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please advise on both Eon and warmfront...so fed up :-(

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apologies if this is long....


We moved in to our property in October 2007 and changed to Eon from British gas within a few months. there was a pre payment meter fitted and it was costing a fortune (£30/£40 a week)

I was paying eon monthly and recall getting a refund of around £300.

my DD was about £40 a month as thats all they said I was using and then suddenly last July the bill came for just under £1000.

At the time we were having problems with the old boiler and it was replaced in August 2009 by warmfront. We figured there may have been a gas leak or something.

we struggled to pay anything to eon for a while last year, struggled with the mortgage even so everything went on hold.

this year we havent had a DD set up with Eon and because they then wanted over £150 a month we just couldnt afford it and have paid them £345 so far this year.

On 2nd July Eon added a bill for £922 to our account along with a letter apologising that they had overlooked an outstanding bill when we changed to a duel account which left us with a bill for £2500.

Its since then that we have made payments to the account amounting to the £345.00 and I have emailed several times questioning the bill etc.

Eon have offered to spread the payments over an extra 12 months as it was their error but they are asking for payments of around £300 and are saying we are using £170 a month of gas and electric.

We live in a victorian 3 bedroom semi which has radiators in every room but the kitchen. The ceilings are quite high. My partner works 65 hours a week and most days im not in, we live with our 2 year old son and have hardly used the heating at all being summer, the electricity is barely on.


To add to this....warmfront.

Since the day the boiler was fitted we have had constant banging in the pipes, often in the middle of the night. The boiler is located in our outhouse as thats where the old one was. we asked for a combi boiler but they refused as warmfront only fit like for like so we have a large Ideal free standing boiler.

The banging is a nightmare, it has constantly woken our son up from him being little and because its outside it automatically turns on if it drops below a certain temperature to stop it freezing so even if its turned off it still bangs.

so far we have had about 6 visits regarding the banging and typically it doesnt bang if they come to check it but they have said its banged so much its bounced the pipes off the wall. They have fitted a bigger pump, said the radiator pipes are too small, then said the boiler was too big for the house as the one supplied was easily beg enough for a 5 bed detached and now they say something has been fitted to the wrong end of the pipes and ontop of that the water pipe suddenly drops to a smaller pipe causing the pipe to become way too hot and making the banging noise. Im waiting on more feedback.


ok, quickly back to Eon...

had an email saying ring us and we will set up the payment plan for you with the additional 12 months to pay. so I did this and explained it wasnt my fault, the girl on the phone kept going back and forth to credit control and then asking why it was Eons fault which i explained. She said credit control will only set up a DD if you pay this a months usage now, I told her I couldnt do that so off she went again, came back and said, well how soon can you pay it. I asked how much and was told £170 so I said I would pay it by the end of the month. She ssaid that was fine and to then ring once it was paid and they would do the payment plan.

Today I have a letter fron Buchananclarke & Wells asking for the £2606 or they will get a warrant to disconnect or fit a pre payment meter. the month isnt up for me to pay the £170, Im not convinced we are even using the £170 they say we are and to be honest I just dont know who to speak to to sort this out.

Eon are a bunch of lemons when you ring up and I get a different persons response every time I email.

For anyone managing to read to the bottom of this...thank you. I know its long, boring and frustrating.

A different energy supplier has told me to leave Eon (as they would) and hope Eon will refund some of the old bill to try and keep my custom. He also ssaid that no way can a house our size use so much gas and electric and has said we should complain to Eon for negligence of the old bill.

Can anyone advise on any of the above, im at a total loss



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Because you have been threatened with pre-pay meters, you can contact ConsumerDirect & ask them to put you through to ConsumerFocus Extra Help unit


For consumers who have been disconnected or threatened with disconnection, or who are unable to pursue their complaint directly with their supplier, Consumer Direct may refer the case to the Consumer Focus Extra Help Unit.


It sounds as though you don't know what the extra bill is for

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Im very confused as to how they can just add £1000 to our bill from nowhere, id say less if we had lived here for years but after 3 years (just) how can our bill be so high, plus the fact that I paid them monthly by dd. dont know where to turn tbh

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I think I can see where it has gone wrong. On the prepayment meter it was about £40 per week. They then used this as the esitmate for the month when it should have been closer to £120 per month therefore you were underpaying by at least £80 per month. They then realised their mistake and are now clobbering you for the balance. Can you please clarify if the meter that was changed was for electric or gas or both? Do you nwo have seperate accounts for gas and electric or is it a dual account. We have always avoided dual accounts due to the possibility of this sort of scnario. Problem is that even if you wanted to only move one of the suplies to another provider you can't because of the arrears.

They have now realised their mistake which is why they have not pushed it up to now as it may be possibkle to get it written off especially if they advised you in writing that the DD should be about £40 per month and then mistake is more than a year old. Not to sure how far acbk mistakes are allowed. Write to the DCA or solicitor and tell them that you have been disputing the bill with EON for some time that they need to pass it back to EON. Once it has been passed back take it up with EON again.

