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    • so when you have acknowledged the claim tell us all about the event and what paperwork you still have regarding it. i see it is the E london business centre so were you there on business or just dropping the car off to go elsewhere?  now that can make a difference to whether you have actually been offered a contract to park or not. we will also ned to see the signs and whislt you are at it you make a plan of the site and label where each of the signs are and whetehr they are illuminated, what size they are , how far off ground etc
    • Did anyone see the article about the Observer being given footage of Steve Bannon talking about how he helped Boris write a speech about his resignation?    Boris is denying it,  I just hope that someone confronts him with the film clips. 
    • so my opinion is that you were not offered a contract to park fr the following reasons. no notice warning you at entrance from public highway that the land is covered by conditions that you shoudl consider before entering . the  sign that is 12 feet off the ground isnt a contract but an invitation to treat the sign on the corner in the same photo doesnt offer a contract to park to the public but prohibits parking for the public in certain areas and only makes an offer to a limited number of people for some other spaces and if you are not a permit holder nor a pub customer then you are not being made an offer of terms. No indication of who is offering  this invitation, no company address or ATA membership indicated so that  breaches the POFA and break the CoP for the BPA and that means no liability is created Now as the space is a right of way to a number of occupiers of the buildings surrounding the  area it would be wise to look up who actually owns the land and what covenants cover its use by either being included in the deeds of the land or by way of 8 years continuous use to create such rights.   The pictures are too blurred to be of any evidential use, you have to go back and take good clear pictures of the signs so all of the small print can be read ( last picture OK) also take picturs of the car park and any other marking you can see so when they say yellow spaces are such and such then you need to show that it isnt that well defined. Also of yellow area is for authorised users how do they determine who is authorised as it isnt their land and they only use CCTV to grab reg details so they wont have a clue that the James Marshall centre gave you permission to park up because they didnt ask either you or them ( for example).
    • You have fewer rights, not no rights. You can't take your employer to Employment Tribunal for Unfair Dismissal in most circumstances until you have worked there for 2 years. But you can take your employer to Tribunal to recover unpaid wages however short a time you have been there.   But your concern at the start was "... when I leave next year, will they pay my overtime" so you are planning to leave anyway?  Have they paid you overtime up to now? If so your payslips will be evidence that under your contract they pay overtime so if they don't you can bring a claim for unpaid overtime agaisnt them. Do you have any reason to think they won't pay it?   Keep your payslips!        
    • In the first two years they can pretty much get rid of you for any reason (or even no reason!), so it's perhaps a bad idea to give them any excuse until the two years are up.  Even then, establishing that say, you've been unfairly dismissed, is not always easy.   In the first two years I think you would be able to sue for "wrongful" (as opposed to "unfair") dismissal, but there you are talking about legal differences beyond my competence.   Is there a problem other than the lack of a written contract?  You could ask again (tactfully).  eg "Oh - I've just realised that I don't seem to have a copy of my terms and conditions.  Can you let me have a copy?"  If they keep refusing you might decide that either (1) there's something funny going on here, or (2) they're simply incompetent.   Assuming you pay tax and NI, you may want to check with HMRC that deductions are being paid over to them.  (I assume you can do this without your employer knowing - others will know how).   Are you being paid for overtime worked?
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