppys. Told it is to protect her from a disease:???: I said as shes passed bearing surely this disease doesnt relate to her, then they add it normally appears in dogs her age. Some sort of womb disease/doggy making bits in her I guess, I didnt understand to be honest.


But it seems at her age with a leg complaint a little extreme to them to want to perform sterilisation at her age as well I would have thought, it frightened me that I wouldnt be taking her home or she might pass away during such an invasive procedure.


You see I just want them if sinister or some sort of growth bad to her health, to obvously remove it so shes okay and sort the bills as best as possible, with pdsa help if available.


I told them I am on benefits so hoping for pdsa help, it just seemed like the receptionist was quoting a shopping list, forgive me if I come accross synical. She said the vet would explain why it needed to be done:???:


Does this sound okay to you, any advice from vet or who knows of such things would be appreciated so I can confidently do whats right for my dog. I have to ring them and book an appt when know what doing.


I mean does the pdsa only help dogs who are sterilised, even if have more imediate leg problem and no risk mating with another dog, I mean she has never been near a male, so no worries of transmission if thats how they get it.... CONFUSED:???:

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Just to add the reason I have not rushed her in today, is she is eating, sleeping, not limping, in no sign of pain and herself. Any sign of these and I would have said hell to the bills and in she goes. As none I have time to think and get her help properly preparing if expensive operation, can I get any help if possible and obviously contribute, but to a charity who understands.


Any sign of it getting worse and I rush her in.


Advice appreciated xx

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My worries some times arnt unfounded. Rang another vet, pooch will be in tommorow evening and animal amublance will take me there. Thank goodness.


I was right to be concerned, this second more helpful vet practice is further a way but well known one, vets been on telly, pdsa regisgtered and says they are more intersted in sorting the leg first, not essential to have her sterilised at same time if at all.


I mean I will ask about it, apparantly linked to womb infection that can kill older dogs, but the practice previoulsy were wrong to put fear of god into someone already stressed at her leg. Calm down loop x

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Oh and one other thing, intend to get her insured to cover any other emergencies, so wont make a habit of asking for possible help if needed. Anyone know some reputable yet reasonable insurers, post away, thanks, am on benefits, but realise a bit a month makes sence as long as not a rip of firm, could do 10-15 a month at a push...xx

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I wouldn't rush to insure at this stage. It costs a lot more to insure an older dog and many age-related conditions are excluded on many policies. What's more you'd need to declare the current problem and you don't even know what it is yet. Insurers will then exclude any related condition and with a dog of ten years old they'll manage to link anything and everything.


The first vet you rang was a nightmare. I bet you didn't speak to a vet. It's about time receptionists were told to do their job and stop thinking they can give veterinary opinion over the phone.

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Thanks Hightail, yep first vet practice gave me the heeby jeebies alright. Insurance might be a nightmare then. Well best to concentrate on getting pooch well and see how I go.


ps. She certainly had no trouble springing to front door when the postie knocked this morning.

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Got her there with kind help of pet ambulance and it looks like one of those fatty tumors that the vet says looks benign. They want me to bring her back in a few weeks to see if its gone down or got bigger. Then they will do tests, but she says a lot of people choose to leave them rather than operate unless become uncomfortable for the pet. I asked her is there a poss it could be more serious and she said yes but at the moment it appears to be okay to her and they will decide wether to take sample next time. If comes back as not beningn they would then remove it.


So gives me time to register with pdsa for possible help if needed. Wants me to go back next time when have more staff in to pin pooch down for more thorough tests as she wouldnt let her tocuh her underside and they put that down to either picking up on my anxiety stress or something that needs checking, so all in all at lest shes getting assessed and help if needed.


Now maybe I would have been a little less stressed had former vet receptionist I presume play vet.


Thumbs up for pet ambulance xx

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A family dog we had was under pdsa and didn't have up to date vaccines and was not sterilised either and was treated for the last 4 years with the help of pdsa

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