When they changed the meter from prepayment to normal metering a read shoudl have been taken and this should have been reflected on your first bill. It shoudl not be an estimate! If you do not have your previous bills or correspondence from EON then get off a SAR as soon as possible requesting copies ofa ll bills, correspondence and copies of any calls made to the call centre. In other words all correspondence in all media.

If you have the opening reads from when the meter was changed, take a read again as soon as possible and work out your consumption costs. Give this read to EON. If you cannot work out the consumption, post the opening read and current read plus the costs pe unit. I don't think this will compromise any security. When you have this come back here and hopefully we can help sort out this mess.

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When you moved in the pre-pay meter might have been set to recover arrears - arrears from the previous owner / tenant. You should also make enquiries about that as you might have overpaid at that stage.


If you don't have all of your bills, EON might provide all of the information that you want without a SAR.


You can also sign up for an online account and view and download old bills (remember to cancel the online account afterwards though otherwise you won't get paper bills in future - and at the moment you need a paper trail)


When did you change to the dual fuel account? Was that at the end of 2007? If so, I can't see where the £900 could have come from

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EON may supply the bills no charge but more than likely will not supply the otehr paperwork that my incriminate them. Checking if there were arrears on the PPM is a good point. Maybe this is why they were paying so much on the PPM in the first place and then got a refund. Maybe the OP can confirm whether thsi is what happened.

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This is the email they sent to explain the old bill:

I can confirm that the ??922.95 balance transfer shown on your account from 2 July 2010 was the debit balance from your old gas account.


You previously had your electricity and gas supply on separate accounts, xxxxxxx for electricity and xxxxxxxxfor gas. Your electricity and gas supplies were then put onto a single account, xxxxxxxx, but the debit balance on your gas account was not transferred to your combined account.


As a result you have not repaid the £922.95 you owe us from your gas bill dated 2 September 2009, which was for the gas you used up to 2 September 2009.


I have sent you a copy of all of the bills on your old single gas account, xxxxxxxxx, to show where the £922.95 debt has come from.

I had the bills off them and couldnt make head nor tail of them so I threw them away.

looking at my old bills online it says I have a duel fuel account according to my bill of dec 2008 but looking at it now it only gives elecricity, no gas mentioned.

the next bill is 22nd July 09 and says duel fuel discount on it again but the breakdown doesnt have gas on there at all.

the next bill is 23rd december 09 and this one has electricity due of £155.92 and this time has gas on it, amount is £936.54!!! :!: here is the bill breakdown of the gas:


Previous 2973 estimated on 2 September 2009


Current 3669

estimated on 30 September 2009

call us on 0845 052 0000 with your reading

Difference 696 units

with multiplier value 1

conversion value 1.02264, calorific value 39.6

Converted into 7829 kWh (kilowatt-hours) used


Gas primary units used 206 kWh at 6.214p each 12.80


secondary units used 7623 kWh at 3.245p each 247.37

Gas plan Total £


Meter number xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Previous 3669 estimated on 30 September 2009

Mid period 5035 read by you on 24 November 2009

Difference 1366 units

with multiplier value 1

conversion value 1.02264, calorific value 39.6

Converted into 15366 kWh (kilowatt-hours) used

Mid period 5035 read by you on 24 November 2009

Current 5474

estimated on 23 December 2009

Difference 439 units

with multiplier value 1

conversion value 1.02264, calorific value 39.4

Converted into 4913 kWh (kilowatt-hours) used


Gas primary units used 617 kWh at 6.214p each 38.34


secondary units used 19662 kWh at 3.245p each 638.03

Total gas charges excluding vat and discounts = 936.54


The gas meter was fitted a few months after we moved in to the property, as I said earlier, when we moved in the gas was a prepayment meter and it was costing us around £40 a week. there were only 2 of us here, both out at work. heating not on much at all. We recall it taking a few quid every time we topped it up and it was costing a fortune. so when it was changed sometime in January we think (2008)the meter was set at zero. they estimated the bills for gas until dec 2009 (as above) and had an actual meter reading in March:

Previous 5474 estimated on 23 December 2009

Current 6628 read by us on 23 March 2010

Difference 1154 units

Converted into 12883 kWh (kilowatt-hours) used


Gas primary units used 676 kWh at 6.214p each 42.01


secondary units used 12207 kWh at 3.245p each 396.12

Total gas charges excluding vat and discounts = 438.13


How can the bills say duel duel discount on them and then they have overlooked the gas?! and surely that would seem an excessive amount of gas for a 3 bed terrace....around £1000 for a year??


I honestly didnt pay much attention to the bills, figured duel fuel discount meant the bill was for both and at the time we had a little boy so he consumed everything and I definately wasnt aware of much else.

what can i do and who do i approach??

thanks for the help so far, its hugely appreciated

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The duel fuel discount will have been applied on the basis that you had both fuels with eon on the same customer record, the system therefore picks up that there are 2 fuels.


The balance transfer is able to be performed on the basis that the energy was billed for at the time, and as such does not fall under the billing code. Due to the age of the debt it is not statute barred.


If you still have the same meter, you could perhaps look at getting this checked?

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