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bailiff has come round without first writing or phoning

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Basically looking for help - I have just had a visit from a bailiff from JWB looking for money for a late payment for my partner's parking ticket. Firstly, we paid it , although it was late. Secondly, we thought we had paid it in full but it turns out that there was an extra charge to pay for being late which we didn't know about.


Any letters telling us about this would have been sent to our previous address as my partner updated her address on her passport and driving license but was late doing it on her car tax whic is what they must have looked at.


However, while the council may have written to a previous address, JWB certainly have the correct address and have turned up for payment.


However, on the letter they have given us it does say that they should have tried to write and phone us before coming and collecting.


They haven't. They have simply sent a bailiff round and added around £300 for the pleasure of doing so.


Can anyone help? What can we say if he comes around tomorrow? Sorry for any panicked tone however, it is becoming quite stressful.



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Very simply, you will need to contact the Traffic Enforcement Centre (this is the admin centre who authorise all 1.7 million Warrants of Execution that are passed to bailiffs). Provide the PCN number and ask them to CONFIRM the date and address of the Warrant of Execution. I would assume that this was a previous address.


If so, TEC will email you a TE7 & TE9 Out of Time Statutory Declaration and you will need to email this straight away and this will ensure that all bailiff enforcement is put on hold.


Their telephone number is 08457 045 007

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Thanks for this Tom Tubby, it's excellent advice. Unfortunately for us, my partner was very stressed about someone actually turning up at the door and so paid the guy. It ended up being over £200.


One thing that hurts is that they claim they gave written notice to our PREVIOUS address and yet knew exactly where to turn up in person ie they knew our PRESENT address, so surely they should have sent a written notice HERE first?


They didn't and so charged us an excessive amount to 'cover' the bailiff turning up in person, which wouldn't have been necessary had they written here.


And all this for a ticket she paid a few days late.


If anyone has any advice on whether we could or should claim any of this back, I'd be really grateful. I was really annoyed that my girlfriend had paid this amount but didn't really appreciate just how pressured the whole thing was making her feel.


If I can get anything back for her I'd love to try.

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You can claim this back, Tomtubby can advise on this.


I would also write a letter to the court who authorised the bailiff putting in a complaint about excessive fees - and highlight the fact that you HAD already paid the charge so technically there was nothing for them to collect in the first place.

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