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DLA gone from HRC/HRM to LRC!!!!!

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I recieved my form and filled it in sent it off with all my info and was given an amazing decision, I've gone from High Rate Care, High Rate Mobility to just Low Rate Care!! The reason i say its amazing (sarcasm) is because my circumstances have hardly changed at all in the past 3 years! They have got no better but admittedly no worse.


I am on a number of various drugs 12 in total for my Diabetes, Osteo/Rhuematoid Arthritis, Panic Attacks HBP, HC etc and have real problems with every day issues etc. My newest drug is Humira for Arthritis which is ok but everytime i am ill i have to stop taking it! I have been taking it for a year now on and off.


I wrang and have asked for my claim to be looked at again and have asked for a copy of the GP's letter as last time this happened he missed of nearly all my drugs i take and didnt even mention half my issues! I have a feeling this may be whats happened again BUT with all the info i supplied in my claim form i am still amazed at the decision, i need care all day and sometimes in the night but the "decision maker" has still made a decision to basically say i dont need any help now!


I was gobsmacked to say the least!


Any views and any info on what i should do of they stick to this would be very much appreciated.


(This was written by my partner but worded by me)



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You need to appeal the decision. You might get help from your local Princess Royal Trust for Carers- ours has a welfare rights advisor who helped us greatly to get DLA.


This decision has obviously been made in error and you are right to get a copy of the evidence they have relied on. Do you have any consultants/other health workers involved in managing your condition? It might be good to get supporting evidence from them.

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Thanks for the reply, we are currently waiting for them to send us a copy of the GP's letter and will go from there. We have asked them to look at the decision again but were told it can take up to 11 weeks! Its been nearly 3 now and still no GP letter. I will give them until mid next week and contact them to see what going on as the GP's letter may be the cause of this issue.


I will let you know when we get it


Thanks again

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it makes me laff ou loud the descion makers at the dla,totally know where your coming from mate.ive worked all my life and after an accident i was left disabled,i had to fight tooth and nail and appealed 5 times for them to give me the correct rate even after my gp sent them a letter basically telling them i was in a severely bad way.its o.k for them to walk home or jog or what ever having decided that the person theyre dealing with isnt as bad as they think.total joke

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