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Partner owes Lloyds credit card, desperately need advice.

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Hi Caggers


Try this one for size, My partner owes £13000 to lloyds credit card. This has nearly split us up as she kept the debt from me as she was worried about it. (she has depression, and has been under the doctor for most of her adult life, more so since our last kid was born.

I cleared the £5000 balance a couple of years ago when i got my Barclays car loan. Now she doesnt work (hasnt for 7 years as she has been raising the oinks) and has only ever had the family allowance payed into her Lloyds current account (approx £150 per month). It turns out that when she got close to her £5000 limilt they raised it again. so on and so forth, I have a second card on her account, but had no idea she was running it up as she was. (thats what nearly split us up). Whenever i spent on the card, i paid extra off direct from my Barclays current account. I had a plan to slowly run the card up again (towards £5000) to coincide with the end of my car loan (another 36 months), and thought that the balance was about £4000. The £13k figure nearly killed me when she broke down and told me.

I am miffed that someone who only earns £150 a month can keep getting their limit raised every couple of months. it seems completely mad to me. It was only that i hadnt spent on the card that month, and as such didnt pay any extra that it came to light, as her £150 payment didnt cover the min ammount and they suspended the card.


Now we have been together 10 years, and i pay for the whole house, shopping etc as i am the only one who works.


lloyds have been phoning and after i spoke to them on her behalf have sent a form through to list her incoming/out goings. (i did argue that she has none and that i pay the bills).


Now where do we stand?


Am i liable for the dept as we are commonlaw couple?

Do i fill out the income form for my/her moneys or just for hers?


Can i complain to anyone about her credit limit being raised in such a way, its maddening to think that this could easily have been avoided.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I offered £100 a month, but know that that will leave me with practically nothing left from my wages. Should i offer again?


She has had the card forever, (at least 10 years) i asked for the account to be frozen so we could arrange a repayment plan. they have held it for two weeks. But then took all the money that was left in her current account and took it off her credit card balance without telling her. is that allowed?


I am sorry for the length of the post and hope someone can plough through it and give me an idea of whats best.


best regards

Mr Derek

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You could write to LLoyds asking them to reimburse the money from the account as they are legally not allowed to take benefit money that has been paid into the account.


there is a post on the site somewhere, so if you do a search you should find it.


You may want to look into getting another bank account wel away from LTSB


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Hi Mr. Derek


Have you been mis-sold PPI for this Credit Card or any other finance product. If so you can reclaim it with interest, over the last 6 years plus.

Have you had penalty charges applied to any of your credit cards, if so you can reclaim them back with interest, over the last 6 years plus.

All templates and spreadsheets can be found on this site.

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