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Hi all


Its been a while since my last post. I have been managing quite nicely to manage my debt til thius week and need some guidance from the more knowledgable!


I have 2 account with Nat West. Ciurrent Accounts. 1 with my ex and one an old student account. I have been prepared to pay my own off but they refused to freeze the interest despite several letters. I also sent them a CCA request for the overdraft limit to which they said thw CCA did not apply to this account although that is questionable on many of these threads. Anyway my ex (who left owing me £20,000) is named on one of the accounts and by principal I refuse to pay anything unless they badger him too. I have given them his last know address and work address to chase him too.


Anyway this morning I had a letter with an agreement number statuing that they want payment in full (this is for both accounts together) Can they do this? They do not differentiate between the 2 accounts and also they say that there will be substantial costs and their client has instructed them to take appropriate legal action.


So do i write to them advising that I have offered to pay but the interest has not been frozen. Do I ask why they are coming after me for all of it and not my ex. TBQH i would prefer to go to court and argue my case as I consider it wrong that they are only chasing me (merely as they have my address) There has to be some justice in this world!


Oh and if anyone knows anything about HMCOL? small claims on line. Can i have a summons sent to my ex's workplace as he has moved 3 times in 8 months to avoid getting any of this hassle? A long shot but just wondered!


Any advice would be great! Thanks all! ;-)

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They should not combine accounts but the do try, They will also only chase the person who is easiest to find.


as for hcol, I am sure someone will be along who as used it to offer assistance.


In the mean time write to the bank or whoever and state that these are seperate accounts and you will only deal on them as such and that one account was in joint names and you will not be held soley responsible




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Advice is given freely but is in no way meant to be taken as Gospel:-)

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