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HBOS, Benefits and Debt

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Ok, I can't really see many threads about banks and charges here, maybe I'm not looking in the right place. I also don't want to hijack someone else's thread.


The story is, I had my benefits (ESA) terminated in June, after an appeal where they claimed I was lying about being ill. I'm not. I applied for DLA shortly after that seeing as the doctor and lawyer said I should, that was the correct benefit for me. That was turned down within a week and a half purely on the basis of my ESA appeal. Ever since then, I've had literally no income whatsoever, and am struggling greatly to find suitable employment for myself that I can actually cope with and do without exacerbating my condition, and therefore reducing the hours I can work.


I've cancelled all direct debits, so the problem will not get any worse, according to the bank. I'm 31 over my arranged overdraft limit. From July til a few weeks ago, I've been able to just about stay afloat as my partner has been able to give me money to pay in to get my bills paid. This kept me within my arranged overdraft and because I was put on the Ultimate Reward account back in January, again because of my financial difficulties, I should not, and have not to my knowledge incurred any charges whilst within my arranged overdraft.


So in theory the problem should not get any worse because I've cancelled all direct debits. But at the end of every month, there is a monthly fee for 12.50 that gets taken out. So the problem WILL get worse. According to the bank, I owe them 75 this month all from charges, and next month I'll owe them 225 all in charges. The only thing they could say to me is we are not freezing anything for you these are standard charges we have a right to take. It's not our problem you have no income, just pay the money in like a good little girl and sort it out. Just give us our money basically.


They want me to find money I have no access to (my partner had to stop giving me money for my bills because he's just had to take a hit in wages himself and can no longer afford to pay my bills as well as his) to pay into my account to bring it level. They basically want my partner to keep on blindly funding my account, even though the money is not there on his side either, and they have also been made aware of this several times. They say that is the only way they can help. They're just going to let the charges keep rolling on and threaten me for the money.


I don't know what to do, I've tried to sort it out with the bank and they're no use, I've called everyone that was taking money out of my account, they're all saying the same thing because I don't have an income they can't help I've just got to find a way to give them their money. I called a debt management company, they said they can't help me either until I have an income. With me being disabled it could be a very long time before I find a job, and any money my partner can pay in will be very few and far between. The debt management company I thought was very helpful, until they started saying they can only help me if I call with my partners full financial details and they can work out a way for him to pay my bills. They also sent me what I thought was going to be a very helpful information pack full of template letters and such, this is what I was told by them, all it is is a dead link that goes nowhere. The page does not exist. Seeing as they say they can't help me until I have an income anyway, I'm loathe to call them back.


I'm in a real bind, my debt is just getting worse and worse by the day as I desperately try and find work that isn't going to kill me or make me so bad I can no longer work at all. There's got to be something I can do to stop my debt piling up and up in the mean time surely? I don't want to wind up having to be in debt for the rest of my life because the DWP doesn't believe I'm disabled and doesn't want to talk to my doctor and get the evidence either...

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If you haven't already then post the benefit side of you story in our benefits forum and I am sure youl will get welcomes there and peeps will try and help.




Now regarding your debt's, although it is not impertaive at the moment, if you and you partner share a household (live together) then his income is classed as joint income.


The debt's.


Stop talking to them on the phone, you need know to keep everything in wiriting.


What you need to do is write to each of your creditors about your situation and either ask for a freeze for x months or offer £1 per month until you start to receive some from of income.


Letter c in link http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?20758


also you may consider opening a parachute account with another bank so if you do have monies going in then it willnot be taken by them first.

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