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Alternatives to Energy Ombudsman?

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Greetings, All:


I've had a dispute with nPower over a mystery billing period where they claim my usage quadrupled (utterly impossibly), then returned to normal. I questioned the charges and for ten months nPower was unresponsive. I then discovered The Energy Ombudsman. Thankfully they "took my case." And so, I figured I had a chance - at least at a compromise. But TEO's final report is unacceptable to me, weighing 98% in nPower's favour. I feel TEO has not compelled nPower to investigate, nor has TEO investigated. In short, a good song and dance, but with zero real action. Perhaps I have "no case", but why can't they explain why this is so?


Can anyone say if I have any alternative advocacy options? Or Legal options. I need to fight this outrageous, fraudulent charge.\


With thanks,


Rick Lewis

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Anthrax alert at debt collectors caused by box of doughnuts


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Hi Rick and welcome to CAG



I've had a dispute with nPower over a mystery billing period where they claim my usage quadrupled (utterly impossibly), then returned to normal.


Can you supply more information about this?

were there estimates / meter changes etc?

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The estimates reflected historical pattern of usage: Same family in same house with same equipment for eight years. Suddenly, an actual meter reading reflects 4X usage. (Personally, I believe that in any case, nPower has the obligation to advise IMMEDIATELY of a major change in service being provided. Any other business would. Nevertheless, their 4 month old "discovery" is simply impossible given the residence and the usage.

As such, I believe either the numbers are fraudulent, or the meter was operating in error for the "anomalous period". There were major roadworks going on just feet from the meter, and associated electrical equipment. I asked for an investigation of this, and location of substations, nPower equipment, etc. To no avail.


My own investigation, including interviews with sophisticated professionals in the engineering and electrical trades, has shown that multiple alternatives do, in fact, exist to explain the alleged usage spike (or any usage changes). These include:

1. Malfunction of meter during disputed period due to internal meter mechanical or electrical factors.

2. Offsite electrical equipment that can influence the eddycurrent within the meter, included cabling in the road, or other “phased” equipment” within surrounding buildings and/or substations

3. Earth Voltage leaks related to EMF (electro-motive force).

f) Given the facts in d), can nPower factually verify the following:

1. There have been no electrical faults in the area

2. There have been no similar complaints in the area, or elsewhere

3. The road upon which this residence is situated, has seen manifold roadworks and other works administered over recent months and years. Indeed, the Council needed to resurface the road last August. As such, can nPower guarantee that faults resulting from said work could not have effected my meter. I am assured that this is abundantly possible.


This is the situation. No questions have been answered or investigated by nPower or The Energy Ombudsman.

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Welcome to The Consumer Action Group.



I am just letting you know that as you haven't had any replies to your post yet, it might be better if you post your message again in an appropriate sub-forum. You will get lots of help there.


Also take some time to read around the forum and get used to the layout. It is a big forum and takes a lot of getting used to.



Once you start to find your way, you will soon realise that it is fairly easy to get round and to get the help you need.


It can be bit confusing at first.

Please be advised that my time will be limited for the next few weeks.Thanks for your understanding.

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