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PPI: confusion regarding conditons - opinions wanted

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I've recently received notice of employment termination - I was still in the probationary period of 6 months of a permanent job. I've worked just over 5 months and I am being paid 1 months notice.


I've taken out PPI at the start of this employment assuming I would be working at least 6 months. In the terms and conditions of the PPI it states you need to have worked for 6 months for a claim for unemployment benefit to be valid. On the actual claim form which has to be filled in by the employer some of the questions are the following:


- The employee was employed between which dates (being the first and last day I worked - the latter being the day I was given notice).

- 'did the employee receive wages instead of working notice' yes/no and if yes was selected (as in this case) the period to which this was the case is specified.


Both periods above are specified on the section of the claim form completed by the employer as just over 5 months.


There are other question answered in such a way there is otherwise no confusion that this was not a case of a fixed-term contract or seasonal/casual work. Also it is specfied that the employment was not terminated due to misconduct but for strategic reasons.


If the notice period is included in the total amount of months it does amount to just over 6 months in total. Since my employer decdided to terminate my employment after 5 months and pay 1 months notice instead of working I did not have the opportunity to work for 6 months. That decision can not be reversed anymore (I can not work my notice anymore).


The main question now is: Will the PPI claim valid based on the above information. Have there been similar cases perhaps and if so what was the outcome ?


I had to claim on this policy before (when I actually was employed/working for over 6 months) and then they did not pay unemployment benefit during the month notice instead of working that I did get in that case as well.


The defintion of employment and working are not very well defined - however both cover just over 5 months, but as said including the notice it is over 6 ? Any opions ? What can/should I do ? Let me know if more details are required.

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Why don't you make a claim and see what happens.

Good luck, Kenny

Any advice given by me is based solely on my experience in claiming, my experience in CAG or my opinion. I have no legal background. I want to encourage others to reclaim what is theirs.


Got a DCA breaking OFT guidance. Complain to the OFT about the DCA. Help put an end to these practices-




Register with CAG today, its free, its a great community:







Thankyou Kennythecelt:)

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Because there is also a 60 day exclusion period and they might only start to decide if a claim is valid after that and I want to avoid paying premium all that time - perhaps for nothing.

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What is not covered?

We will not pay benefit for unemployment in

any of the following circumstances:

• If the unemployment occurs within 60

days of the start date; or

• If at the start date of the Policy, you knew

you were going to be made unemployed,

or you had reason to believe that it was

likely; or

• If you have not been in continuous work

for six months, with one or more

employers, immediately before your

employment ended (for this purpose we

will disregard any period of two weeks or

less when you were not working); or

• If the unemployment results from your

conduct (including fraud, illegal activity,

dishonesty or anything that led to or might

have led to a disciplinary procedure),

your resignation, any unemployment of a

voluntary nature, or where you have taken

early retirement; or

• If your work is seasonal or temporary and

in either case unemployment is a regular

feature of your work; or

• If your fixed-term contract reaches its

expected expiry date, unless you have

an employment history with your

employer and none of the circumstances

above apply.


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If you believe the PPI was mis-sold for whatever reason, I suggest you should put it in writing to customer services at your bank detailing why you believe it was mis-sold and requesting a full refund.


Post either special/recorded delivery and keep receipt as proof of postage.


Have you done the calculations?


These should be included.



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I have now submitted this claim and was asked to provide details regarding my employment prior to the last employment, not sure what to think about it. Was not employed on a permanent basis before that and there were (just) more than 2 weeks between that and the last employment, probably they might try to not pay based on the small print.


By the way, there were most post on this topic previously, wonder were they have gone now...!?!

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pers as suggested.

i'd reclaim that PPI

prob worth more to do that than what you'ed get even if you did win the claim.



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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