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Ernest Jones

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Hi all, having received some great help over in the Bailiff section, I thought I would ask for some advice over here regarding a consumer issue.


On 16th March I purchased an Omega Speedmaster moonwatch from the above store on Bond street, London. The Omega was to be a day to day watch and I begun to wear it as such. From the first wear it continually stopped and lost time. I am fairly knowledgeable about watches but I rang the store to inform them of the issue about 3 weeks later to enquire about a return/exchange. I was told that a watch of this sort 'needed time to settle down' and as such it would be ok once it had done so. Despite being fairly cynical about this explanation I thought I would give the lady in the shop the benefit of the doubt and see what happened.


The issue continued and I took the watch in on 14th May, a Friday, and was told that as I didn't have the guarantee card I wouldn't be able to send it off. So I returned on 26th May with said card and dropped it off, being told that the watch would be with me fixed in no later than 6 weeks. I wasn't given an immediate refund due to some scuffs on the clasp, which is fair enough I guess as it had been worn, not kept in a glass case.


Last week I called, (at this point it is almost 10 weeks after handing it in) and was told that it would actually be back with me by mid September at the earliest. This being because Omega/Swatch have said there is 'trauma' that isn't in line with usual wear and tear (including scratches on scratch proof glass!) and it is being repaired outside of the guarantee, albeit not at my expense. So having bought the watch in March for £2360 I am unable to use it until the middle of September at the earliest, and despite being extremely patient and asking only for what I am entitled to I am essentially being fobbed off.


I have had enough of it now and have raised it as a complaint with a lady called Joslyn Canning at the head offices of EJ. I wanted, quite reasonably I think, a refund or at the very least an exchange for a brand new watch. She has told me that there will be nothing more done for me.


I raised this further with the head of their UK customer services, Jenny Mellor, and she is currently 'looking into it'. However, doing a bit of digging online here (in fact just putting 'Ernest Jones bad service' into google) this thread comes up: http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews59038.html


So it would seem that Ernest Jones official or unofficial policy is to refuse to refund on or replace shoddy, low quality or not fit for purpose items, instead accusing the purchaser of causing damage to the item, whether it be a diamond ring or a high end watch.


I am now at the point where, having chased and chased and lead the issue at all times, and ostensibly being told that I will receive the watch back some 18 weeks after handing it in, I just want a refund and to wash my hands of this disgraceful company.


What do I do? Commence legal action? Keep badgering them? Trading standards? I have emailed Watchdog for a start, the fact that they do it as a matter of course is ridiculous.

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Makes me want to scream when you report a fault with an item early and they give you the it needs to settle down...... That is the worse advice ever! Do the store confirm you went in 3 week later to say it was faulty. If so you have notified them very early on there is a problem with the watch and you should be entitled to reject the goods and have a refund. In terms of the repair, the law states that remedies must be done in a reasonable amount of time normally deemed MAX 4 weeks but it depends on the item. My thoughts on this is they are using the unexplained damage to turn it round on you as if they are doing you a favour. I would be very cautious of this and would challenge it so I would request the engineers report that has lead them to this conclusion as the onus is on THEM to prove not inherently faulty at time of purchase. Pressure them to replace or refund if not report them to your local trading standards and in your situation with an expensive item I would send a LBA.


Hope this helps and stay the course!


Tip scales if this was helpful :DD

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We were battling with Ernest Jones over a ring we bought there for 18 months. They always blame any damage on the customer misuse and try and get you to pay for the repairs. After 18 months of being fobbed off by the local store and their customer services dept we took legal action with the Smal lClaims court and within weeks had a full refund and compensation.


Go ahead and threaten legal action and I hope it al lworks out wel lfor you.

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