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TNC Collections--How to pay?


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How do you go about paying off debt collections? l have offered them £20 a month and they said no and would only accept their offer but l can't afford that since l only work part time. They would only accept my £20 IF they saw proof by way of Bank Statement. He said that l could not delete anything on the statement and could only send it as it's sent out to me.


l told them to stop calling and l would only speak to them through mail. They stopped calling but now l have a letter in today saying they are going to take me to court for full payment and that l would have to pay court costs etc. They also would garnish my wages for payment.


So if l started paying them £20 a month that l offered, do they have to accept it? Will they still take me to court?


If l pay them by postal order and sent it registered post how do l keep proof of payment? Is that the receipt the post office gives you or should l make photo copies of the payment? I know that sounds like a dumb question but if l am going to pay them, l want absolute proof that l have paid!


Thanks so much for your help!

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There is no reason why you cant pay them by Standing Order NOT direct debit,you have total control over the Standing Order,it is a good idea to pay them the £20 per month,as long as this is the honest amount you can afford,should they take you to court the court will come out on your side and may even reduce the amount if they consider you are stretching yourself to much.You do not have to supply a Bank Statement to TNC,if you want to go on paying via Postal Order Count Orlok has given you the best procedure.Who is the OC??????????......FS

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Given your straitened circumstances, if they took you to court, they would be lucky to get £1 a week.


What kind of debt is it? Could you have charges on the account? Give us more detail about the debt/account and its history and we’ll try and point you in the right direction. I’m always keen to annoy DCAs who refuse a reasonable offer to pay from someone who wants to clear their debts – their greed and unreasonableness demands that their right to collect be questioned.

“The industry is rotten to the core, whether it is in-house recovery and collection, or where agents are used, or where the debt has been sold.” Andrew Mackinley MP, House of Commons, 22 April 2009


If a Cagger helps you, click their star. Better still, make a donation however small, so that CAG can continue to help others.

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and dont send them your statement at all, in fact I think a complaint is in order demanding your bank statements with all your details - :mad2:




Getting There Slowly



Advice is given freely but is in no way meant to be taken as Gospel:-)

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Thanks so much for all your help!


The debt is a FE College tuition debt. I had attended college last year for only a few weeks. l had gotten sick and had to stop the classes right before l had sent in the grant paperwork.


l didn't think anything about paying for the course as l had quit. (my fault)


Then in April l received a letter from the college demanding payment in full! £371 total. l called them and explained my situation and the woman in the finance office said "tough pay up!!"


Then in August l received this letter from TNC demanding that l pay £251. £120 had been taken off!


Then about 2 weeks later l get a letter from the college offering the £251 so l called them and she said "pay up now!" l again explained my situation and they said "tough you could have offered payment with us but now it's gone to collections!" But how could l have offered payment to the college when it was given to the collection before l had received their bill?


So now that leads to the above part. l did offer them £20 a month...Believe me if l could give more l would, and some months l am able to IF l have done extra time at work. I only get paid once a month and with putting food on the table, heating, lights etc and diesel for the car so l can get to work, it pretty much takes most of my wage.


l really don't want them garnishing my wages! If l had someone to borrow the £251 from l would and just pay them but l don't, so this is what l am left with!

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The mere fact you have phoned a DCA puts you on their

'here's another mug, lets fleece him' list


Firstly stop talking to them on the phone.

Put YOUR offer to them in writing, offer only what YOU can comfortably afford.

Then if they refuse, you have it in writing they have refused it.


What ever you offer them, they always want more, you have to be very firm with them and tell them


"this is what your getting, end of"


Ignore their threats of attachment of earning, bailiffs and any other such crap they spout.


They can do none of these without first obtaining a judgement in the county court and only then if you FAIL to keep to the terms of the judgement. They can't even initiate court proceeding in their own right either, unless they own the debt, which I doubt they do. They will be doing the colleges dirty work for them


Don't let them intimidate you into paying anything you cannot afford.

NEVER give your banking details to a DCA or any other personal information

Ask for their banking details and pay by standing order, if they refuse to give them to you, just tell them no details, no money, simply as that


Keep a record of all payments made and make sure they are being deducted from the outstanding balance




They are full of s**t and have no powers whatsoever

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Hi Rexi

You need to sit down and go through all your income/out goings based on your normal monthly pay, do not include over time for as you know it's not always there

All the essentials (Food,Rent,C/Tax,Gas/Elec,Water etc) come first the debt is not a priority so to speak, once you have done the paper work THEN decide what you can realistically aford WITHOUT causing hardship

Wite to the DCA with a revised offer based on what you've worked out (DO NOT mention paying any extra if you get O/T) stating that you have no other disposable income and then see what they send back

The important thing is you're showing willing and if their arrogance/greed gets the better of them and they do go to Court your offers will go against them

Good luck


[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] I asked them to wait whilst I got my Bank card :violin:



Information that may help if a CCA request is refused due to the lack of a signature . . http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?248863-Signature-demands-fight-back-possible-!&highlight=

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Sorry to bring this up again!


BUT here is an update on the nightmare that is going on. l did write them a letter, they received it and somehow have failed to understand that l do not want them phoning the house! They even had the cheek to ask my husband for my moblie! Errrr, if l said do not phone, means House AND moblie! They phone every other day sometimes twice a day!


They are not accepting my terms at all. They will not say anything in a letter except, phone us! l wrote in the letter that the phone calls must cease and this, of course, has not stopped them. They want it in full NOW!! They will not accept payments at all!


I haven't sent in the money yet because, stupid me wanted them to say "Yes that's fine!" But that's not going to happen any time soon so off l go to send in the first instalment!


I just want the phone calls to stop and they are not listening!


When l get the postal order l am going to take a photo copy of it, along with the receipt, each time l send a payment, and send it all in. Oh and send it recorded delivery!


IF l keep getting harassed over the phone l will then phone in a solicitor and see what they can do!

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Try contacting the college & explain that you dropped out because of bad health after only a few weeks & that you don't think that its fair that they have set these DCAs on you


They might reduce the amount owing, if not cancel it altogether

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If they ring you refuse to go through their security questions to confirm your identity. Say "in writing only" and put the phone down. Speak to your phone provider about the harassing calls and ask them to bar that number from calling your line. If you have BT you could buy the Choose to Refuse service or use the Truecall service. If you get really fed up, buy a large whistle and use it when they call.

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