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Can't Handle Work?

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First post so I know I probably won't get much of a response, I'll try to keep it short.


I am lucky enough to have a job, a job I used to enjoy. Within the past 6months I've went from looking forward to going to work in the morning to dreading heading through the doors.


My boss has her own issues, she doesn't seem to realise the 'favourites' are taking her for a mug. She'd much rather look after the suck ups and pick on the few of us who actually have a backbone and want to do well in the company without having to kiss a**. If your a 'favourite' you can come and go as you please, do what you like (anything but work if I'm honest). I'm fed up of putting in the work for no recognition (yet one foot out of line and your in the firing line!) I've honestly no idea what to do anymore :|.


My team mates are a bunch of two faced idiots, all they seem to do is moan about how hard their lives are. I don't go to work to hear about other peoples problems its bad enough with the line of work I'm in to keep your head high as it is without other people putting their problems on you! I've approached my boss regarding a team move to be told that disliking my team mates isn't a valid reason for a team swap? Well I'd like to know what is! Seems like I'm stuck with them!


Basically the whole point in this post is down to this, I'm thinking about going to the doctor as I'm gradually getting closer and closer to the edge. I feel I need a few weeks to pick myself up and get back to the old me I'm just wondering if the doctor signs me off does this count against me in regards to sick days etc? Will I still receive full pay?


I know I may sound like a moan but I needed to get some anger out and felt this could possibly be the best way,


Thanks in Advance :ohwell:

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Hello there.


When you ask if sick leave will count against you, I'm not sure what it means at your company, but I'd have thought it counts as time off ill. It may not be the way forward for you.


As for sick pay, it should be shown in your contract or employee handbook. Have you had a look at them, because it should be spelled out as an entitlement in weeks of full pay and half pay, depending on how long you've been there?


I've been through work-related stress so I sympathise, but I think if you really don't like your workmates it could be time to move on and have a fresh start. How do you know another team would be any better, especially if it's the same manager?


Feel free to moan and at least you've had a reply, but we tell it how it is here. You may get other replies that don't agree with mine and I hope we can help you find an answer to your problems.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Indeed as stated sick leave is sick leave and will count against you in relation to any sickness and absence monitoring process your employer may have.


Sick pay is a benefit and not an automatic right. Your staff hand book should give clarification on sick pay.


Maybe your first course of action would be to talk to your manager and explain how you feel.


Taking sick leave will only be a short term soloution, your reasons for the way you feel will only be there on your return to work.

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sorry you are not enjoying your job, there is nothing worse, and I have long been a believer that if a job is getting you down, then it's time to do something about it - it is only work after all.


AS regards to sick pay, this is down to your company policy - quite a lot do not pay sick pay any more, but of course we have no idea what you do, so you would need to check your terms and conditions regarding pay when off sick - and yes sick pay, even signed off by a doctor, still counts as sickness absence.


On the other hand, if you go sick for several weeks, I can envisage that going back will get harder and harder - would it not be simpler to find some common ground with your team mates, so that you can manage an 8hr day in their company? After all, we dont have to be best buddies with our colleagues, but we do spend more time with them than our families, in many cases! Adopting a different mental attitude towards the office conversation might be a bigger tonic than a bit of time of sick (which might not even be paid time) and, if you do decide that a change of employer is what you need, better not to have to admit to much sick leave, if it can be avoided...


I hope it works out, whatever you decide.

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Hi Purple and welcome to the site. Contrary to what you think you will get loads of replies, especially on this section of the forum.


I concur with all the advice you have been given above. What I would also say is that going sick with a cause that relates to work can be a slippery slope where you just don't know where it goes. Many cagger's have found this out and it can end up very messy indeed, trust me (and the others) we have been there and 'done that.' (and some of us continue to fight unjust employers and unions.)


Can we ask what kind of work you are in, it helps build a picture?


Is it possible to get out and get another job with ease? Are you totally dependent on your wages or do you have family support that could help you over this period?

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your health is worth more than the job believe me

been there spend as much time as you can looking for another job

sounds to me like you are a person most employers would love to employ

job situation is not good but if you look hard you will find something even if its not what you want to do

if you go sick use your time to look for something else but going sick is not the long term solution because you will be going back to the same old situation

good luck

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