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    • Hi   Irrespective that you were given this property via the homelessness scheme in your area you would more than likely have signed an agreement for that property so forget about the homelessness an you then became a Tenant of that Housing Association and have the exact same rights as any other tenant of that Housing Association.   I do have compassion for you in this situation as you have been trying to get your life back in order and it as been one obsticale after another then this flooding which due to it being raw sewege has more than likely detroyed what belonging you had.   What I am going to say now you won't like to hear but with Housing Associations the contents of a Tenants property is for that individual Tenant to ensure they have proper 'Contents Insurance' for situations similar to yours and most Housing Association should advertise/let Tenants know this responsibility.   Were you ever informed of the above requirement when viewing/signing the agreement for the property by either the Housing Association/Support Worker? (if the answer is NO then bear than in mind as this is ammunition to use against them)   Now anytime you write to the Housing Association on this matter you make sure and title your letter as a 'Formal Complaint' and to keep a good paper trail of everything and ask the post office for Free Proof of Posting.   You also need to make sure that you take photographic evidence of all the damage to the property not just your own belongings.   Now as state you now need to make a Formal Complaint in writing explaining everything that and what you have been told to date and that you require the following:   1. Clarification as to how many complaints have been made in your building due to drainage issues whether it be an individual properties toilets/sinks/baths/showers/kitchen sinks/washing machine drainage etc.  ( just to clarify you ar not asking for that individual/Tenant data but the statistics of how many compliaint's on this matter) 2. Clarification as to who is responsible for the Drainage outside the building (refer to the exact blockage area outside the building) whether it is the Housing Association/Council/Water Company. 3. Copy of your Compensation Policy (not the leaflet) 4. Copy of your Complaints Policy (not the leaflet) 5. Copy of your Customer service Charter/Policy (not the leaflet) 6. Copy of your Public Liability Insurance (not the leaflet) 7. Copy of Repairs an Maintenance Policy (not the leaflet)
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    • I've started working on the defence. There are lots of threads on this forum. I have to admit, they all seem pretty different, e.g parking fines, catalogue debts, etc, but I'll come up with something and come back.   I was speaking to an ex-colleague earlier today (he's also received the claim/impending court action form) and he's working on his defence too. He's in touch with more people than I am and he's learnt that there are dozens of others that have also received letter before action/of claim, and/or actual claim (court) letters. So it seems Centrica are well aware of what they're doing and have instructed CST to hit out and get some money for them.   My current union (Unite) have told me, well, their solicitors have told me, there's not much they can do and suggested I should reach out again to the GMB, who were my union when I was with BG. So I've got the number of the union rep and I'm going to text him tomorrow; ask if he's aware of what's going on and if GMB have had any involvement, or can provide any advice, assistance, or information - you never know.
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Please help, I need advice complaining AGAIN to Sky.


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It's a long story so if it's ok I'll just post my communications with them.


If anyone can throw in what I should do now that would be great.


I have had some advice but the template was given is not making sense to me :|


Ok here it goes.




Original Message Follows: ------------------------

Enquiry Type:

Customer service complaint (TV)


I have been a customer for 81 days. I joined with the incentive that I would receive £50 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers within 40 days. I still have not received them! I have made 3 calls to customer services about this and I still don't have my vouchers even after being promised they would be sent out and told I would be called back to see if they had arrived. Well, still no vouchers and no one ever called. This really isn't good enough.


On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 8:48 PM, Sky Help Centre wrote:

Dear Mrs Brown



Customer Account Number: 6300########

Thank you for your email about M&S vouchers.

I have looked over your account and I can see that no M&S vouchers have been issued. When I looked further into this I found that the order was processed by groove electronics and that they have not processed that particular offer. Below is the confirmation screen to show that.

Action: Order Completed

Orderline Type: ADD

Date: Thu May 27 20:15:47 BST 2010

Effective: Thu May 27 00:00:00 BST 2010

Sale type: NEW


Interest source: -Independent Retailer

Origin: Sky


To be able to issue you with the £50 of M&S vouchers you would have to go back to Groove Electronics to have the offer processed.


