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AOL Demanding money / I'm ignoring S.R.J. Debt Recoveries

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Hello all,


Its quite a long story so I'll try and keep it as short as possible.


I moved to an address around May 2008 and moved our AOL broadband with us. After about a month, I phoned them and told them I was going to try Virgin as they were £3.00 a month cheaper. The guy told me he would match Virgins price, so I was happy.


Now for the stupid bit, I didn't check that they'd reduced the direct debit until a year later when we were ready to move house again........Doh! They were still charging £17.99 instead of £14.99.


Anyway, rather than waste my breath by phoning them (they'd only deny it if I called), I just cancelled the direct debit when we moved, so I had paid up to date. I didn't call or write to let them know, I was just hacked off that they hadn't kept their promise.


We moved out of that address in May 2009, and had post on divert to our new address. In April this year, AOL sent a FINAL DEMAND letter to our old address, REQUESTING £53.97. I ignored this.

21 May 2010 Roxburgh Debt Collectors demanded £95.28 - I ignored this

03 Jun 2010 Roxburgh Debt Collectors demanded £95.28 - I ignored this

16 Jun 2010 Roxburgh Debt Collectors 72 Hr Notice £95.28 - I ignored this

29 Jun 2010 Graham White Solicitors - Letter before action £95.28 - I ignored this


All of the above were sent to our old address.


Now S.R.J. Debt Recoveries have traced me to our new address.

23 Sep 2010 S.R.J. Debt Recoveries TRACE CONFIRMATION Letter, not giving amount owed or who debt is for? - I ignored this.

04 Oct 2010 S.R.J. Debt Recoveries - PENDING LITIGATION PROCEEDINGS - demanded £85.94 for AOL - I've ignored this.


I phoned AOL last week (recorded phone call, and I told him), and got through to a foreign call centre, possibly India. I asked what the debt was for and he said that as of April 2010, the account was live and I owed them £71.74. I asked how this was made up and he said he could not tell me, just that this was due as of April this year. I told him we moved from our old address in May 2009 and that phone line was disconnected. I said I wrote and informed them (ok, I lied). He wasn't interested and just kept asking 'would I like to make payment now'.

We kept going around in circles, I kept asking what period the debt was for, he kept saying he couldn't tell me.


I even told him they owed me money, obviously they are trained to ignore things like that.


Can I keep ignoring these demands. I paid for May 09 when we moved out.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Counter sue. I'd send a letter to AOL claiming the difference from the old price and the price you were promised. Add on charges as well (your own admin cost and interest accrued over the year)


Ignore the dcas. The fact that they are now passing the debt amongst themselves tells me they wont go to court.


However, if they do take you to court make sure you have evidence that supports your side. If you dont the judgement will be against you. Problem is AOL will say they were still providing a service to that address because you hadnt told them you were cancelling.

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Thanks Servitor,


I appreciate the advice, that was what I was thinking of doing but it takes me so long to draft a letter that I'm happy with.

Maybe if I leave it another week and see what happens? Do you know if there would be a template letter that would suit my situation?


Many thanks.

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I've just drafted a letter to AOL, any advice would be much appreciated.



68 Hammersmith Road,


W14 8YW


3rd November 2010

Dear Sir / Madam,

Re: A/C ******

Broadband Address: ***********************

Kindly note that I am being harassed by SRJ Debt Recoveries for an AOL debt that I do not acknowledge.

After speaking to AOL customer services on 13th October 2010, (recorded telephone conversation), I questioned the amount apparently owing, asking how it was made up and what period it was for.

Your customer services were very unhelpful and could not tell me what this debt was for! After explaining I had not lived at ******* ***** since May 2009, he rudely asked if I would like to make payment now!!

I would now like to bring up the matter of money owed to me by AOL. When I moved to ** ******* ***** in December 2007, I phoned AOL customer services to cancel my service with you, as Virgin were providing the same service for £14.99, £3.00 a month less than AOL. Your customer services told me they would match the Virgin tariff of £14.99, which I was happy to accept.

It wasn’t until May 2009, when I vacated *************, that I noticed AOL had still been taking £17.99 from my bank account. This was put in a letter to you in May 2009, to which I am still awaiting a response!!

Therefore, I am owed an amount of £54.00 which is made up from December 2007 to May 2009 at £3.00 per month.

Please would you forward a cheque to me within 14 days of this letter.

Should you fail to respond, I will be making a charge of £40 for every letter I have to write from this day.

Yours faithfully



N. *******

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you are on a phishing list


it will matter not what you write


just ignore everything

there is nowt a dca or their tame solicitors can do to you.





please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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