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TT2 vs Next Directory

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Afternoon all.


I have a Next Directory account with a card that can be used in store. Looking to reclaim penalty charges. According to Next's records, the acount was 'opened' in 2002 and then 'reactivated' in 2003. Not sure what means exactly.


I sent off the SAR on 23rd July and had a response in post today.


Couple of things:-


1. There's loads of sheets of computer printouts. One section is titled 'Miscellaneous Events' and has a list of entries by date. Some of these entries have bits that are blanked out. For instance,

011204 MISCELLANEOUS r/o actd - XXXXXXX (where X is a blanked out black box)


Surely I'm entitled to see what's on there and they shouldn't have blanked out the entries?


2. There's also an unsigned, incomplete (no names, addresses, etc) CCA. I'm fairly certain I didn't sign a CCA. Is there anyway that we can prove this copy isn't the one from the time the account opened?


3. There's also a set of T&Cs.


Does anyone have any information about if Next changed address? Or maybe changed their 0844 numbers or 0870 or 0800 numbers. Trying to find a way of associating these T&Cs to a different year to the one in which I opened the account.


The CCA notes the 'service charge' as APR 29.8%. Anyone know if this is a recent APR?

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Hmmmm....this is what I've found out.


The CCA and T&Cs they've sent refer to Next Retail Limited as the company with registered number 123434.


Next changed their name to Next Retail Limited on 25th March 2003. They had previously been Hepworths Limited since 1980.


My account was noted as 'open' on their computer printout on 3rd Jan 2002.

They then note it as 'reactivated' on 7th Feb 2003.

The statements start at number 001 on 24th Feb 2003.

Entries on the 'Miscellaneous Events' list started on 9th Jan 2003.

'Directory despatched' noted as 24th Jan 2003.


So they weren't called Next Retail Limited when I opened my account so those CCAs and T&Cs can't be correct.


Would anyone agree with that?

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There are 2 separate credit agreements. Each is signed by a different Company Secretary. Neither were in their appointments at the time I took out my account. So neither can be a 'true copy.


I think I have a vague recollection of seeing some court case which meant that they no longer had to give you originals but could supply a 'true copy'.


The two CCA have different interest rates, etc and are signed by 2 different secretaries that didn't work for Next at the time that I took out my account so they can't be true copies can they? Also, if they don't have a signed copy of my agreement, don't they have to tell me?

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subbing with interest

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