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What are my rights? (faulty used car from dealer)

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Hi, here seems the best place to post my problem. It’s another ‘bought a faulty car from a dealer’ thread I’m afraid.


10 weeks ago I bought an Audi from a used car dealer in with a 3 month warranty. I live in ScotIand and I have always bought privately in the past and this was my first purchase from a dealer. Anyway I have had a series of unlucky incidents with the car.


The first of which was 11 days after I bought it when someone reversed into the rear, which will be repaired on the insurance but hasn’t been yet.


The second was a faulty radiator temperature sender, which they replaced under warranty. I also told them about a slight knocking in the steering and a rattle coming from the front passenger side. The mechanic told me that the knocking was a characteristic of the car due to the complex multi-link front suspension. He also said He couldn’t hear the rattle, so I asked Him to get in. I took Him 50yds down the lane and lo and behold, we both heard the rattle. It was late in the day and I had to rebook it to get the rattle fixed.


After I collected it again from having the rattle fixed, I drove it 50yds and it was apparent the rattle hadn’t been fixed. I said it was also knocking in the steering a bit and the mechanic (a different mechanic to the previous one) told me again that the knocking was a characteristic of the car. He went over it again and told me they would have to order some new brake pad retaining springs due to the pads rattling in the calliper. He said they would call me when they arrived. I have no idea if they ever arrived, despite phoning them.


28 days after I bought the car, a bolt holding the timing belt tensioner broke, resulting in timing belt failure. I had the car recovered to the garage. They replaced the head with a reconditioned unit as well as replacing most engine service items and a few other parts that were damaged. The total bill was over £2100 and they had the car for nearly 3 weeks. The warranty paid for £1000 and the garage offered to pay for half of the remaining amount. I wasn’t happy with this, so we discussed it and I managed to get the amount I paid down to £400. I was vaguely aware of my rights, but not enough to confidently argue my point. I also thought £400 was not much to pay considering the engine was in better condition than when I bought it. The garage also agreed to give me my next service for free.


I drove the car 50yds down the road and they still had not fixed the rattling front brake, but I had to be somewhere and didn’t have time to turn around and argue with them over a £2 spring. However, the principle remains intact. They had 3 weeks to do that little 10 minute job!


Fast forward to today, 10 weeks after I bought the car. I decided to take the car to another independant garage specialising in Audi. I asked them to repair the knocking in the steering and the rattling brake under the warranty. I have just had a call from them saying that the knocking is a worn suspension arm which needs replacing (£120 + £40 labour) and that the rattling is because the brake pads are not Audi items and don’t fit properly (£60 + £20 labour). However, he had called the warranty company and they won’t cover brake or suspension components. He asked if I would like to take it back to the garage I bought it from.


So where do I stand with the garage I bought it from? They have repeatedly failed to repair the rattling brake and on 2 separate occasions 2 different mechanics have told me that knocking in the steering is a characteristic of the multi-link suspension setup.


I’m starting to feel let down and I am fast losing confidence in the garage I have been taking my mechanical problems to for a good few years now. I have owned neglected and considerably older and cheaper cars in the past but noe of them ever had this many problems.


Thanks all, rant over.

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You can get the Audi dealer to do the repairs, warning the seller that you are doing so, and get an itemised bill from them. Send a copy of that bill to the seller and ask for reimbursement. Send it by recorded delivery.

If they refuse the claim, then you can start quoting the various regulations which we will assist you with.


This has nothing at all to do with the warranty, that is just an extra, so forget that, the selling dealer is responsible.


The timings may be a bit different in Scotland, so you will have to check up on any info given here that the same in Scotland.

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