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    • And as for “what if I get sick the last week” (or those last three days)......   well, you’d get sick pay. Would you go into your new workplace?   HMRC may not be bothered by 2 overlapping jobs of course, but if NHS CFS (counter fraud And security) noticed that either: a) you were claiming over-lapping sick pay for 2 jobs, or b) you were claiming sick pay for one job while well enough to turn in for the other: expect them to view at least one of the sick pay claims as fraudulent!   if you annoy your “difficult” manager : they might be difficult enough to highlight it for the local NHS CF specialist
    • Hello, Can someone advise if the attached is a valid charge please?  I had parked in the car park and paid but then got delayed and have ended up with a ticket for parking longer than I should have done.   I know they will refuse the appeal but is this charge enforceable?   Charge Notice.pdf
    • The dealer is called Carwise in Epping. It's not the most established of premises. When i was there i'd say there was about 10-15 cars inside and an office. I've seen these reviews of them which seem to replicate my experience. https://www.cardealerreviews.co.uk/dealership/hr-autos-epping-essex-england (note previous name). It's quite worrying.    
    • To me, it isn't just about social distancing and hygiene measures. I'm far from the first to say it but until there's a reliable track and trace system, I don't think this can be managed properly.   Children may not suffer as much as adults, although some do, they can be asymptomatic and pass on the virus to the rest of the family.   https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/uk-news/lockdown-david-king-second-wave-18739973
    • When will most schools actually re-open in September ?   And when they open, will they be providing teaching over the number hours 9am to 3pm  ?   I am thinking of the school I attended, which was a large Victorian building, with many modern extensions.  The classrooms which could accommodate about 35 Children elbow to elbow, will only be able to accommodate 20 at the most with any reasonable distancing.   Or does the whole class  of say 35 stay in a bubble and the teachers move around to teach the different subjects ?    I can see many schools opening later in September, not for all pupils for all days and not doing the full hours.   This is going to be very difficult to manage for all those concerned, including parents looking to return to work.     
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    • Curry’s cancelled my order but took the money anyway. Read more at https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/423055-curry%E2%80%99s-cancelled-my-order-but-took-the-money-anyway/
      • 11 replies
    • Father passed away - Ardent Credit Services (Vodafone) now claiming he owes money. Read more at https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/423040-father-passed-away-ardent-credit-services-vodafone-now-claiming-he-owes-money/
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    • Currys Refuse Refund F/Freezer 5day old. Read more at https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/422656-currys-refuse-refund-ffreezer-5day-old/
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    • Hi,  
      I was in Sainsbury’s today and did scan and shop.
      I arrived in after a busy day at work and immediately got distracted by the clothes.
      I put a few things in my trolley and then did a shop.
      I paid and was about to get into my car when the security guard stopped me and asked me to come back in.
      I did and they took me upstairs.
      I was mortified and said I forgot to scan the clothes and a conditioner, 5 items.
      I know its unacceptable but I was distracted and Initially hadn’t really planned to use scan and shop.
      No excuse.
      I offered to pay for the goods but the manager said it was too late.
      He looked at the CCTV and because I didn’t try to scan the items he was phoning the police.
      The cost of the items was about £40.
      I was crying at this point and told them I was a nurse, just coming from work and I could get struck off.
      They rang the police anyway and they came and issued me with a community resolution notice, which goes off my record in a year.
      I feel terrible. I have to declare this to my employer and NMC.
      They kept me in a room on my own with 4 staff and have banned me from all stores.
      The police said if I didn’t do the community order I would go to court and they would refer me to the PPS.
      I’m so stressed,
      can u appeal this or should I just accept it?
      Thanks for reading 
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Hi. Provident recently took over a debt, a caller called unannounced. I have an illness called Stiff Person Syndrome, please google as it's worse than it sounds.I invited caller in and I have anxiety and had an attack and asked her to come back when someone else here with me.Stress makes my illness worse.She refused and said @whats the point(while Im having attack on sofa and telling her about illness.She got me to sign something and took my phone no. from my phone. after she gone I had illness spasm attack and next day in hospital for week.Afraid of her coming back. who do I complain to? thank you

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Hi super


Welcome to CAG


I know it's easy for me to say, but don't let them upset you, unforetunately they don't have brain cells or is that brain cell.


You can complain to the OFT:- http://www.oft.gov.uk/about-the-oft/legal-powers/legal/cca/debt-collection


and clomplain to your local Trading Standards:- http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/


Super if you get another doorstep visit, just hand them the letter in the link:-



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If the person comes back you need to call the police and tell them you have an intruder who makes you feel very very unstable... they should then send somebody round. Tell them that they are trying to enter your premises under false pretences.


Complain to Provident's head office about the caller as well, sadly Provident have bought a load of debts and think they can dupe customers in taking out loans with them to pay the old debt, which may be statute barred.

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It is of concern to me that she got you to sign something.


Definatley complain to Provident head Office - please make sure you complain to the organistions suggested by rebel.


If this lady does come back just dont answer the door - if she wont go away call the police.


Have a copy of the letter from rebels post handy and post it out to her through the letter box if need be.


Her actions are a disgrace.


Good luck in dealing with them.


Thinking on this i would possibly complain to your local MP and Councilor too.

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Hello Guests:welcome:


I see Provident have been acting unlawfully and way above their station again!

