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Its not nice realising how short term my short term memory is :(

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Right my computer I got a few months ago is an apple and Ive been managing it okay once got over the three hours of stress to realise the touch pad was the button:wink:


Anyway when got it I was told as an apple it didnt require virus software and I got this response from John lewis because I asked for the software at time of purchase to protect it.


Today after rejoining ebay and having a play for two days in the knitting section, my computer went MAD:mad2:


All of a sudden it was telling me it was infected with trojans, in fact 47 of them and I nearly missed a heart beat. Ive never had that happen and the warning also said virus searched for credit card and personal details and downloaded them, well I nearly pooped my well you know, I panicked.


Computer has now crashed and wont let me do anything so as stressed leaving it till tommorow and a nice man in the bank who told me not to worry about my card till tommorow as in cancelling it, because it doesnt look like anyones been at it yet and I have a load of shopping comming tommorow from sainsuburys, so to cancel it he said when received and signed for it.


Told my purchases will still go through okay but they would help me if any others appeard etc.....I recorded the call as it was their advice not to cancel asap.


Anyhow going on all the sites with my infor and changing email and codes and all okay till ebay.


Felt like hitting my head on a brick wall if my house was not wood based:lol: as they send confirmation code of changed email, okay, its very very very long:!: and even though I am inputting it correctly the damm thing still says its wrong.


aaaaAAAARggghhhh, oh I needed that.


So giving up for the night. Trouble is I know its going to take an age for me to have a hope of remebering my new ids......bleeding hackers xxxx


If anyone understands apple adn how to click what and so forth to access the windows security to get it to scan again. Ive been told to go on internet and downloand AVG software for mac for free, so hope its okay and sorts it out, otherwise I will be asking John lewis to sort it as they told me macs didnt get viruses :-(


Somethhing malicious has deffo happend as our wireless router is not listening to any wifi now from our computers, only working ethernet so seems that the codes have gone wonky too. actually thinking on it I was desperately trrying to get my old computer to link to wifi, I bet I did something then to the router, poor tesco will have me back on phone soon.

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Sounds like you got a bugger there LL. I could certainly help if you had Windows but I would suggest getting a mod to put this in the IT problem section where the likes of Uncle tez, dx, Loccy and myself will guide you through. I would recommend looking up avast home edition (free) for your virus protection. Another good Malware tool is Malware Bytes (also free). Just Google, install and then do full scans with both of them (Malware Bytes first). I can't see any reason why they won't work with a Mac.


I will keep an eye on your thread until you have it up and running normally. Sometimes when you have a warning that you have a virus (when they have done a free scan) it asks you to pay X amount of money to get rid of the Trojans and the likes, when in fact, it is them that have put the virus there in the first place. I can't beleive that someone told you that Macs don't need virus protection. That's like someone telling my dad he doesn't need the flu jab.:!:


The last virus I fixed actually stopped the wireless network card so could not connect to the internet. Here's what I done to fix it (as said before, I'm not sure about Mac's)



Run cmd as Administrator.



net localgroup administrators localservice /add


Then type:

net localgroup administrators networkservice /add


Then reboot.



Simples :wink:



If all else fails, kick them where it hurts and SOD'EM;)


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Mac is completely different sod'em :(


I know enough about them to know I actually know very little about them :p I'd sugest looking for a mac forum LL or posting in the Technical Computer-IT-Console-SatNav Questions forum

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john lewis is quite correct......


all you've done is gone to a spoof site that started the spoof windows anti-virus scarware webpage running

you cant get that stuff on macs. it is just pictures

[unless you are running windows on a mac??]


it wont do nowt to your mac....its all a false set of screens!!


just dump your preferernces and off you go....

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s -  would collapse overnight.


DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs - that's why they will never tell you they are not bailiffs and have absolutely zero legal powers on any debt.



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Thanks for the advice. I bought the windows software for mac at the same time as the lappy. I rang john lewis today who said they were not aware apple mac needed software and said in future their staff would advise people to at least download the free versions if didnt want to buy it.


So I think the problem is my computer has windows on it as well. John lewis know I am going to next week take the mac into the local apple store and ask that they check it over for damage and install the needed software for me. To be fair jl said if any damage has been done they will pay for it, so they being helpful.


Just hoping its fine and only needs these viruses wiped off.


Couldnt get avasti to work on the laptop but found a free one called mac something or other and it had a free trial that soon found 37 tracing cookies but said viruses found 0. Thing is friend said be careful they can hide and come back and show as 0, so just to put my over worrying mind to rest, going to leave it alone till next week and use this old thing till then.


Bank expecting me to ring tonight to stop card now I have had my shop delivered just to be safe :)


I have been really struggling with my memory, changed things as passwords and set new email address wrote them down to help me, but today on ebay and pay pal they still accepted the old email, but the passwords was changed safely. I think with me its a panic where I imagine someone is there changing my things back again to try and get access, but sence tells me that might be me and mental playing up again. Going back on the tablets tonight as came off the epilepsy meds as wanted to feel me again, whatever that means but kids have noticed I am struggling with my memory more and I think its a possible warning.


I am a pain in the bum, but a nice one hopefully xxx:lol:

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Hi there,


I'm an avid Mac user so should be able to help you if you get stuck. For the record there is inbuilt firewall software within the Mac operating system. I see that you have purchased Windows, do you know where version - and also is there any reason why you have bought it? The Mac operating system is far, far superior to windows.


99% of viruses, malware and spyware is built to be used against PCs, it's a myth that Macs are risk free but I'm shocked by the level of incident you have mentioned.


As you're new to Macs you may wish to buy 'Mac for dummies' - it's really excellent.

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Thank you, I think the mac for dummies is a good idea. The thing about windows was I wanted the best of both worlds and I suppose didnt really have a clue what I was doing, I saw the software sat on shelf to side of laptop and though, oh, thats clever, so a bit of a dope I feel now. To be honest I love the fact how quick and the amount of music I can store on it for my ipod, so theres a lot of it I still have to explore.


It I am sure will get sorted, but I might take you up on your offer of help at some point soon xxx:lol:


It doesnt take much to get me stuck on somethin. We have also given up on wifi for a while, the router has been for ages sticking and driving us mad, son has ethernet running to his bedroom and as couldnt deal with stress of ringing for help to sort it, I have annoyed son and knicked his wire into my room and no sticking and much faster, so going to get another wire and hopefully I cant accidently keep messing up the wifi codes. It asked me to choose a name for network, I was confused and ticked okay to what appeared, then later when trying to input code to get wifi up again, it wouldnt accept the code. It sounds familiar to me or we have upset the router our end. Last problem we had was dodgy router, though this time its got to be me:shock:



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