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    • For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] (must be received within 14 days from the Incident)   please answer the following questions.   1 Date of the infringement 17th, 18th and 22nd September     2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 24th, 24th and 28th September 2020   [scan up BOTHSIDES as ONE PDF- follow the upload guide]   3 Date received 26th September (for the ones dated as the 24th) 30th September OR 1st October, i'm unsure as I was not present at home from the evening of the 29th until the evening of 1st October (for the one on the 28th)   4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] Yes, on all of them   5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? They have captured two photos of the event for each date clearly showing my registration. The surroundings however are not present as the photos have been taken at very late hours.   6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] No   Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up ^^^ N/A ^^^   7 Who is the parking company? Minster Baywatch   8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Cotswold, Lakeside Car Park, GL7 5LU   For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. There is a BPA logo present at the bottom of each letter
    • Apologies for the delay it took a while to cut and also get to size,     claimants_WS.pdf
    • The complexity of exporting to European markets mean firms may have no option but to set up an EU presence. View the full article
    • Selling refurbished electronics is a fast-growing business where customers can make big savings. View the full article
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    • Dazza a few months ago I discovered a good friend of mine who had ten debts with cards and catalogues which he was slavishly paying off at detriment to his own family quality of life, and I mean hardship, not just absence of second holidays or flat screen TV's.
      I wrote to all his creditors asking for supporting documents and not one could provide any material that would allow them to enforce the debt.
      As a result he stopped paying and they have been unable to do anything, one even admitted it was unenforceable.
      If circumstances have got to the point where you are finding it unmanageable you must ask yourself why you feel the need to pay.  I guarantee you that these companies have built bad debt into their business model and no one over there is losing any sleep over your debt to them!  They will see you as a victim and cash cow and they will be reluctant to discuss final offers, only ways to keep you paying with threats of court action or seizing your assets if you have any.
      They are not your friends and you owe them no loyalty or moral duty, that must remain only for yourself and your family.
      If it was me I would send them all a CCA request.   I would bet that not one will provide the correct response and you can quite legally stop paying them until such time as they do provide a response.   Even when they do you should check back here as they mostly send dodgy photo copies or generic rubbish that has no connection with your supposed debt.
      The money you are paying them should, as far as you are able, be put to a savings account for yourself and as a means of paying of one of these fleecers should they ever manage to get to to the point of a successful court judgement.  After six years they will not be able to start court action and that money will then become yours.
      They will of course pursue you for the funds and pass your file around various departments of their business and out to third parties.
      Your response is that you should treat it as a hobby.  I have numerous files of correspondence each faithfully organised showing the various letters from different DCA;s , solicitors etc with a mix of threats, inducements and offers.   It is like my stamp collection and I show it to anyone who is interested!
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Respondent has failed to submit a defence - tribunal case - advice please

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Hi all, Have just recieved a letter from my solicitor stating that the respondent has failed to submit a defence in response to my claim.. (unfair dismissal) Therefore I automatically succeeded... Now I have to attend court within the next month to decide what compensation is payable to me.


Can anyone advise me how things work next... I am sure it is not going to be so straight forward ie: actually recieving the compensation payment from them without a long wait etc, however I was wondering can they appeal this decision etc? can they submit a late response? will they still have to attend court for the compensation hearing? has anyone else had this experience? a little insight into what can or could happen from now would be appreciated... Many Thanks in advance :-)

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Hi sack..... well done on 'winning' at least you don't have to go through the worry of a trial.


Like all things the Respondent could appeal but it sounds like that they are not contesting the complaint, perhaps they will be a bit more active when they are told how much to pay you. I doubt whether any appeal would be a success because the system allows for time to put it together.


Your solicitor will be / should be asking for all the evidence you have on your losses. There are set amounts that are paid have a look at this site and you will get an idea http://www.compactlaw.co.uk/monster/empf10.html Your solicitor should be submitting a schedule of loss too so you will get an exact amount. Once an order is made the employer will have a set amount of time to pay or enforcement proceedings will have to be taken. I think that happens in the county court.


Is the employer a large organisation or a small concern?

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Sac - I am in exactly the same position as you . I left my last job in June as I was subjected to discrimination due to my national origin whilst at work. I went through all of the internal processes and finally left without working notice. I put a complaint in at the ET (East London) on 15th July for unfair dismissal (constructive dismissal) and discrimination on the basis of my race and national origin- my ET1 was accepted. As I had not heard anything I rang the Court Clerk this morning who informed me that my previous employer has not sent in their reply and that an "urgent default judgement" has been sent to the judge for review. I am not that clear on what that actually means either! I assume that as they havent responded it automatically goes in my favour - but as for the award I have no idea? what if my previous employer doesnt pay up? do I have to take them to court again to get the money? They are a medium sized pharmaceutical manufacturer......TBH I am very surprised that they havent responded or even at least contacted ACAS to stop it from getting this far...still their ignorance is my gaain I guess!

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Hi there. Papsmurf is right if you go to the HM court service website and look for the section which states "I have a judgement and the respondant hasn't paid" then that will tell you what to do next.

If anyone is nervose before attending a hearing I would advise to go to the Tribunal Service and ask to sit in on a hearing - you are perfectly entitled to do that and will give you an idea of what to expect and it is a food education as well.

Best of luck anyway to you both.

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Thank you for your comments... The respondent has now sent in a late defence and was asked to explain why... Seems that they had a good enough excuse so it is off to court we go!

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