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CapQuest. Advise plese!!


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Hi there.


can you please give me some advise.


I have been having loads of phone calls from the lovely capquest, They currently have not sent me any writen corespondence. I have just moved house so is it likely that the letters will be going to my previouse address.


I have started another thread in the barclay card section of this site. (sorry for making this difficult)




Where I have disused alot of my issues with a very helpful member.


but my question here is has anybody delt with capquest, and what is the likelyhood that they will go straite for a CCJ?? I am very worried about this as I am living at my in-laws and the last thing i want is bailifs turing up. This is all very stressfull.


Thanks guys and im sorry for posting links to other threads but it seemed sensible to put a thread in this section.




Liam :)

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Hi again and no I'm not stalking you :eek:


I have no personal experience of CQ but they much alike to other DCA's

At the moment CQ are throwing Statutory Demands around like confetti and nearly every thread I have seen about it the Cagger has managed to get it set aside but for the moment, you don't need to worry about that.


As I mentioned on t'other thread, my personal opinion is to tackle this before it gets to court. It's easier to deal with than trying to get a judgement on your old address set aside.


You say CQ have been calling you. I assume this is on your mobile?


As you are worried about getting a CCJ, I still think it would be better to let them know of your address so that they cannot get judgement by default at your previous home.


In the link I gave you on the other thread (SAR) there are loads of other letters to use. just have a look but also, here is a letter to send should you get pi**ed off with the phone calls



When dealing with any DCA, the golden rules are:

Never speak to them on the phone (you have that one sorted already)

Every letter sent by Recorded Delivery

Never sign anything-just print your name

Don't worry about the lack of responses. You just wait until later :p

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Thank you Silver Fox. I am sure you are correct, Im just playing the ostritch with my head in the sand.


They have been calling me on my mobile all the time. I assume they got this off my website as the the domain name is the same as my name and would come up easily on google.


The Consumer advise group is a wonderful resource. If only I have known about it befor i wouldnt have been so scared of these bully's


thanks again!!

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so if they phone say in writing and put the phone down, they get ****ed of quicker than you do, they got my number once and when I said I would be happy to discuss how they got my personal number they soon scarpered




Getting There Slowly



Advice is given freely but is in no way meant to be taken as Gospel:-)

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Hi Le bonn,


I have had dealings with these muppets as they were chasing my ex for his debts. This was about 3 years ago and they tried all sorts of tricks, even calling me a liar when I said that the person they wanted no longer lived here and also telling me that they could come after me for his debts. I don't know if they have improved since but as you consider them to be bullies my guess is that they haven't.


However, there are a lot of things you can do to get them off your back. Challenge them about the validity of their claim that you owe them the money (Silverfox has mentioned this already above), and if they can't come up with the right paperwork then they are on to a non-starter. If you are unsure as to whether or not any paperwork they send is correct then you can always post it on here (remembering to remove any identifying details) and someone will go through it for you.


Also, if you don't want them to contact you by phone you have the right to tell them just that. Use the letter that Silverfox has pointed you in the direction of and write to them saying that any contact must be in writing and that you also refuse any personal callers. Adapt it to your personal needs if necessary. Remember not to sign any letters to them, just put a cross or get the neighbours cat to leave a paw print on it!


If they continue to call, do not answer any of their security questions and simply tell them to put anything they have to say in writing. Then just hang up.


At the end of the day remember that these are just another firm of debt collectors and you have every right to call the shots. Challenge them as much as you can (again, check out the template letters on here) and if you are unsure which letter you should use or whether or not you should amend it then come back and someone will be able to help you.


Whether or not you want to let them know where you are now living is up to you. To my mind it might be worth finding out how much a PO Box number would cost, and they can write to that!

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Hi there

[email protected] are a Non UK company who DO NOT PAY ONE PENNY IN INCOME TAX.


To anybody reading this thread and been unfortunate enough to have ever paid anything to this miserable lot hiding away in their big Yachts in the Bahamas and elsewhere I suggest a little note to the H.M Inland revenue might also be in order saying as a "concerned citizen wanting to help reduce the Countries Defecit" I believe this lot are earning money from UK citizens but aren't paying the appropriate tax on it.


This might produce more tangible results than complaining to the OFT.


Some of the directors of this organisation appear also to have some "quite colourful history" so the last thing they need is an Income Tax audit.


A little stay in one of "Her Majesty's Hotels" would be what the directors of this miserable outfit deserve.




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Hi all. Im having a wee bit of difficulty accessing the letters I need on this site!


It keep telling me to register on order to access the letters. I click on the link and get directed to the log in page which I fill out correctly and get bumped back to the main page. then I click to access the library and then the letters just to be told I need to log in in order access theses letter (when I am allready logged in) I have tried this about 30 times in a variety of ways to no avail. Do I need a different log in to access this or am I missing some key detail (ie im being an Idiot)


Please help.



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Hi all , I must add my surprise at the comments jimbo45 made about capquest being a non UK company and not paying the correct income tax He might be correct but I do know that their office in Fleet Hampshire UK does employ many staff all of which are paying income tax. As for advice on them I know that they like most DCAs can be annoying and also forgetful of the law when it suits them and they do attempt to add many charges to accounts but as posters have already stated the best way forward to to CCA them to find out if they have any rights to collect on this debt ,and to SAR the origonal creditor to find out just what chatges have been applied to this debt. The SAR info may also help you decide on how to proceed if anyone does attempt court action.


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