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    • I did but that datesback to 2015 or so?   I sent them a letter AND SAR, and all I got back is   Now my letter to them was clear, I can't have put it any clearer:      I'm lost as to what to do as:   I've tried phoning I've tried asking whoever my workcoach was when I was unemployed for help, but they were in the frame of "not my job". I've complained to the processing centre (Canterbury BDC for me) I've literally found my case managers personal DWP email address thanks to them being a little loose on social media, asked again for help but was told off and assigned a new case manager. (Interestingly the new case managers talks as-if he's the manager of the call centre) I've explained to 5, yes 5 (and multiple times to the same members) that I can't get through to the debt line. They provided me with a number, 0800 916 0647 which EVERY time gets "disconnected" when I mention anything like statement, list of debts. I've asked 3 times to start a complaints procedure, in writing, but those too are just ignored. I've asked face to face for a complaints procedure to be initiated through my old work coach, that too went by the way side.   Literally, I've exhausted EVERY avenue.. To the point where they won't even accept my letters to post internally any more. I was told that it's not their problem at the local Job Centre last time.   Any help here would be great as these debts, I'm pretty sure ARE paid off as they came out of benefits YEARS ago. The hesitation to send me statements is getting odd though.   Cheers,   Ade
    • I wasn't sure which forum to put this under, hope this is okay. My credit score has been going down for the last few months. I moved house in early March, which I know has an effect but I'm not sure if an entry from my energy provider is causing it to be worse. I was lucky enough to be on a fixed deal until next year, so I asked them to move services to my new address. Two entries appeared on my credit report, under "Open Accounts" - both say currently open, one with a balance of £0, one is minus £270. (They actually owed me £230 when the account closed, which they have refunded). Not sure if relevant - the old house is my Dad's and it took him maybe a month to get hold of them to sort out his account, but he's all paid up and my final bill definitely says they owed me. First question: is the -£275 entry showing that they think I am in credit or that I owe them? I thought it only showed up on the report if it was badly in arrears or something. Both entries have a green dot which I think means it's a good thing, so maybe showing as credit? Second: if it is showing as credit rather than me owing them, does that adversely affect my credit score? When I queried it in March they said to wait until it's all closed, but it's still there so I will email again but want to know what I'm talking about first. One last question - we registered to vote at our new address and actually voted the other week, the report says it can't see an entry for me on on the electoral roll. Is this just something that takes time or is there something I need to do? Thanks in advance
    • Were you still abroad Nov 2020?   Don't worry about silly bailiff threat, it's a consumer credit debt. No right of forced entry anyway    It's quite a STD letter, don't respond yet, but you will be and must simply to legally inform them of your correct address.   Get that info from the court then comeback here.   Your last deferral letter would have been to SLC so as with all of these backdoor CCJ's, the debt was already statute barred    Dx
    • Pity.  But then while we know there is no envelope, NCP don't know there is no envelope 😉
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