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I won my ESA tribunal.....now what????

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I need some help and was wondering if anyone knew what would be happening next as I can't seem to get an answer for anything.

I signed onto ESA in June 2009 after sufering severe depression and went for a medical on October 23rd 2009 which I failed. I was only given 6 points when 15 was needed. I appealed this and went to a tribunal on 8th September 2010 where I was allowed my appeal and was awarded an additional 24 points(making 30 points in total).

I have some questions that I can't seem to get the answers too, not even from DWP.

The judge awarded me these poitns and said that the decision made in November 2009 was overturned. I was placed in a work support group (which i was doing anyway) and I am owed some back dated money.

In August I got so fed up with the situation of being on esa (no regular payments, dwp misplacing sicknotes so delaying payments) and I thought getting a job would be far less hassle, I signed onto JSa which has was a huge mistake. I went onto ESA as I have severe depression and anxiety and was not well enough to find a job. I can't leave the house on my own, have suicidal thoughts and sever panic attacks and was not able to cope with the demands of being on JSa.

Because of my tribunal, JSA didn't pay me any money and my claim wasn't dealt with on the DWP computer system. after I won my appeal I went to my local Welfare Right officer who has helped me get back onto ESa.

My questions are, What am I supposed to do now? I'm guessing that as my appeal was allowed that I have passed my medical. Do I need to still go to my GP and get sick notes? As my original medical was in October last year, when will my next medical be? will it be a year from last October which makes it next month or will it be a year from the tribunal?

Also, I haven't had any money since August 17th which was when I received my last ESa payment, as my JSA claim wasn't processed due to my tribunal, will I receive any money between 18th August (when I first claimed ESA) and 8th September (when my tribunal was allowed)

sorry for all the rampbling but my head is all over the place at the minute

thanks x




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This looks complex and I'm bumping with an Antone or Erika for help please.


Don't know how to flag and can't PM Erika for help.

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Hi Congratulations on your appeal.


I went for my appeal last week and have just heard that they have turned me down. I am thinking about asking for a 'statement of reasons' as I am unsure why I was turned down. When I had my orginal medical it was 8 weeks after having surgery on both of my knees and five weeks before I started physio which lasted six months and I went three times a week.


Can anyone tell/ advise me on what I should do, I would really appreciate it.

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