Whatever you signed, was under duress and will be inadmissible and wholly unenforceable if they foolishly attempt to fabricate anything resembling a contract between you and them.

As for taking your phone number and walking around you property like she owned the place, I would be very inclined to report this to your local Police station, simply so that they have a record of your complaint and that if it should happen again and you ring then they will act more decisively and promptly, the sole fact that you are a vulnerable adult and this creature exploited that, is in my eyes worthy of her receiving not only a Police caution, but her P45 from Provident also.


By all means complain to provident and exhaust their complaints procedure, but complain to the OFT&TS also via http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/contact


Absolutely disgusting work ethics by a very foolish company.


P.S. heres their email address to make that complaint too.customerrelations@provident.co.uk

Edited by Bazooka Boo
Add email address

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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They are probably a member of Peter Wallwork, chief executive of the Credit services association — the trade body for debt collectors


'No one wants to be in debt and I think that’s one of the reasons why we get a bad press. If anyone is being harassed by one of our members, please call us on 0191 286 5656.'


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/article-1312064/Time-crack-the.html#ixzz12iJ9UpG4

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Thankyou for replies , unfortunately what I do is limited by my illness as stress makes it worse. When I came out of hospital, I phoned them to A. Let them know I was out of hospital and B.Complain about lady. But the man on phone was horrible wouldn't listen to conplaint.again abusive.. I have a social worker and told them to find out exactly when they intend to call so I can have someone here with me. Want to pay as I am afraid they would abuse me otherwise. Anxiety and illness mean no police either.I'm complaining to Trading standards.Hope that doesn't make them hate me and be abusive.Thankyou for help will look at links to see what I can do for them and others. Thankyou. Provident should be shot., sorry but they should, Thankyou so much.

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Morning Super

Sorry to hear of both your health and DCA problems

As has already been said try not to worry about them calling again for you do not have to open the door and they are not allowed to force entry

They have clearly breached the OFT Guidelines (http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/business_leaflets/consumer_credit/oft664.pdf)

that link will take you to the list and these are the sections . .

Physical/phsychological Harassment 2.6 g

Debt Collection Visits 2.12 b c e

As BB advises in post 5 . . if you haven't already contact your local Police and tell them of the incident plus the fact that you feel open to possible fraudulent activity due to the fact that whilst incapcitated by your illness this woman got you to sign something and took your mobile number against your will

You're not on your own and more help/support will be available

Good luck


[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] I asked them to wait whilst I got my Bank card :violin:



Information that may help if a CCA request is refused due to the lack of a signature . . http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?248863-Signature-demands-fight-back-possible-!&highlight=

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Following on from my earlier post


This is from the CPUTR 2008


Aggressive commercial practices


7.—(1) A commercial practice is aggressive if, in its factual context, taking account of all of its features and circumstances—

(a) it significantly impairs or is likely significantly to impair the average consumer’s freedom of choice or conduct in relation to the product concerned through the use of harassment, coercion or undue influence; and


(b) it thereby causes or is likely to cause him to take a transactional decision he would not have taken otherwise.


(2) In determining whether a commercial practice uses harassment, coercion or undue influence account shall be taken of—

(a) its timing, location, nature or persistence;


(b) the use of threatening or abusive language or behaviour;


© the exploitation by the trader of any specific misfortune or circumstance of such gravity as to impair the consumer’s judgment, of which the trader is aware, to influence the consumer’s decision with regard to the product;


(d) any onerous or disproportionate non-contractual barrier imposed by the trader where a consumer wishes to exercise rights under the contract, including rights to terminate a contract or to switch to another product or another trader; and


(e) any threat to take any action which cannot legally be taken.


(3) In this regulation—

(a) “coercion” includes the use of physical force; and


(b) “undue influence” means exploiting a position of power in relation to the consumer so as to apply pressure, even without using or threatening to use physical force, in a way which significantly limits the consumer’s ability to make an informed decision.


You have more than enough to lodge a very strong formal complaint, with luck you social worker will be able to help and if you nominate her/him as your representative they are obliged to uphold that request and deal with them



[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] I asked them to wait whilst I got my Bank card :violin:



Information that may help if a CCA request is refused due to the lack of a signature . . http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?248863-Signature-demands-fight-back-possible-!&highlight=

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Try not to be threatened and intimidated by them, they really are the lowest form, they like nothing better than when vulnerable people ring up so they can then bully and abuse them and extort money out of them, I wouldn't have anything further to do with these imbeciles, they had their chance and abused it, so don't correspond with them, and certainly don't pay them a penny, muppets!

Can your social worker or someone else you trust take care of this? I would be more than happy to fight your corner for you and send these fools running.

But ideally you need someone who you see regularly and can have sight of the crap they send through the post.

The only other piece of advice is to not phone them, as you have found out the idiot on the other end couldn't care less about you or your illness, they work on commission and need to hit their targets so they will abuse and bully you on the phone to get you to pay anything! WASTERS!

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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Welcome to The Consumer Action Group.



I am just letting you know that as you haven't had any replies to your post yet, it might be better if you post your message again in an appropriate sub-forum. You will get lots of help there.


Also take some time to read around the forum and get used to the layout. It is a big forum and takes a lot of getting used to.



Once you start to find your way, you will soon realise that it is fairly easy to get round and to get the help you need.


It can be bit confusing at first.

Please be advised that my time will be limited for the next few weeks.Thanks for your understanding.

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