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Is it just my suspicious mind? Sorry, it may seem long.

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After being unemployed for 12 months I had to attend extra meetings at a company called TNG. I went for the induction, which didn't impress me,and then a week later I should have attended a 2hr job search with them. On that day, I received a phone call to say it had been cancelled due to them not having any money on the premises to refund people their bus fares:!:.

As I wasn't impressed with them I sent off for my pension forecast, I wasn't receiving any benefits, just getting my NI stamp paid for. It turned out that I have paid enough for my state pension,so I decided to sign off as unemployed. No more signing on, and no more TNG........................or so I thought:-x.

A few weeks after signing off I applied for a job that I had found and was successful in getting the job. A couple of weeks into my employment my personal job advisor from TNG ,who I had met once, left a message on my phone saying that she needed to see me as she hadn't seen me for a while. I called her back and asked why as I had told her that I no longer signed on, and that I was actually working again. She congratulated me and asked where it was I was working. I thought nothing more of it until a week later. I went into work and was told that someone from TNG had been in the previous day, my day off, wanting my manager to sign a form to say that I was working there. To say I was fuming is an understatement, what had it got to do with them where I was working? I wasn't even registered as unemployed when I got the job. As it happened my manager was also off that day and the other staff wouldn't sign anything without my permission:-).

Anyway, they returned that day, with the form to be signed. So I told him in no uncertain terms that it had nothing to do with their company where I was working and that no forms would be signed. So off he went.

Until today. I had my day off yesterday and today I was told that a lady called Lisa (my job advisor from TNG) had phoned my work place asking to speak to the manager. Unfortunately for her it was also his day off, and the other staff know the situation so they told me about it.

Now, this is where my suspicious mind comes into it,from what I was told at the induction, this company only get paid from the government if their clients (like me) get full time employment and this is why I think they are desperate to get these forms signed.

Some might say, just sign the form, you won't hear from them again, but out of principle I will not sign it and I've asked my manager not to either. If they are trying to take the credit for getting me back into employment, are they not defrauding the government out of money? If that was me, I would certainly be up in court:x.

Anyway rant over, if you've got this far thank you for taking the time to read it all. I would like to hear others views on this so please feel free to post.

By the way, I will be getting in touch with the companys manager next week.

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Seems they are some kind of government sponsored employment agency trying to get a fee by whatever means. They must need the money if they can't even pay travel expenses for their clients.


Have you or your manager seen the form that needs signing? If they keep up this harassment it might be worth asking them to provide a copy then depending on what it asks for, return the form unsigned with a covering letter stating the facts eg. in no way shape or form did TNG find or assist you in securing your current vacancy. It's very suspicious that they turn up with the form and leave with it rather than leaving it to be completed. I agree, they want to get it signed and run.


I am presuming you were referred to TNG by Connexions. I would refer the matter to them. Obviously they know when you signed off and your current employer knows you applied for your job yourself.


Connexions should be informed and should deal with it in my view. I think it is an invasion of your privacy and I am not sure what the Data Protection implications are for TNG here.


I suggest you write to them and copy Connexions in your letter telling them the facts and that TNG should refer to Connexions who and you will be seeking legal advice if they continue to harass you and your manager in this way. I would suggest to them that this is harassment and they are in breach of Data Protection Laws. Write to your local MP or Councillor too or copy them into your letter.


They did not place you in employment so should not have any fee. If they need to sign you off their books then they should go to Connexions who probably referred you in the first place, to close the matter.


If they turn up again, tell them to leave the form. Nothing will be signed on the spot. Tell them not to come back and they will only be dealt with in writing and after you have spoken to Connexions.


Might scare them off if they are on [problem].

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