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Roxborough - Wages Arrestment

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Hi - I hope somebody can help me.


I have a small debt with Wonga of £160.00 who have passed to Roxborough

debt collection. I have offered to pay this amount back in 2 payments of £50.00 and

one of £60.00 (I get paid Weekly). This has been refused by Roxborough.

They are now threatening Wages Arrestment.


Am I correct in saying that they would have to apply to the courts to do this and

could they only be allowed to take a certain amount from my wages each week.


Is this just a normal tactic to scare mje and make me pay all this money in one

go which I cannot afford.


Please help.



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You are absolutely correct and whats more the offer you have made is possibly greater than they could obtain by WA. please check against the following table.

Net earnings


Not exceeding £95.77


Exceeding £95.77 but not exceeding £346.15

£4 or 19% of earnings exceeding £95.77, whichever is the greater

Exceeding £346 15 but not exceeding £576.92

£47.57 plus 23% of earnings exceeding £346.15

Exceeding £576.92

£100.65 plus 50% of earnings exceeding £576.92

This is just another debt collector sabre rattling.

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As always --SCARE tactics. With DCA's YOU MUST take control --only YOU and a court can decide what (if anything) you can pay.


Unless you've been totally feckless and reckless then YOU WILL ALWAYS GET A BETTER DEAL FROM A COURT THAN A DCA. DCA's know this too so won't normally ever take people to court. They are preying on people's ignorance in general and fear of the Court system.


Never EVER give in to harassing tactics and NEVER EVER speak to them on the phone.


If you make an arrangement just say something like 1 GBP a month or NOTHING. If they don't like it tell them to Foxtrot Oscar since you won't be communicating with them again unless its inside a Courtroom.


Any arrangement you DO make --get it in writing so if it does (999.9 times out of 1000 it wont) go to court you can tell the Court that YOU have offered to pay what you can afford and the DCA is just wasting the courts time by making VEXATIOUS and TOTALLY UNREASONBLE DEMANDS.


DCA's are basically the lowest form of pondlife and are usually defeated when the outstanding debt is relatively small.






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Report them to the OFT for breaking their guidelines on debt collecting, and Trading Standards via Consumer Direct, and to your local MP. Roxburgh are part of the HFO Group of idiots and all operate out of the same building. They all think they 'know the law' but they only quote bits of it.


They need to be reported to the Ministry of Justice as well for misleading you on their powers, this is something the MOJ are hot on, look at how many of the bogus claims companies they have closed down recently....

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