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help needed with mackenzie hall/meritforce

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hi all,i last wrote a message here in 2008 needing help whith bcw trying to get me to pay a statute barred debt(i will copy message at bottom of page for you to read).

i have heard nothing for 2 years the started getting letters from mackenzie hall(they would very kindly send me 5 letters at one time)but i thought it was for something else (£50.00 n power debt)so ignored letters,then last week(after another 5 letters dropped through my letterbox)phoned them to pay the £50.00 but it turns out they are trying to get me to pay the same debt that bcw was trying to get me to pay.told guy on the phone that i would not be paying the debt as it was statute barred to which he replied "what does that mean?"

this morning i received a letter from meritforce telling me thatdue to non payment they have been instructed by mackenzie hall to collect this debt on their behalf,and that an autherised collector will visit my property within the next 10 days.

should their collector inform them that no positive commitment towards clearing this debt has taken place then the account will be returned to meritforce and formal proccedings may be considered.


where do i go from here??should i send both companys a statute barred letter??help.


thanks for reading.heres the old post.the debt is now £1074.00 btw


hi there,im new here and found your forum by accident and wish i found it sooner and hope someone can help me.


10 years ago(nov 97 to be exact)i held an account with the Halifax and had an overdraft of £1oo,in nov 97 i lost my job and informed the halifax that id lost my job so no money would be going into my account but as soon as i got a new job i would start to pay back the overdraft,in dec 97 me and my partner split up and i had to move out and in the jan 98 i found out i was pregnant so as im sure you will understand this debt went compleatly out of my head.


fast forward now to jan 08,i went into my bank to order a new bank card as i had snapped mine and was told that i could now get a current account(was just a wages account i had before)so i said ok and had to give details et.Afew weeks after i done this i received a letter from bcw saying they were acting on behalf of thames credit for an outstanding debt of £1050.i spoke to someone i work with and he said to send a letter stating that if i had had money left in said account that after this amount of time i would not be able to claim the money back(dormant account)and as far as i was aware the reverse was true.


A few weeks passed then received another letter basically saying that if i didnt call them they couldnt help me so to give them a call and they would do all they can to help,well i stupidly called them(and believe me i really wished i hadnt)the woman i spoke to asked me a few questions,do i have a partner(no),do i have any dependants(yes 2)do i work(yes part time)do i have a bank account(yes)then said she could reduce the debt to £685 but would need payment that day(what??)i said im sorry but i dont have that kind of money so she said can you get it by fri(this was tue)i said i suppose but id have to borrow it so she asked if i could pay anything and i stupidly paid £100 and she asked my to call back on fri with the rest of the money.


On the thurs i managed to get through to the citizens advise bureau and lady was horrified both that i had been contacted about the debt and that id paid money to them and told me to call bcw and say that under scots law a bank/building society have only 5 years to contact you about a debt and after that it should be wiped and that i would not be sending anymore money to this company and as the original debt was for £100 and i had alredy paid bcw £100 that should be it,instead of phoning i faxed the letter to their office in glasgow and heard nothing till tues(22/4).bcw phoned me to ask why i didnt phone them to which i replyed i take it you didnt get the letter i faxed them and the lady said no,funny that i said,i have posted a letter and faxed a letter and none of which you have ever recieved.


i told woman what id put in the letter and said that the cab had advised me not to send bcw anymore money,she said that as i had acknoledged the debt with bcw that i would have to pay the outstanding amount even after more than 10 years,so i asked her to put that in writing and send it to me and that as soon as i had their letter i would contact the cab again.if you got this far thanks for reading and any help/advice you can give me would be most appreciated,thanks again and sorry its such a long post

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Hi they are talking C**P once a debt is statute barred it is always statute barred.



cannot find it A to Z





Halifax :D

Paid in full £2295


MBNA:mad: 20/03/2008 settled in full out of court


Capital One:D

07/07/2007 Capital one charges paid in full £1666

19/01/2008 recovered PPI £2216 + costs


Littlewoods :-D

12/08/2007 write off £1176.10 debt.


JD Williams charges refunded in full £640

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told guy on the phone that i would not be paying the debt as it was statute barred to which he replied "what does that mean?"

Classic:lol: Typical Muck Hall.


Stay off the phone. You could write to them telling them that it's SB but personally, I wouldn't bother. They are the lowest in the trough.


I would however report BCW to trading standards for passing on a SB debt after being informed it was SB

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Report Mackenzie Hall to Alan Stewart at East Ayrshire Trading Standards, he is well aware of their tactics, explain to him that the guy on the phone was very poorly trained and did not know what a statute barred debt was...


DO NOT PHONE Mackenzie Hall again, they are lying toerags. Alan Stewart is very effective at dealing with them.

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thanks guys just spoke to alan stewart and hes told me to send statute barred letter recorded to both mackenzie hall and merit force and if they continue to hassel me phone him back,thanks again joanne

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