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Faulty Comp Returns

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I bought a netbook 10" Zoostorm Freedom from Argos Clearance Stores via ebay where they selll their stuff. These items have been returned by customers to the main Argos stores for one reason or another.

The Clearance stores has the item checked over until it's full working and then resells via ebay at a reduced price.

I ordered item on 12 Aug and received on 17 Aug and paid with Paypal.


The webcam wasn't working when it arrived but I started using it anyway and now the wireless card has stopped working. With a netbook which you carry around you need the wireless card.


I've contacted Argos Clearance stores via ebay Ask Seller A Question and asked to send item back for a full refund as it's faulty.

I don't want a repair or replacement.


They have said to phone D&J Henry who do their repairs and refurbishment.


My contract is with Argos Clearance stores and I don't want to deal with any third party.


Any advice appreciated.

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Contact Paypal directly. They take the consumers side before the sellers. Also, most purchases of up to £500 are automatically covered for things like this.

Open a query in the Resolution Centre of Paypal and they will advise you from there.


My OH had a similar problem a while back. Paypal refunded the money to her, and then chased the seller for the money back.


Can't promise the same result for you though, but that's the way to go.



If all else fails, kick them where it hurts and SOD'EM;)


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I went to the ebay dispute and opened a dispute and the reply said no to a refund and contact by phone D&J Henry who deal with their computer returns. They then closed the dispute.

That's how helpful Argos Clearance Stores are.


I then went to Paypal and opened a dispute and they have replied no refund contact D&J Henry who deal with returns and repairs.


All I want is my money back on a faulty netbook.


If I buy from Argos Clearance I feel I should only have to deal with them.


I should be able to send it back to them and if they then want to send it to their computer repair and servicing fine......but let them do it not me.


Dealing with one party Argos Clearance bargains should be enough.

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You are fully entitled to deal directly with Argos. If this is what you want then I would send them a last letter and then sue them. But only threaten to do this if you are prepared to go ahead with your threat.


Your chances of winning are better than 90% - but of course, Argos will cave in once you have issued the papers.

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Argos Clearance Stores say I can't return the faulty item to them I must return it to their repair company D&J Hendry.


Paypal have told me I am correct in my responses to Argos regarding dealing with the vendor only.

I bought via ebay and then Argos Clearance Stores and used Paypal for the purchase.


Now I don't know if D&J Henry is part of the Argos group or not ?


I have stated I want a full refund only, no repair or exchange. I've also stated that I should be able to return to the vendor with whom I have a contract of sale and it's up to them if they want another company to check it, but unfortunately you just get the stock answer


"Our selling pages state faulty items must be returned to D&J Henry".



So they feel their own rules supercede UK Consumer law.



Are Argo and Argos Clearance Stores the same company and if so where can I find the address for their head office ?



Is a county court summons sent to their head office ?




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