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everyday loans v elzippy

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Heya guys just a quick mail to say there is hope i took out a loan with these guys3 years ago on the impression i was paying back 6500 on a 4500 sum. well to cut along story short have locked horns with these guys an am fighting all the way they have broken many rules here. i have solicitors on to them an they are very evasive but keep on at em an play them at there own game iv paid 4500k back an yet in the space of 4 weeks they gave me 5 different figures an still couldnt get it right an still reckon i owe them 11000k well i aint fking paying that no chance im in this till the end i will keep you updated as i go

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I am sorry to hear of your experience ..these guys are real shysters.


Please let me know how you get on and how you intend to protest :mad2::mad2: ALL FOR IT May evenn join you 8)8)8)8)8)8)


I have another 18 payments of £166.00 to go. When I borrowed £2600.00 twelve months ago i anticipated the balance might have gone down slightly. Experian credit files state the balance today £2093. I have paid Everyday (Everyshark) £1826 my balance has decreased by about £500.00 :jaw:


I recently changed bank accounts and cancelled my Direct debit .. I paid Everyshark their payment via Debit Card the day the payment was due. However, they sent me a bill for £5.00 for not paying DD ! with interest if not paid within 28 days ...

They will tell you they can store your card details .. I told them I only fund that card to pay them (Which I do) 8)



So, I wrote a letter of complaint .. told them NO More directdebits from em ! and I wasnt going to bother about trying to claim back my mis sold PPI policy - but I am now ! I sent them a bill for a total of £75.00 PPI - FOS if they dont pay, it will cost them time and effort to respond.


May I suggest the following to Everyshark customers cancel your DD and pay the sharks by Debit card ! this will cost them so much time and effort to collect their ill gotten gains (If you yourself have the time to spare)


Check you need the PPI they sold you !


Write and challenge them and simply put a spanner in their works !:mad2:


I intend to make my loan agreement the most questioned in history :-o


Good luck



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Ok guys im back having yet another day winding edl up oh its so much fun. anyway i will start my case form the start but try to keep it short.


august 2007 take out loan like you say in a nice little room with coffee. guy tell s me im paying back a total of 6500 i think yea ok not knowing they hadnt added the interest. (in a bad place bad then)


for a year everything fine making payments of 198pm

sept 2008 i lose my job so i contact them to claim on my ppi which states in there book im covered.

they would not honour my claim so i start making a reduced payment of 104pm


3 months later i ask for a settlement figure they tell me 3400.

1 month later there branch manager comes to my familys house where i was having a coffee demanding a payment of 64 pounds. so i ask you where the hell did theis figure come from. this is when i started digging just bye what he did here edl broke many laws harrassment the cca 1974 act as they are not aloud by law to act as a debt collector.


i spent a few months feeling scared everytime they phoned etc. however august 2009 i approached a solicitors an they stated that laws had been broken


in the court particulars i have 5 in all i think not to mention all the other stuff i have. etc i tell them i will nolonger speak to them as the tactics via tex. they tex back saying they cant make future payment arraingements via tex that i need to call. yet 3 days later they tex me to ask when im making a payment fking idoits completely contradicts what they said in there tex 3 days before lol


they were dening all knowledge on the fact i had challenged the agreement. 6 months in an they failed to provide the proper documents to my solicitors. anyhow i have loads of voicemails texs all saved as they will come in handy.


its been 13 months now an they are still very evasive at getting them in the courts keep asking for extentions etc but unfortunatly this is how the process works its like parcel thr parcel. however i also have a second opinion from to different accountants who confirmed they are charging me 20% over the top on the stated apr. also i spoke to another solicitors who assured me that i would be liable for the original 4500k but the court would wipe the interest. hence why i guess they are trying everything to avoid courts not to mention stupid case laws.


aug 2010 i ask again for another settlement figure just for research an they tell me the account is 5400 an a settlement is 5600 well surely it should be lower then i got the letter an it stated that with interest it was 9700. this is the funny part 3 days later i get my annual statement from them which states i owe them 10719 so you telling my i amassed 1000k in 3 days give me a break when i asked the branch manager to expalin this his words to me were i dont no the computor is right but to be honest with you im in way over my head an the me i new more that he did.


im still waiting for a new court date but there time is running thin as im gunna chuck a few more wll you say spanners im thinking monkey wrenhes in the works. not to mention speaking to a reporter as for my protest well im thinking big banner outside there office an every office in the uk if i have to. i intent to take this company apart even if it kills me i anit gunna back down. ill even refuse payment till they take me to court if i have to. its sad to hear that there are others just like me now i feel a duty as im this far in togo all the way. im going to start a facebook action group for this an get as many people with these guys behind me to so spread the word on the forums or anyone you no in the same possition iv got me a new fishing rod an i going shark fishing.


peace guys


if you have any questions or want to no anymore my email is

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wow...well done for fighting this case...


i can't believe they are getting away with stuff like this - does anyone here have any idea or any internet calculators where we can check that the APR is right in terms of how much we actually pay back?


what is the best way to go about challenging an EDL agreement?

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wow...well done for fighting this case...


i can't believe they are getting away with stuff like this - does anyone here have any idea or any internet calculators where we can check that the APR is right in terms of how much we actually pay back?


what is the best way to go about challenging an EDL agreement?






Try this loan calculator ... 8)

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Ok guys so here is where im at today.


the solicitors im using have informed me the only claim i can make is for unfair relationship due to case law an holds but we all no this is crap an that they are just dont want togo to court an that this is a low rate solicitors firm so i am now going to take these on out of my own hard earned cash. here is what i found this morning upon reviewing my paperwork. my original contract and the copy that everyday sent me the signitures are different an the hand writting so would this not come under fraud.? please guys review you contract an get a copy from them an compare an let me no.


I have been to citizens an they agree with me however do not have the funding to deal with a case like this so im doing this my way so the more of you i have behind the more damage i/we can do i no some of you are in very difficult circumstances ie kids, single parents or no job an may be afraid of the grief thses guys will give but i am prepared to take anything an everything they can chuck at me so if you want in let me be the sheild as it were an back me in taking these guys down.



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