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Baliffs treats.............need urgent advice or help.....

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I have been contacted by balliffs for the past 5months now about council tax that was owed by myself and a friend i shared a house with 2 years ago.She refused to pay any council tax and i had to foot most of it meaning i paid half of it and now for some reason the balliffs are back as they say we owe over £800 which i dont know about and i told them i have receipts to show and have tried explaining to them that i have paid my part.But they say that it is none of their business as the account has both our names and they don't have the address or phone nos of the other person they will carry on chasing me for the money which i dont have right now and refuse to pay as i dont owe it.

I have tried to get in touch with my friend and ask her to call them and sort it as i dont want any trouble,but she is so adamant that she has no money to pay and that it is my fault that she hasn't paid nothing and if they want to go take my goods they should.I just need help to get myself out of this situation as can't deal with it and dont know what to do.I have a 3year old son,struggling with rent,nursery fees and some other debt i owe that i am trying to pay off now and is so stressed out right now that i cant handle any of this right now.Please i need some advise on what to do urgently.............

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council tax debt is a debt that both of you will be responsible for unfortunately the council/bailiffs can peruse either one or both of you for the full amount of the debt


Joint and several liability: enforcement

54.—(1) This regulation has effect with respect to the application of regulations 33 to 53 to a sum for which persons are jointly and severally liable under Part V.


(2) In this regulation, "joint taxpayers" means two or more individuals who are jointly and severally liable to pay an amount in respect of council tax.

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Unfortunately, if both your names were on the council tax bill - you are both jointly and severally liable - which means that even if you paid your half of the bill at the, you're still liable for the whole amount for the purposes of enforcement.


Good news is that you don't have to deal with the bailiffs/talk to them if you chose not to. It's a long drawn out process but if you keep your windows and doors locked and you don't leave anything outside for the bailiffs to levy on they can't take what you haven't got


I'd suggest that you contact the council (making sure that it's their in-house CT team that you are not talking to and not a bailiff's firm that has been contracted to do their dirty work). Ask them for the amount of the liability order and the date it was issued. If you have a young child you may be termed as"vulnerable" and letters can be sent to the Council and a repayment plan arranged. I'dsuggest paying the council direct - electronically - making sure that any payments are credited to the arrears only.


Take it one step at a time and you'll get lots of help/support/advice from fellow CAGgers.


Please don't worry - I know it's difficult but knowledge is power and once you know exactly where you stand and what your options are, you'll feel less threatened and worried.


Good Luck!




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