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JP V Lloyds TSB

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So..I applied and got a list of bank charges. The total I want to claim for adds to £854.23.

Am I right in thinking that I DO NOT claim the 8% at this stage and if so at what stage do I claim it?


I have the 'Preliminary approach for repayment.' typed out and ready to send but thought I would make sure before I posted it.

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hi jp

yep, you can't add the 8% til you file your claim with the court. Good luck.


the train of thought has left the station, hope i was on the right platform!!



Lloyds TSB

prelim sent 06/07/06 response rec'd 14/07/06

LBA sent 20/07/06 response rec'd 27/07/06

Moneyclaim filed 22/08/06 Ack'd 30/08/06

Defence filed 26/09/06 AQ filed 12/10/06

hearing set for 10th Jan 2007


Cap One

prelim sent 2nd Nov 2006 First offer rec'd 14th Nov

any thoughts, suggestions or advice given by MBQ are done so without prejudice. All information I have, i have learned from this excellent site. If in any doubt, seek professsional advice.






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So having sent my letter requesting a refund of bank charges I have recieved a letter.

They refused to refund/cancel any charges. They 'don't agree with OFT's thinking on unfair charges'.

Most importantly they claim I don't have a case becuase "the guidlines only concern 'default' charges. The fees we charge for going over an averdraft limit and returned payments are not any kind of default penalty. They are fixed standard prices for the service we provide'


Do I now send the next letter or am I beaten?

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Hi JP, dont worry your no where near to being beaten, this is standard lloyds clap trap. Send them your LBA (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/92-3-letter-before-action.html) giving them 14 days to pay up (which they wont) and them put in your claim either through MCOL or using the hard copy version of the N1 form in the library (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/844-n1-claims-form-pdf.html). The size of your claim means you will have to pay £80 in fees for issueing a claim.


While you wait read through the FAQs http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/

and some of the longer threads in the lloyds success forum. MJanets is a particularly good one and quite amusing http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloydstsb-successes/1777-mjanet-lloyds-unconditionally.html


good luck and keeps us informed



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Thanks for that. I was looking on the 'Moneyclaim' site. Just getting prepared. Is there a template for how to word the text you enter into the 'Particulars of claim*' field? I can't seem to find one. I don't want to word it badly and mess things up.


Also. I've worked out the the interest of 8% but how do you word that also? You can't just cut and paste the excel doc (not enough room I think)..and the generic info that pops up doesnt really relate to 30 different interest periods..just one.

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