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WANTED - Uni-students to save us all.....

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Only uni-students can do this because, like every 18 to 20 year old rookie who stormed the beaches on June 6th 1944, they believe in themselves and their indestructability..... and, those who are at uni now are the ones who, because of the current monetary system, will not find satisfactory career paths, nor the deposits to get on the housing ladder.... THEY TOO FACE A LIFETIME OF DEBT - I have a young son in this very situation... he's 28, with a BSc(Hons) degree and at 27 he was £40,000+ in debt and still is - he cannot leave home.


With offices at 107 Fleet Street "call4reformstudents" has SERIOUS plans to change the Bank of England Act by using the power of university students - both here AND IN AMERICA.


We're a group of economists, lawyers, engineers, former civil servants, university academics and business people who have realised that the root of the instability in the world economy, and huge burden of debt in every country, is due to the fundamental design of the banking system.




THERE IS A 2 Days MEETING IN LONDON WEEKEND 13TH/14 November 2010 at....


London University Union,

Room B04, Birkbeck College

Malet Street


WC1E 7HX (a short walk from Russell Sq & Euston station)


If you know any card carrying uni-students with at least one year left, please pass this information to them... especially those who exhibit leadership qualities and are keen on economics and pschycology etc. The available knowledge and training for selected leaders will change their lives.


Everything is on the web site, reasons, instructions, the lot.... why not sign up for their NEWSLETTER.... we can all participate.


PLEASE, take the time to have a thorough look... there are two videos and a number of links.


WE, the members of this forum and the other 97% of the population whether in debt or not exist solely for the FINANCIAL BENEFIT and disgusting anti-human gratification of the top 3% of the population - you know who I mean... the international bankers like J P Morgan, Wall Street bankers who pay Blair $2million annually and others.


This banking elite could stop Jack Kennedy and they stopped Abe Lincoln too, but they were only two voices in the wilderness then... how could they stop thousands of students and still hope to keep it all a big secret??? (as Gen Andrew Jackson [once US president] said, "if the masses knew what they were doing in their name, there would be a rebellion overnight)


REMEMBER, it was our government, the very people we vote for and want to trust who betrayed us by giving private bankers the legal right to manufacture money from thin air upon and charge us usury... It's time it was stopped (rescinded :p) - and now, they're starting to do it all over again. Will WE ever learn?


In general here is the basis of a workable propsition and what's in it for us all.




If we wait for adults to act, it will never happen - in didn't in the 1930's when appeasement was the only solution..... in the end, one old man changed everything with the help of all the fit uni-youngsters..... perhaps this man, tho not so old, is the one to lead us out of debt slavery, with an army of university students who have a whole life time to benefit from such change - or suffer the unimaginable consequences of a collapsed currency.


The tactics they are using to grow the movement are those used very successfully and cheaply by Obama who now sits in the White House.


The target year is 2013 whilst there is still a coalition government.



C'mon Caggers, you know it makes sense.



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