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QQ advice pleaaaaase

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Hi all - due to default on my QQ loan next week. I have been paying £100 interest every month for quite a while now and I just want to pay it off..

Been looking through a few threads which I have found to be very helpful - thanks!

I have cancelled my card and made sure they have no DD set up.. Im also prepared for the email ping pong aswell with them. Im just want to pay it off and I know that they are buggers for trying to set up a plan..

Also heard the DCA they pass to are awful! Any further help or tips would be verrrry welcome..

First time on here too hope ive posted this in the right place 8-)

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Hi tink. Welcome to cag. You are doing it all right. All you need to do now is wait for dca contact. You are the one in control now. Some of their dcas are very easy to deal with, some like muckhall are a pain. Never seen a qq court case! Post again when you hear from them.

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Well done for changing bank accounts - watch out for emails from other payday loan companies asking for your details - QQ have been known to glean info from these emails you don't want them to have.


I went through a barrage of phone calls from them both at home and at work, I refused to give security details, especially as they didn't identify themselves as Quick Quid, I had Double Q, Q lending, Q collections amongst others.


Once you stand your ground and they realise you know what your rights are they tend to sulk... watch out for the 'Phillips Specialist Bailiffs' or Marstons Bailiffs letters, in this case the bailiffs CANNOT use their bailiff powers to collect on a civil debt... if you get any letters or emails which are threatening send them to Trading Standards.

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Thanks guys.. Will post back when I default Thursday see what happens..


26072004 - I have paid back in interest more than I originally borrowed im sure so we shall see what they do offer me if anything!


sillygirl1 - Thanks for the heads up- i shall stand my ground and make sure I dont back down or give anyone else me card details!! Have you paid back QQ now or is it still ongoing?


Thanks everyone :)

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Mine was paid back late last year.


Cancelling your card isn't always enough, get another account for your main income source to go into to safeguard it from 'being arrested' as they love to state.


Halifax do a good online account with online banking and telephone support and they don't do a credit check.

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If you have paid more than originally borrowed give them a call before thursday see if they will accept a sum to close the account.


if you default they will add hundreds more in charges and default fees you have nothing to lose at this stage, they can only say no (which will leave you in the same position you are in now)

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Yeah ive opened a new one with halifax already, my wage will get paid into the one QQ have though so im going to have to keep a check and make sure they dont set up a DD before I get chance to transfer my funds to my halifax account.

26072004 - will they refuse to discuss my account though because I havent yet had a default on the account? Just read that a few times on here thats all.



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Afternoon Everyone!

Been waiting for my QQ payday loan to be passed on to DCA and I have now received a letter from Mackenzie Hall stating that ive been issued a default and have 7 days to pay or it will go to court etc..

Is this normal? Should I now be contacting the DCA to arrange a payment plan?

Thanking You!

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there are plenty of threads here which outline what to do


have a read


the more you read the stronger we become



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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Hi again!


After a bit of research and please correct me if I'm wrong ...................


Did you actually receive a Default Notice from Mucky Hall or QQ? If not, then they cannot take any action, including court action unless a default notice has been issued.


I think it's Bully Boy tactics here hun. They can't take you to court after 7 days - typical scaremongering - total barstewards imo. If they did send you a Default Notice You need to speak with whoever sent you it and come to an arrangement with them. Stick to your guns and keep a copy of all correspondence. They will eventually come to an agreement but only agree to pay the loan plus one month's interest. Remember if this does go to court (which it very likely will not) then you have a right to defend yourself and no court in the land is gonna take mucky hall's side especially if you try to come to an agreement with them. I think most creditors would prefer to come to an arrangement without going to court.


Let me know how it goes x

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hello you again :)


yeah ive read around a little more and im just going to keep sending emails until they agree to some form of payment plan..


I received a default letter from mackenzie hall I beleive, although QQ could have issued it.


I have sent them an email so I will post once I get a reply so you know what to expect.. :smile:

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Mucky hall are a joke a q'q debt I have went to them about a year ago I tried to come to an agreement but they were not having it so I advised them accept my proposal or sod of (50 per month for a £600 debt)

In the end they said it was not enough so I just thought sod em.

I Have received numerous letters from them i.e

-pay within 7 days or we will take you to court

-we will send doorstep collectors within 7 days

- (I like this one) we have been left with no choice but to start court proceedings.

-and various offers of an early settlement.

Now I have received a weird letter saying "we have obtained this address as a financial link from a credit reference agency if you are not the named person please contact us"

As far as I am concerned mucky hall are one big joke and they should be ignored. (Personal opinion)

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Hi Paxon - that's hilarious - SOD OFF to the DCA's :heh:


So basically they have made idle threats with no intentions whatsoever of carrying them out? So don't these people want their money or what? Or do they just enjoy harrassing people. Have they added loads of charges?

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If you look through/Google Mackenzie hall there are copious amounts of threads on all forums about them and there collection tactics.

It does seem they are idle threats as the letter categorically stating we WILL be issuing a claim at Northamptonshire county court within 7 days was sent to me 6 months ago.

Don’t get me wrong I have seen posts where they have taken people to court, though I would not be surprised if someone working for them was the poster that’s the sort of company they are.

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Yeah well I hope they're reading this - bunch of aerosoles - TAKE ME TO COURT


So what happens if they issue a claim at the court paxon? Do you get a letter from the court? Or is it left up to the DCA to send you the details?

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Well you will have to refer that question to another more informed poster as I have been lucky as I have 14-15 creditors and am lucky as of yet no one has issued a claim.


I think but don’t quote me the dca/creaditor will issue the claim to the court then the court will send a summands and a poc (particulars of claim) for you to file a defence with a deadline for you to send it back. Then you go to court on the date they have gave you to fight your corner.


But I doubt you will be getting one of these from Mackenzie hall

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Thanks Paxon


I might buy one of those books from the CAG website about how to defend yourself in court. Just in case .............


Don't know where I'd be tbh without the help of CAG and everyone on here. Love it love it love it :-D

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