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    • Hi there,   Quick update: we sent the CVs of three expert witnesses to the Defendant and he was supposed to choose one and respond by 4pm on 29th July.   He emailed late last night (30th) to say he had been away and was catching up with emails. (We have also been abroad this week but managed to uphold our side of things whilst we were away). He has offered to pay us £3200 by the end of the weekend (this is the amount we initially laid out to him).We aren't going to accept that.   We have to instruct an expert witness by 4pm on 2nd August which we are prepped and ready to do.   We are prepared to take this all the way but we are also contemplating trying to settle out of court and have a minimum figure in mind of what we would accept.   We are going to respond to the defendant and decline his offer of £3200. My question is, if we go back to him and say "We are prepared to accept X amount in full and final settlement" does this jeopardise our position or is it acceptable in the eyes of the court?   We are in no doubt that the expert witness report will not be favourable for the defendant   Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer 
    • I received a notice of intended prosecution for doing 41 in a 30 zone. I am not disputing that I was wrong and will pay or do the course.    On the noip it says that I was travelling west bound between two particular roads , when I was travelling east bound between another set of roads . The police with the radar gun were hiding on the opposite side of the road in a bus stop. Just wondered when I send this form back admitting I was the driver I should point this out to them 
    • Thanks very much indeed dx100uk.   Some great information in there, will have a thorough read, but definitely the information I need right now!   I'm keen to request the car parks CCTV footage of the day, should I hold off until it's confirmed we're going to court, or is now the right time to request it?   Name of the Claimant : Civil Enforcement Limited    Claimants Solicitors: S Wilson, Head of Legal   Date of issue 26 July 2021 (Received 30th July)   Date for AOS - 13th August Will get this sent out on Monday (2nd August)   Date to submit Defence - 27th August    What is the claim for –   Claim for money relating to a Parking Charge for breach of contract terms/conditions(TCs) for parking in private car park (CP) managed by Claimant.  Drivers may only park pursuant to TCs of use displayed in CP and agreed upon entry/parking.   ANPR cameras or manual patrols monitor vehicles entering/exiting the CP and TC breaches.   Charges of GBP182.00 claimed.  Violation date: 02/07/2020  Payment due date: 31/07/2020  Time in: 12:20 Time out: 12:49  PCN: Vehicle reg mark: Car park:-Butterfly Walk      What is the value of the claim?   Amount Claimed £197.40 court fees £35 legal rep fees £50  Total Amount £282.40   Thanks for your help through this everyone!      
    • The max speed limit in the UK is 70MPH, there are not exceptions. 
    • Does he admit he was the driver, and agree that he was doing that speed (or close?). Was the NIP combined with a S.172 request to identify the driver, and if so, has he returnrd the form identifying the driver?. This would still need to be done (if he doesn't they may run out of time to prosecute for the speeding, but a S172 prosecution will only lead to a worse outcome, not only in terms of fine and licence revocation but also an even worse effect on insurance premiums in the future).   If the speeding has no defence: Band C fine, and disqualification (7-56 days) or six points, on first glance of the Magistrates Courts Sentencing guidelines https://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/offences/magistrates-court/item/speeding-revised-2017/   However, for "driving grossly in excess of the speed limit the court should consider a disqualification in excess of 56 days", even before:   https://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/explanatory-material/magistrates-court/item/road-traffic-offences-disqualification/8-new-drivers/   "Drivers who incur six points or more during the two-year probationary period after passing the driving test will have their licence revoked automatically by the Secretary of State; they will be able to drive only after application for a provisional licence pending the passing of a further test (Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995). An offender liable for an endorsement which will cause the licence to be revoked under the new drivers’ provisions may ask the court to disqualify rather than impose points. This will avoid the requirement to take a further test. Generally, this would be inappropriate since it would circumvent the clear intention of Parliament."   So, the likely outcome is a band C fine, 6 points and thus automatic revocation of his licence. That is provided they are just prosecuting for the speed (and not considering careless or dangerous driving........)
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lost job after 4 years no p45 need advice

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I am recieving Job Seekers Allowance and until recently had a very small part time job of just a few hours per week all above board and declared each time I signed on on a B7

I have lost this job due to the business folding, all the time I worked(4 years) I had no contract, no holiday pay no wage slips I was paid in cash from petty cash and I signed for this every time I recieved any wages in the accounts dept. I always earned the same amount and did the same hours I used to take a letter of confirmation(signed by the boss) of my pay and hours to the job centre when they asked instead of payslip sand they were happy with that

Now I no longer work I have asked the DWP to adjust my benefit as I am owed a little extra each week(as I used to earn just over the amount you can earn so it was taken off my JSA) Now the DWP is asking for wageslips p45 but i just do not have them I explained to them but now worried I will be penalised but my former employer never mentioned the fact I would need one even tho on a couple of occasions I asked about tax etc

My question is what shall I do ? shall I ask my former boss for a p45 Many thanks for reading sorry rather a long first post!

















However I never had a p45 for this job and now I have left the DWP want a p45

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Hello and welcome. I don't know what a B7 is, does it have to do with the Job Centre at all? I was just wondering if they found you the job.


Did you pay tax or NI on what you were paid and if you did, do you think your ex-boss declared it?


Depending on the replies you get here, you might consider posting on the CAG Benefits forum, but not a copy and paste of this post, they don't like that.


My best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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Honeybee Hi

Thanks for your reply and words of advice The B7 is a DWP form that anyone who does any paid work whilst receiving Job Seekers Allowance, completes at each signing on to record the hours they have worked and how much they have been payed mainly I think its people who work under the 16 hour rule like I did

I never paid any tax as I never earned enough I started the job thinking I would stay for a few months and ended up there for a few years I guess the mistake I made was not getting a contract because I never had any holiday pay and I now realise I was entitled to this. I will try the benefits forum if I need more advice in that area

Kind regards


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