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Bright House problems....

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I got a tv from Bright House in May 2009. I haven't had any major problems with them other than canceling the extortionate service charges in the first week (something along the lines of £9 a week). I had the occasional late payment, mainly due to my bad memory but I always paid the late fee etc etc.


In June this year I had to go on income support as my partner left us for another woman and got me sacked from my job in the process. Obviously this put me in problems financially, so I contacted Bright House and asked if it was possible for my payments to be reduced and they said no. I then asked if I could give the tv back, they said that was possible but that I would incur a penalty which was a percentage of what I owed. I can't remember the specific figure but it was several hundred pounds.


I wasn't in a position to pay a penalty fee so I carried on paying my £13 a week. In September my benefits were reduced by £25 a week to pay back an overpayment and a loan that I had last time I was on income support, a few years ago. This put me in dire straits financially- I now have a weekly income of just over £100 a week to support myself and my son. I have been looking for a job for several months now with no luck and I had to miss a payment because my gas bill was due. Then something else happened the following week....and so it went on.


I don't want to give the tv back as I obviously don't want to be without a telly, but Bright House won't accept a lower payment plan from me. Someone came to my house today and put a letter through the door stating that they will come and remove the tv if I don't pay up. I didn't answer the door and have no intention of doing so- I don't answer the door unless I know who it is but for different reasons.


Obviously I accept that if I want to keep the tv then I have to pay them what I owe. If they take me to court and I can show a judge that my financial situation isn't great can they make an order for a lower repayment plan? I am quite happy for it to go to court if it means that Bright House would be forced to accept a lower amount from me each week- maybe a judge can make them do what I can't!


Judging by other posts here it would have been wise of me to make a note of dates of when I spoke to the store but I didn't- you live and learn.


I'm not really sure which direction to go in now- I only got the bloomin tv because my ex wanted an all singing all dancing lcd and nothing but the biggest one available would do!


I hope that someone can come along and give me some advice.


Many Thanks

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Hi connor


Welcome to CAG


The guys will respond shortly.

Thank you :)


Am just trying to read my way round this part of the forum- my eyes are hurting there's so much to take in!


Would I be right in saying that if they turned up and I let them in and they took the tv back WITHOUT me signing anything to state that I am authorizing removal that I can get back the money that I have paid so far? I just did a quick mental calculation and I think its around £800- I could buy a nice tv with that AND be free of the nasty people at Bright House!


Is this an option?

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If they do come round tell them to bog off.

They cannot just walk in and take it and they only other way of getting the tv is called breaking and entering and thats illegal.


Your quite right, a judge would look at your outgoings so tell them this. Stop asking for them to accept £x amount a week and tell them this is what they are getting. Like you said, the worst that will happen is court and a judge will help you to make affordable payments.


Ok so what I would do....

Write to Brighthouse (Their main customer service dept, not the local store), tell them you are struggling and offer them your 'temporary' repayment terms. Keep to this arrangement and they won't goto court. The reason being is the courts do not like their time wasted by this type of thing.

I personally would ignor any letter they send that refused to accept that and I would just keep to what I wrote. And make sure you send the letter recorded or better so you have proof you have written to them.


Don't let these parasites bully you anymore.



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And remember its your money and you will spend it how you see fit. Brighthouse are at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to repaying debts. Pay your rent, gas, electricity, food etc... All the important things you need to live and whatever is left can be divided between the debts that do not have a high priority ie Brighthouse.



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Thank you so much for your reply.


I sent letters recorded delivery to both my store and head office explaining the situation AND requesting that no more visits to my home be done without an appointment. If anyone turns up I will call the police- I have kept copies of the letters so can prove that I have asked for no more visits. I also said (in a nice way) that if they won't agree to reduced payments then they are more than welcome to take me to court.


However, when I came home there was a big white van sitting outside my house (literally- on the grass in my front garden!) with 2 huge men who tried to intimidate me into letting them in. I decided that rather than take the risk of them barging past me I would go to my friends house instead so after telling them to get their van the heck off my grass I turned around and walked away to the sounds of them calling me names like fat b1tch and the like. Another letter is in the making expressing my disgust at their 'representatives'.


I know that they provide a service to people (like me) who can't get credit elsewhere, but there is no need for the disgraceful treatment of their customers- just because we have bad credit for whatever reason doesn't make us bad people!


Thanks again for the advice, I will keep you updated.

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these guys have no right to enter your property at all.

only bailiffs chasing council tax can actually force entry with the police.


Brighthouse employ idiots, i doubt any of them have certification to be bailiffs, they just threaten people.


and certainly what is happening is harassment and should be reported.


whilst i sympathise with Brighthouse that you have their goods and arent paying what they expect, there are ways and means to achieve things and a reduced payment plan is cheaper and easier than the route they seem to take so often, i do wonder who heads up this department they seem so clueless.


my advice, is stick to everything in writing, make it clear that you have offered and been declined assistance in repaying your debt to them.

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Re: The last comment, slightly off topic but I must respond that baliffs do not have powers to force their way into property even with the poilce in attendance for council tax unless given peaceful entry on a previous occasion.


I agree that their behaviour was absolutely disgusting and rude, you may want to remind the head office is that the way they treat all customers, and if so, you will report them to the statutory authorities.

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Small update: Bright House have chosen to ignore the letters I have sent them and haven't contacted me since sending the goon squad out. However, the tv that I have has stopped working (can't get it off standby) so now I have no tv. I know that if I call them they will a.demand all monies from me immediately and b.laugh at me for not taking out the optional service cover.


Anyone know if there's anything I can do in this situation? The tv is 18 months old and I don't have home insurance.

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