Kind regards


Sky Help Centre



Original Message Follows: ------------------------

After contacting Grove Digital, They have informed me that they where unable to add this offer to my account at the time as it was not done online.


I clearly applied for Sky online and was directed by your website (http://www.Sky.com) that because I lived in a flat I would have to complete my order with Grove digital.


I don't see why because of the address where I live I should be penalised and not receive an offer that persuaded me to apply for a product.


I shall be contacting the Advertising Standards Agency as feel that I have been duped into purchasing a Sky package under the false pretence that I would receive £50 worth of M&S vouchers.


Your response of trying to pass off blame to Grove Digital is not acceptable.


rom Sky Help Centre


date Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 7:15 PM

subject Re: Customer service (TV) (KMM6511765I15977L0KM)

hide details Sep 3

Dear MRS #####

Thank you for contacting Sky Help Centre.

I’m sorry to advice you that you are not eligible for the vouchers in question, The vouchers are a free gift given to customers to follow there Sky order through to the end in Sky.com. If we are unable to install the equipment for you rather than you loosing out on a great TV service we will direct you to a 3rd party installation company who will do the install for you, as the installation was not complete using Sky.com then you are not eligible and the terms and conditions do advised customers of this.

We hope this has answered your questions but should you require any further help please reply to this email or alternatively call our customer service team on 08442 41 41 41.

Whilst I realise that you may be disappointed with the decision made, I hope that you can appreciate our position on this matter.


Kind regards


Sky Help Centre




Ok Key points:


1: I did apply online, if you have more that 10 flats in a block the website directs you to call an independent installer to book the installation.


I don't live in a tower block or very high up it's just what they do.


2: I received an email from sky about rating my 'Online experience' the same day I applied.


3: The first email implies that I am entitled but someone messed up.


Where do I go now Caggers?


I know I should be mentioning he Sales of good act in a stern letter but where do I send it to?


I'm so confused... I still have a bit of baby brain. Please point me in the right direction.





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Someone else here with a baby brain so i know how you feel :grouphug:


Unfortunately as you didn't join online then you are not eligable for the vouchers.


i know it does sound unfair and grove should have advised you of this and that they cannot or may not give you the same offers as sky online

Please contact a member of the site team if you are offered help off the forum for a a paid or no win no fee service.


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Mega baby brain, not getting much sleep with the new addition to our family lol.


I did join online, I also asked them over the phone several times if I was still going to get the vouchers.


Grove confirmed this and so did Sky.


I've already been told by consumer direct that I have a right to complain I just don't understand why they have told me to use a certain template for the letter (http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/after_you_buy/making-complaint/template-letters/supply_goods_services_new/). It's not making sense to me at all.


Also no where in the terms and conditions does it say to have to complete the entire order online. My step daughter lives in flats too and she also was directed to call Grove. She got her vouchers!


I've read about Sky doing this all the time thus why I took the time to screen shot Key parts of the offer. I also made sure I asked when I was talking to Grove.


If Grove are responsible for not adding the correct promo code, do I complain to them?


Please see the screenshots :|

sky 2.jpg

Sky Online Application 2.jpg




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But you didn't join online.


When you are online and when it comes to your household and they recognise you have a communial dish the order is then stopped and you are advised to call a local engineer and gives you a numer. This means the order has not progressed.


from their t and c's:

One voucher per household and only available when you join online.


I would feel that most people would recognise that you would need to complete the order online to be eligable.



Grove cannot add anything to your order as they are an independant retailer and they cannot dictate to sky what you should receive from sky.

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Hmm well letter arrived from Sky today with my £50 Vouchers! :-D


So I guess I was right after all.


Advice for anyone regarding this offer. Screen shot everything and if they don't cough up complain to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority)


Note to Sky: Change the wording of your Terms & Conditions regarding Online promotions. So that it's clear that if you can't install the dish yourselves the offer is no longer valid.


Don't string people along for months telling them they are going to get something only to turn around and say they can't.




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