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jellybabe vs La Redoute Catalogue

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I have been playing Letter ping Pong with these for at least a couple Years now.


Ended up asking for CCA to all my creditors including these.

Never received my agreement.


Debt passed on to Debt Managers LTD......asked them for CCA and have today received a reply with a lot of Copy Statements.

There are different options to tick on that lettr and Debt Managers have ticked the "others" box and state the following:


"We refer to your recent correspondence and advise that we have been unable to obtain the documentation requested, We are aware that in these circumstances the account is unenforcable, however as the balance remains outstanding (please see attached copy of statements) and still appears on your credit file, we now require your proposals for payment."


As if.....i think i keep that letter very very safe!


Any advise on what to reply if reply at all? I wouldn't mind going for a full & final on this one. But i think i check first what charges are on the account.

It is not Statute barred.



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I also just notice another thing by looking the statements.....


On the 27th July 2009 was a credit to my account "adjustments N/A" of the same amount of what Debt Managers claim of me????

On the bottom of the statement it states "present balance" £0.00, available to spend £0.00...minimum pazment £18 ????

Do the Debt managers people actually pay off the account when they buy it off La redoute or what is all this about??

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"In response to your request for payment. Please see my response below."



GET REAL :lol:


I think the £0.00 is when the debt was passed on and it's purely for accounting purposes

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Hi again,

i'm still here and awake,lol....i think:roll:

thanks, i think i might think of a good reply...even though yours is pretty tempting....God, i seem to think a lot this morning. time for bed...me thinks! :)

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I think the £0.00 is when the debt was passed on and it's purely for accounting purposes


even though it shows as "Adjustment" on the Account Statement. Couldn't you argue that the Account is therefore cleared?

Aah, It'd be nice if it would be soooo easy

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