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Lloyds at it again Default and interest on payment arrangement

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this is my first post, this site is an absolute goldmine of information.


I ran into financial difficulty a few years back in 2007. Myself and my husband started to get excessive charges on our LLoyds Tsb accounts and ran up a pile of debt because we could not keep up with them charging us extreme amounts every mth. LLoyds returned charges on one of the accounts only.


So we worked hard and payed back around £8000 pounds to a Lloyds credit card and 2 current account , DEBT PAID everyone happy ...you would think.


Now in 2010 Im nearly deby free Ive doubled my credit rating with experian, my husband and I are doing really well with our careers and things have changed dramatically for us to an aim of having £4000 disposable income by next year once our last two remaining debts are paid in full. Our kids will have a good life and banks will never touch us again...well so we thought!1





I decided last mth after 4 years of working my butt off paying everything ,I should treat myself to a nice car ............but was turned down for credit. I checked with Experian and my score is nearly at Excellent. So I was confused :confused: therefore checked with EQUIFAX and was nearly sick at what I saw. LLOYDS TSB HAVE NEVER updated my file and any creditor thinks I owe £7000 on a lloyds creadit card which was paid off in early 2007. I spoke with LLoyds CUSTOMER RECOVERY DEBT who said as far as they were concerned the debt was settled and could not understand why this had happened. I also have a DEFAULT put on the account last year despite being told by ALLIED INTERNATIONAL that is would not effect my file if I paid. LLOyds have said they would amend the balance on the file to £ 0 but will not remove the Default as It was a full & final settlement.........I paid the balance in full it was the charges that were removed from the account that did not get paid as part of the agreement.








To my horror EQUIFAX also have information on my file regardin an old LLoyds TSB account.


I had an agreement set up to pay off an OD account with a balance of £2800 ( ALL BANK CHARGES) interest free at £50 a mth. In total I have paid £1200 on the debt but find that the bank have only reduced the balance by £400, and have also recorded this as AP (arrangement to pay on Equifax) After calling Lloyd over the wkend at the Collection dept in India I have come across the most bizarre Customer Service I have ever come across. The kept me on the phone for 1hr and 40min on the first call and tried to move the accounts to Customer Recovery as they said they would need to start charging interest again , this was said after I Constantly asked fro an explanation about why my balance has not come down. They wanted me to pay £50 per mth with £40+ going to interest ALONE.



They did not tell me that my account would show as a DEFAULT if it stepped up to Customer debt recovery. I called customer debt recovery, they told me to call collections back and explain that I would pay my account to them as I did not wish to default on the account and that all I wanted to know was why my Balance was in fact incorrect. The adviser agreed to freeze interest and I agreed to make double payments of £100 to clear this off.




I called collections the next daty to obtain history of my payments to collection and investigate the balance. I was told they could not give this information and that the payment plan that was set up the previous day was wrong and that they wanted to start charging interest again as the adviser had MADE A MISTAKE BY FREEZING THE INTEREST .................:-x



I told the call handler that I had made an oral agreement with the previous adviser and that I would not enter into another agreement with her and I told her to put the account on hold until I sought advise from the BRANCH. She agreed to hold until Tuesday 31st Aug and assured me that they would not make a mistake like this again and I would be charged interest:-x


I told her that she should be ashamed of working for a bank that behaves in this way. I am someone who is coming out of debt and BANG LLoyds have this hurdle up.... and I can afford to pay ........what about the people that cant! its just wrong.




I wrote to Lloyds long ago to get charges back through hardship they refused......so I agreed to pay. I will take them to court I dont have any issue with that. I live in SCOTLAND



What do I do , can any of you experts see any holes in this that I cant??.:confused:



I will fight them all the way!!!!!!........ some lucky LLoyds TSB Branch Manager has an appointment with me tomorrow at 930am .....................god help him.



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