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orange unwanted additional line

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Last Thursday I went to Orange Direct shop to update my phone. Everything went wrong. I have sent them a letter explaining whole situation that you can read below but maybe there is something else I can do? Thank you for all responds



Dear Sir/Madam


I would like to make a formal complain about customer advisor in your Orange shop in Brighton 209/210 Western Road called **** and his manager *****.

On Wednesday 04-08-2010 I went to the Orange shop with my fiancé to upgrade my phone as I knew from my Orange internet account that I am allowed a new one. ***** was serving me in unacceptable manner. All I wanted was a new phone on my contract and that all. I was repeating it many times and he has never said anything different but all the time during our conversation he was picking his tooth.

Today I called the customer service as I was surprised why my new SIM card is still not working on my old number. I have been told that person who dealt with me the day before did not put such a request through. I have been told to go back to Orange shop ad ask them to do it for me. What I found out in the shop was shocking.

I have been told I have been given additional line and that is why both my phones are still working.

I have never asked for a new line and have been talking about upgrade only.

I have been asked to talk to **** who dealt with me the day before. Unfortunately I had to wait for him quiet a while as he was busy looking on the floor for the battery for another customer which he had lost. When finally he could speak to me he was aggressive and not polite at all. Telling me that is all my fault and I knew what I was signing. Luckily today he was not picking his tooth anymore, he was chewing gum with mouth wild open instead (this way of professionalism would really make a nice article to local press). Then I asked to speak to the shop manager. Lady called **** did not have anything to tell me apart of repeating that was my fault. She was not helpful at all! She was telling me that for sales assistant there is no difference what kind of service they are providing: upgrading or new line. But she did not want to understand that it makes big difference for me. And let me guess: there is bigger commission for signing new contract then for upgrading? When I finally asked what should I do in such situation her only answer was to cancel my old contract. She wouldn’t even aware me that I would lose phone number which I have for a long time and my magic numbers as well. Basically she send me away without resolving my issue at all.

When I arrived home I called 150 customer service and spoken to very nice gentlemen called Mark. I have explained whole situation to him and he told me that he can not help me over the phone but I should go back to the store as they are able to cancel this new contract and do my upgrade as it should have be done in a first place. So I did. Upset and tired already I went back to the shop to speak to the manager. All her help was giving me this post address . She did not even apologised and her answer to all my questions was “we can stay hire all day and discuss but that will not change anything” and advised me not to listen to random people on helpline. So what the point of having helpline? Beside Mark could teach her politeness and customer relations.

Now when you can at least a bit imagine how frustrated I am I would like to find out what my options are not to keep two contracts but to keep my old number, upgrade my phone to Iphone 3Gs keep my magic numbers and put smile back on my face. I would like to add that trough all that conversations my fiancé was with me so he can witness if necessary.

I am waiting for your answer asap as I do not want to find out that I could have cancel new contract but is already to late.

Best regards


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Welcome to the site.

I have edited your name from the post to protect your identity.Can you say where you sent this letter ? I mean what address ?

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Hi Martin. Thanx for interest.

I have sent this letter to:


PO Box 10



BS32 4BQ

this address I have been given by the manager as apparently they are dealing with cases as mine

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